First EVER Wedding

I have been photographing weddings for (I think) seven years now. Over these years, I have had the opportunity to create images of many beautiful, loving couples. Just this morning, I came across some images from my first EVER wedding. Randy and Lauren.

There are no words to thank this couple for taking a chance on me. For giving me the opportunity to start doing, what I’ve realized, is my passion. To be the one to collect images that represent the love, passion and friendship between them on their wedding day.

Here is just a taste of their wedding from what I ‘think’ was the summer of 2004. Randy and Lauren, feel free to correct me if I’m wrong!

And again, thank you, for opening my eyes to how lucky I am to have this job. To share in the moments that begin lifelong relationships, and to be the one to make those memories vivid and last forever in the pages of their life (and wedding album).


Today I walked outside equipped with my fuzzy white ear muffs, my red Canada mitts, my puffy jacket and my knee-high winter boots. As always in winter, I prep myself for the harsh change of temperature from my warm living room to the ugly winds of winter. But to my surprise, today the weather had changed…and for the better. My favorite part of winter, are those days of changing weather. Whether it’s the fog that sits on the lakes when it drops from warm to cold, or the melting of icicles from the sides of rooftops on the warmest of winter days, I love the change.

The ever-changing weather always reminds me that life is also just like the weather; yesterday may have been cold and moody, but today is a day full of sunshine and icicles.

2011 Goals : Work, play, love

First, I must start by wishing you all a Happy New Year! I cannot believe how fast 2010 flew by, and man! Am I ever looking forward to 2011. For me, one of the best ways to start out each year, is to take time to write down my goals.

I feel that putting your goals down on paper can help in bringing them to fruition. Makes them real. Tangible.

This year, I have quite a variety of goals. Work goals, travel goals, financial goals, love goals…..

You may think it strange to have love goals, but I think when it comes to matters of the heart, it is never wrong to take a moment to think of what you can do to make sure your partner knows how much you love them… So this year, my love goals are:

  1. Try a new recipe once a week (keep the kitchen spicy, keep the love spicy). I’ve heard that a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach…
  2. No work talk on Sundays, only love talk.
  3. Love notes. Somewhere, somehow, big or small….
  4. Keep my toes looking polished and pretty, just for my man.
  5. Always remember to say my thank yous and my I love yous.
  6. Make sure to always pick up my jacket, and not ‘turn the stairs into a closet’.
  7. And lastly, always keep my love warm in the coldest of nights…