always stealin' the show

As a photographer, it is easy to get caught up in photographing the flower girls and the little ring-bearers. The beauty of babies is so distracting, but in a wonderful way, of course! This past weekend, I helped fellow photographer, Kristal Burgess, shoot a wedding. It was an intimate ceremony held at the classic Benvoulin Heritage Church in Kelowna, B.C, and it did not disappoint. Many smiles, a few tears (happy tears) and a couple very much in love.

And of course, the flower girls. These little ladies were two peas in a pod. Looking angelic in their white dresses and sparkly pink shoes, they danced, they played, and they stole my heart.

puppy dog love

We’re camping, so there is a lot of hiking, biking, badminton, and a lot of dust and dirt. But for a puppy, all of this does not matter. ‘I am ready to snuggle, and these dusty, dirty, stinky shoes look like just the place.’

This is a simple ode to puppy love…


Their story started in grade 9. Can you believe that? Grade 9, and Kevin fell for Amy. How lucky is it to find the person to spend your life with so early in life? Not only do these two share the excitement of the present…getting married and working on their life together, as well as the future and whatever that holds.  But on top of that, they share the memories of their childhood. The moments that made them who they are today are entwined in each other.

Born in Princeton, BC, it was fitting to do their engagement session in the quiet, gorgeous country-side by the river. And in just 2 months, they will celebrate their wedding on a beautiful acreage in the outskirts of town. Amy and Kevin will share their vows in front of family and friends, bringing these two closer together for this journey of life.

who doesn't love bread + cheese?

This is a project Christina and I have been working on for Thomasina’s Shoppe, a delicious restaurant/bakery in Princeton, BC. If you love homemade bread, unique cheeses, organic leaf teas, french pressed coffee and amazing treats (like cinnamon buns, cookies, and much more), you need to visit Jerome and Thomasina at their shoppe.  They even make homemade take-out dinners of lasagna and shepherds pie!

We were happy to work with this creative couple on their product photography and website – perks of the job, we got to sample the baked goods along the way. Visit Thomasina’s website where you can view their lunch menu, freshly baked breads and gourmet cheeses. While you’re visiting, join their facebook page for weekly specials and updates!

They use organic ingredients in many of their foods, and buy locally as much as possible. They are definitely worth a stop if you are passing through Princeton.

{all photos by Janelle Morcombe of paperclip collective}

behind the colors

It isn’t every day that we are in front of a camera for 2 hours at a time. And when those days come, it’s important that we feel confident. Powerful. Beautiful. And thanks to Melissa Craven of Kelowna, Laura was able to feel exactly that.

Here are a couple behind the scene shots of Melissa getting Laura ready. And then the result…wow.

laura + kelowna = love it

“The dress is basically trashed already, so we can do whatever!”

Laura’s wedding day last June was a wet, wet day. Laura is not the type of girl to let anything get in her way, so she rocked her wedding day despite the weather, and had an amazing time marrying the love of her life at Summerhill Winery. Alas, her beautiful wedding gown took the brunt of it.

…still sparkly, but now with a little ‘attitude’.

Yesterday, while Melissa Craven, professional make-up artist, gave Laura a GORGEOUS smokey-look, we laughed and joked about the hem of her dress. Dirt, mud, and sequins. Classic.

So when the clouds moved in, I was hoping that Laura wouldn’t have to deal with rain and a wedding dress twice, but thankfully, the rain held off.

Laura and I toured around Kelowna, catching up and sharing stories, all the while I am taking photos of this amazingly beautiful girl.

She was willing to do whatever I wanted. Lay-down. Sit down. Jump, Bend…further…further…did I mention Laura is a yoga instructor at Oranj Studios in Kelowna? So that was fun!

Here is the proof that this girl (who claims she’s not the most photogenic), is a stunning beauty. Stunning. Thank you Laura for a wonderful afternoon.

Props to Melissa Craven in turning this natural beauty into a glamorous bomb-shell, and thank you to Karen Wenzel for letting us adorn Laura in some of your amazing jewellery, now available at The Wedding Café.

simple moments

Every year, my mom and I share this weekend between momma’s day and my birthday. As a kid, I remember having a sleepover Saturday night. We’d wake up to mothers day with all the mom’s coming to pick up their girls, and then us heading off to a picnic lunch in the park with fried chicken.

This weekend wasn’t too different. Saturday night, mom hosted a birthday party for me and Ry (Ryan’s birthday is just 2 days before mine), and the following morn, headed out for brunch with the family.

All in all, a great weekend. During the eve of the party, I stole this photo of my mom playing ‘name that tune’ with Ella, my little 3 year old niece on the piano. Ella was loving every minute, and I think so was my mom. Even though all my mom’s kids are grown up, she’s still that amazing teacher, playmate, and fun momma at heart. Happy Mother’s Day,

accordian cards

It really does pay to work with (and be a sister of) a fabulous graphic designer. I told Christina I needed a ‘modern’ but ‘romantic’ brochure to have at The Wedding Cafe, and I got exactly what I was hoping for! Thank you, my sister, for being The Best Ever!

The accordian-style brochure

First side

second side