miss taylor

If I had to choose a single word to describe this beautiful young woman, it would be… joyful. And if you know this girl, I am sure you will agree. I can see it through her smile, through her laughter and her words, and through her choices and actions.

It is time for this girl to spread her wings and begin the next step on her journey. Graduation is complete, and to capture this moment, we created some amazing images of her in her grad dress (and her gorgeous shoes!).

This is absolute proof of how amazing that smile is. I love love love this smile!

Not only is this girl naturally beautiful, but she is fierce! Wow…


business fabulous

I had to share just a few of these photos from a business photo shoot we did last week in Vancouver. I’m not sure what to say but, wow. Not only was the location amazing (brick walls and big beautiful windows in Yaletown with a gorgeous courtyard just around the corner), but these women were so much fun.

These first two photos are just an example of what kind of amazingness I was dealing with.


Considering that when these women go to work, there is no messing around, but I managed to sneak in this fun photo, because even the most serious of jobs are best when shared with friends!


10 days away

It’s been over a week since I last blogged, and I am not happy with myself! Admittedly, I have been busy, but I wish I had made time to blog. Or even if I had been proactive and had pre-blogged (I see some peeps doing this, and I think…wow. I need to try to be that organized!), but obviously, this did not happen. So I will start THIS week off with a blog ABOUT last week, and try to make up for lost writing!

So what did I do? I spent my time in Vancouver. My brother Mark is creating a fab website (with Christina) which he needed some photos for. We have come up with a really fun idea, and I think this project will work out amazing. When it is complete, we will definitely share! Also, my friend Claire needed some images for her new website (which is also being created by Christina), and that was so fun! She totally rocked the blue-steel look for me.

But, I was mainly in town for a seminar that made this non-morning girl get up at 6:15 every morning and not get home until 7pm at night…whew.

During my down-time, I was able to take in some incredible yoga classes, watch the sun set over English Bay, go for runs and walks along the coast, and just spend some needed time in the city. Here are a couple of iPhone photos on one of my many evening walks. This night, I stood and watched the sun slowly fade behind the clouds while I thought about… a little nothing a lot of everything.

Kitsilano beach cloudy sunset

And I came across these chairs along the walkway all with beautiful words written on them. I love love love this part of Vancouver; the random little things that make you want to stop, sit, and think about your life. Plan, make goals, appreciate things that we can often take for granted.

the beach chairs in front of The Boathouse

Vancouver is like a second home to me. Not only did I have a cozy place to rest my head at night, but I had the best company surrounding me. It always makes me think of what home is, and I think home is the people who surround you.

But I will admit, when I did actually ‘come home’ last night, I felt my soul take a deep breath. Having my hubby waiting for me with a big hug…well there isn’t much better than that.



love hurts

There is one day a year dedicated to dad’s. It doesn’t quite seem like enough, since I know my father dedicates every day to his family.

So, from both of us, your daughters, we want to send you a hug. And not just a regular hug, but one of those knock-the-air-out-of-you hugs. The hugs that feel like you just broke a rib. The hugs that stay with you for days….. the hugs that try to tell you how important you are. The hugs that even though they hurt a little, it is only because sometimes, love hurts! And who doesn’t need a little bit of hurtin’ love?

Since we cannot be there today to deliver in person, I am leaving it up to our mom to translate our gift of the squeeze! Thank you both for being great parents, and great role models in love…


robin+cody engagement

Robin and Cody. Cody and Robin. No matter how you say it, it just fits. And once you meet these two, you’ll know what I mean.

Cute + super adorable.

I met them at Cody’s family cabin on the lake for their engagement session. We were blessed with beautiful weather; the sun peaking through the clouds, just enough to glisten off the water.

We started out the session by heading out in the Thomas family row boat. I stayed on shore, but got some great pics of the lovebirds bobbing on the water.

Once Cody and Robin were back on shore, we did a little tour around the outskirts of the cabin. And wow. Did I mention how beautiful this girl is yet?!

And we had to get at least one family portrait with Murphy. If this isn’t the cutest little puppy, I don’t know which is.

I am so looking forward to shooting your wedding come August, and I hope you cherish every moment leading up to your wedding day!

rockin' the railway + stylist love.

I wanted to show you this final stop on our bridal shoot this past week. We went downtown Kelowna and had some fun on the rails.

And lastly, here are a  couple behind the scene shots of our amazing stylist/make-up guru, Reily Fournier prepping our fab bride/model.

Plus a little puppy support from Bailey!

i heart erin

First, I have to start by saying happy 2nd anniversary to Brendan and Erin! Today is the day that these two were married at the beautiful Summerhill Winery in Kelowna, B.C two years ago. I feel so lucky to be able to share these images of Erin with you today.

I have known Brendan for a long time now. Starting out as a teenage groupie, I remember crimping my hair and putting on my ‘coolest’ outfit to go watch his band play. Being the younger sister of a musician meant that I could tag along and sometimes even get ‘back stage’. Now, Mark (my brother) and Brendan play in the same band, Run the Red Light, and I still will head out to hear them play as often as I can!

Erin I met a few years ago while she was selling t-shirts for the band at one of their gigs! She was super fun, and convinced me to get the cute girlie version… and I think upsold me a couple CD’s as well!

Here are the photos Erin and I worked out this past week. With the help of Reily Fournier, make-up artist and hair stylist, jewellery from Blue Ginger, gorgeous flowers from Edgy Petals and a super cute cupcake from Whisk, I think we created some beautiful images.

Watch tomorrow for a few final photos from Erin’s bridal shoot (railroad-style) and a few behind the scene shots!

family fun

Coming from a family of six, I was excited for this family photo shoot of, you guessed it, a family of six! With their littlest just 18 months, it was a lot of fun chasing him around, waiting for that melt-your-heart smile. We met on one of the first hot days of this summer at the classic Ornamental Gardens in Summerland. We were looking to escape the sun a bit and enjoy the shade of the amazing grounds.

We did head down to the beach to take in the sun on the waterfront pier, which was a great way to finish off the evening. Yellow balloons in hand, thanks to Edgy Petals in Summerland, we chilled on the dock and in the sand until it was time to head home for some dinner.

the hunt

Have you ever hunted for something? Sometimes I feel like I’m in the land of plenty. Never really having to work too hard to find what I need (admittedly, when I say sometimes, I really mean hardly ever!). And most times, I have this growl in the pit of my stomach, sending me out into the wild in search of something to quench my hunger.

And when I think about it, I am glad that I am often hungry and hunting. What would life be if we just ‘got’ everything we needed? Boring, that’s what.

Lately, I have been hunting hard. I have been hunting for that passage that will lead me to my goals. Let me tell you, that is one hard path to find! But I chose my goals not because I thought they were easy, but because they challenge who I am, and what I will become. I want to become something great. Something worth writing about…

So, as I continue my search, I have a few shoulders to lean on, a few inspirational books to read, and some learning to put behind me.

Thank you to Seth Godin, creator of the book, Purple Cow. Read it, loved it. But I think I’m going to be a pink cow, if that’s alright with you.

Thank you to my husband, for being the shoulder…always.

And thank you to manuals, because if you actually take the time to read them, I guarantee, you will learn something you didn’t already know.