Christmas fever

Winter has definitely arrived. Not only does it make me feel like curling up beside a fire (or in my case, a baseboard heater while watching the fireplace channel on my projector t.v.), but I am dreaming about all the Christmas shopping to come!

This year, I am going to try a new version of shopping.


Whaaatt? But what about the ‘experience’ of the shop? I will admit, the shopaholic workout is key through this sweet-tooth season (shortbread….mmm), but I am going to try to mix-in some online ‘Etsy‘ shopping. An incredible massive online store for everything and anything handmade! Jewellery, clothing, bags, baby blankets, quilts, and anything else you can think of!

If online is simply not your ‘bag’,  visit some of your local craftsmen/women instead of Walmart this season. You will be amazed at the handiwork just around the corner at your local pottery studio or crafter’s market.

This beautiful handmade pillow and quilt keepsake is an example of all the incredible finds out there (made by Carole Lazeski….aka. my mom!).

Quilt: $115   Personalized Pillow: $65

Happy Shopping!

A little rain with your T&L?

As soon as we opened the building doors to begin our photoshoot, the sky opened up and started to rain. Ahhh, timing. But thankfully for me, Tessa and Lance came armed with umbrellas and amazing attitudes! We found a bit of cover until the rain let up a bit, and then we ventured onto the beach and gave in to the little sprinkles from above!

The colors of fall

When you live, work and play in the Okanagan, it is hard not to be amazed by the surreal backdrop we call home.

It was Halloween weekend, and I met up with this family of four in a park filled with the colors of the rainbow, as well as some colorful Halloween characters! As it turned out, our photo shoot was scheduled at the same time as a Halloween wedding photo shoot. We had the fairy princess and her newlywed prince, Snow White, a medieval knight, forest fairies and more! Their photog was even dressed up ( and in my opinion, the camera-carrying caveman was the best in show).

But it was these two boys who truly stole the show. With their beautiful smiles and endless energy (even with a few bumps along the way), we were able to create and capture some great moments.

Thank you for a wonderful afternoon!

Girls and their tutus

Growing up, I was one of those little girls’ dreaming of becoming a beautiful ballerina. Dressed head to toe in tulle and sequins.

So naturally, when a friend of mine told me of her new business venture, I had my credit card out ready for purchase!

Of course, I am much too old to be adorned in a tutu, but for the little ladies that come to my studio for their portrait, I thought these to be the perfect prop! A baby of just 2 months and a toddler of 2 years, they shone like little stars in their Boogie Woogie Tutus.

Love a good lens

I’m not sure how I ended up with a job that I love so much. My working day often consists of an amazing couple, some great fashion (check out Christina’s top from Anthropologie), a few fun locations and a lot of laughs. This day in particular was a day to try out a new photography toy. Bringing a new lens into my collection of lenses is always a very exciting day. And thankfully for photography rental shops, I am able to try them out before spending the big bucks! So my lovely sister (and business partner of paperclip collective) Christina, and her cute fireman-man, Mike, posed as my models for the day. We walked through Vancouver which gave me the chance to try out the Nikon 85mm 1.4 lens.

Doesn’t that just ‘sound’ good?

And I think that it ‘looks’ pretty good too. Here are a few of my faves from the day.

A big shout out to Mike and Christina for giving me their Sunday afternoon! Love you guys.