leah & adam baby bump

Adam and Leah. Leah and Adam. Two amazing people, and such an amazing love between them. Newly married just last year, these two love birds are about to begin building their family…bringing a beautiful new baby into this world.

I have known these two for many many years; all the way back to elementary school. At that time, Leah and I would sit on the jungle jim and we used to watch Adam from across the school yard, giggling about how cute he was. And here we are, years later, and these two have found a love so great, that it has become the building block for this new venture in life.

Thank you two for letting me in, allowing me to capture this time of your life. It only happens once that you feel the first kicks of a baby in your belly, and I am happy to have saved those moments in time for you.

sequins and spotlights

Many of you know, and many of you do not.

Yes, I am a photographer. Love it, love it, love it. We all know that. BUT, did you also know… I am also a skating coach. In the winter months, when weddings are slightly slow due to mass amounts of snow and cold nasty weather, I spend a few hours each day inside the walls of an arena. We work on salchows, choctaws, flying camels, and all those strangely named, yet wonderful skating skills! The arena becomes my second home throughout those cold months, and my skaters become my little pockets of sunshine that really do warm the heart.

And it has been busy these past couple weeks. It is year-end for us skaters, and each year, we end it with an ice show. My mind has been focused on sequins, princess crowns, choreography, spotlights and everything ‘skating’.

Thankfully, each year I always get to mix my two ‘loves’ and do the photos for the club’s program. This year, my models were fabulous. Here is just a taste of our Starskate team…

guards on.

guards off.

guards back on.

Coming up this week, I am looking forward to diving back in to photography with a maternity shoot and an incredible three-day seminar in Vancouver, featuring Jamie Delaine and Joe Buissink! Don’t know who they are? Fabulous, is who they are. Stay tuned.

for every bride

Jenn and Barb, the owners and creators of Kelowna’s The Wedding Cafe, are amazing! They have taken the needs of every bride in the Okanagan, and put it all in one spot. And on top of that, while you are surfing through bridal magazines and learning about the wedding vendors in the area, you can sip on a hot cup of tea or cappucino and even enjoy a tasty lunch or afternoon treat (I almost died of goodness when I tried a Big City Cupcake).

So, if you are getting hitched in the Okanagan and have not yet checked out The Wedding Cafe, go now! They are simply there to help you get your planning done. Period.

Christina and I have officially become vendors for this fabulous place, and we couldn’t be more excited! Here is our new wall mount for the wedding cafe, designed by Christina, featuring a gorgeous bride and her groom from the summer of 2009, Kate and Jeremy.

And here are a few images from this cafe located on Pandosy Street in the Mission area of Kelowna.