It took place amongst the wildflowers in the beautiful hills of the Similkameen Valley. Amy and Kevin exchanged vows, exchanged wedding rings, and promised their love and their lives to each other.

With family and friends watching, and with the help of their bridal party, these two had a day that will definitely be remembered. Thank you two, for letting me be a part of your day, and I wish you nothing but happiness from this day forward.

If you want to see more, watch the slideshow of this beautiful day…

Amy + Kevin ~ July 23rd, 2011 from Janelle Morcombe on Vimeo.


There are moments in everyone’s life that stand out; that seem increasingly important. Moments that begin new chapters, moments that inspire, moments that tribute love and life. In this family’s journey, this is the moment that both daughters will now be out following their own paths.

Their youngest daughter has just graduated from highschool, and in only a matter of months, will be off starting university while their oldest will continue her climb towards her goals and her future. I am not a mother yet, so I don’t understand what it is to see your children grow up and set out on their own, but I do know what it is to be a daughter and a sister. And as I look through these images, what I see is strength, poise and beauty. A respect for each other, and for themselves. And I can only imagine how proud the parents of these two must be.

For me, it is exciting to see such strong women just starting out in their careers and their lives. So, thank you for inviting me to capture these images, and I hope you enjoy.


allison trio Part II

If you missed Part I, I urge you to go back and check it out BEFORE you scroll down.

I love Part II, because they were totally allowed to choose their own outfits, with no thought of ‘matching’ or ‘blending’ with their sibs. As it turned out, we had the fab diva, the old world chap, and the cutest little punk girl you ever did see!

First, let’s start with the diva…

Now, a trip to the old world…

And lastly, the amazing pink faux hawk!

A little roughing up by the little brother.

And what does all of that equal? An awesome little family.

allison trio

Yesterday, I went out with the Allison family trio and took a few portraits in the hills. And I had a blast (not sure if the kids feel the same way, but hey, I had fun!). Not only were the three of them super cute and stylish, but they were awesome models!

Here are a few of the photos from the eve.

First is Zoolander.  Second is the ‘I can’t help but laugh’.  Third is just ‘classic’.

Beautiful, beautiful girls.

Yes, they are goofy.

Loved the style!


And these were their ‘hay’ mustaches. Very nice….

Sister secrets.

I am saving their final ‘outfit change’ for next week’s blog post, and you’ll see why. Stay tuned for Monday’s post on our final few photos of these three!

my inspiration board

I am excited to say, that I have finally done it! I hung above my desk, the start of my inspiration board. Now, I didn’t have time to go crazy and post a million things on it, but I picked a few.

1. Light 2. Style 3. Fresh 4. Romantic 5. Grace

I wanted to give words to each image and what it is I see in them. My desk has recently moved locations (just from one room to the next), but I felt this move was really important, because now I feel like my desk is somewhere I can not only work and complete tasks, but also somewhere I can dream and set goals. I have a big window that opens wide, so that I can connect with the outside. With the light. I love my new space, and I’m excited to share it, so here it is!

dirty laundry

I’m not sure if it was the dangling lingerie, the beautiful red umbrellas, or the latino music, but I knew we had found something worth a Saturday stop.

My dad took Ry, Christina and myself on a hike up in the hills of Summerland. We made it to the railway and decided to walk up the line, which eventually lead us to a sign that said, Dirty Laundry Winery crossing. The thought of a little wine tasting was heavenly for these dusty, thirsty hikers. So we cut up through the vines and headed up to the beautiful patio above.

Dirty Laundry has obviously recently renovated, and it is gorgeous! A huge patio where you can take your purchased bottle of wine(s), your picnic lunch, and enjoy while overlooking their vineyard and the Summerland trestle.

We called in our back-up, my mother, to come and rescue these weary hikers, as well as join us for the tasting! Once she arrived, we headed inside to taste the sweet nectars!

And they were good! My fave was the blush wine, Hush, as well as the gewurztraminer, Woo Woo. We definitely bought a few bottles, headed back down the hill and enjoyed sipping our wines in the oasis of my parent’s back yard. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday!

And to you brides-to-be out there… I don’t think they host weddings yet, but if I were you, I would start harassing (in a very nice, subtle way)! This is one gorgeous outdoor location for a small, intimate-style wedding… just a thought!

Here are a few photos from our winery stop. Sorry for not having any hiking pics, because the scenery was amazing, BUT, I cheated and got our chauffeur to bring my bag to the winery so I didn’t have to carry it. Lazy-pants, I know….

I loved this indoor-looking outdoor to outdoor window!

If you can’t read that, it says, “I jiggle in all the right places.”  And the little pin on Christina’s shirt was proof that we had been ‘pinned’. A cute little souvenir from the winery tasting staff!

This was one busy tasting bar at the winery! But don’t be fooled, there was always room to squeeze one more!

And here is my family (well, part of my family). Dad, mom, Christina and Ry, and a couple of our Woo Woo bottles from the day.