sechelt + sunshine

As I woke up to the smell of coffee perking in the kitchen, Rosie’s little feet excitedly pacing across the floor, ocean air peeking through the windows, I felt I had awoken in a new world.

Sechelt, I love you.

We arrived in the dark of the night. The arduous mid-afternoon drive from the Okanagan Valley to Van-city followed by a sleepy ferry ride into Langdale got us to our mini-vacation location; the Sunshine Coast. And I must say, the night travelling, even though challenging on the eyelids, is well worth it when you experience the feeling of waking up to new scenery. It’s like sweet candy for the senses…

I am a lover of traveling. Ask my husband, and he will tell you. I can’t get enough. We are always on the go! Whether it’s across the world, an hour here, an hour there, I love to be ‘somewhere’. See something new. Do something new. Taste something new. Always with my camera in hand!

Here on the coast, I was blown away by the beauty of the surroundings. The lush vegetation mixed with the salty air and the quaintness of the beach towns… it was just lovely. Add in some hikes through the forests, trips to cabins perched on the side of a lake, and some incredible gelato, I was in seventh heaven!

My travel recommendation to you, is to go! Book a little B+B, take your hiking shoes and plan to spoil your appetite with all the amazing treats each community has to offer! You will not regret…

Sunset off the Sunshine Coast
Loving the salt air breeze in the evenings
Hike through the forest to Skookumchuck Rapids, while Ryan (such a good husband) carries my camera bag!

Our hostess for the weekend, miss rosie (and my fabulous auntie jeanette).

Cool thing to see + do:

Hike to Skookumchuck Rapids

Gelato at Pier 17

Lunch at Ruby Lake Resort

ring bling

It doesn’t get much sweeter than this. Knowing that my sister has found a man who makes her happy. Just writing that, a smile has snuck onto my face. So, I quickly want to share with you on this fab Friday, a couple quick photos of the ahhh-mazing sparkle that is now on Christina’s finger. Mike designed this ring on his own, taking a few hints of what C liked, and was able to have this ring created. Yowsers. And if you haven’t heard the engagement story yet, check it here.

And I felt the yummy Okanagan fruit was fitting, as this is what Christina and I grew up on, living on the beautiful Okanagan Lake. And the Okanagan is also the spot where they two will share their vows next summer…


me + you

Yesterday was our anniversary. And as per usual, I did a lot of tearing up (good tears), and enjoyed being spoiled by my hubby. And I definitely cranked up the spoil-o-dometer myself this year! I did my very best to transform our backyard into a romantic dinner for two using the candles, rocks and beads from our wedding (what else am I going to do with a zillion blue fish tank rocks and matching beads). I cooked up a roast chicken (thanks to helpful instructions from my momma!) and stuffing (thanks to helpful instructions from Ry’s momma!) for dinner, and as my little brother would say, ‘I nailed it’!
We enjoyed the bottle of local Okanagan Poplar Grove wine compliments of Ry’s family, as well as some bubbly, so that we could use our wedding champagne flutes. But the tears definitely started to flow when I pulled out my laptop.
When I was planning our day this past week, I thought it would be so great to have the chance to go through our wedding photos together. Dave Stobbe, an incredible photographer from Saskatoon (and a great friend) was our wedding photog. He did such an amazing job of capturing our wedding, that I thought I would use my new slideshow skills to create our own slideshow! So, if you want, you can check it out here.

We were so lucky to be married at the incredible Quaaout Lodge Hotel in Chase, BC. Couldn’t have asked for a better location… and all the help from friends and family completed our day perfectly.

To finish off this final post for this week, may I wish every bride and groom out there, as much help and fun planning their wedding as we had. Enjoy it. It only happens once…

David Stobbe /

robin + cody married

It’s easy to see that these two are such a good fit. Such a lovely couple. Such a great love. Even from their engagement session, I could see this special connection between them. And this past weekend, they married each other, turning their life journey’s into one shared path.

It started on the waterfront of Peachland, and we were blessed with beautiful sunshine for the ceremony and the hours following. With almost 200 friends and family, they exchanged rings in honor of their love. And afterwards, we went out to celebrate and create some images from the day. With ice cream in hand (an appreciated cool treat from a friend on a hot day), we headed out to Greata Ranch for the amazing views of the Okanagan Valley and vineyard.

Thank you two for letting me share this day with you. I hope these photos act as wonderful memories for you from an amazing day.

Haven’t had enough of this gorgeous couple? Check out the slideshow below!


Robin + Cody ~ August 6, 2011 from Janelle Morcombe on Vimeo.

herrick family

Two young men and one fabulous mom. Finding some locations that suited this trio was fun, because we went for the grungier backdrop, and I think it worked out really well! The boys were awesome in front of the camera, and even though Heather tried not to have too much camera-time, I think we caught some really great family portraits! There is a lot of love between this family, and that is something truly special. I feel very lucky to spend time with families like this, so, thank you Herrick family and I hope you enjoy!


For those who don’t already know of this amazing product, and even for those who do, and nice reminder never hurts!
TOMS. The shoe company.
This is a shoe that admittedly, I do not own yet. BUT, in approximately one week, I will have my very first pair show up on my doorstep via the delivery guy.
If you are also one of the unlucky who do not own a pair of TOMS, go check out their website now!

Not only is this shoe super crazy comfortable and cute, but this company makes a deal with you. Every time you buy a pair, they donate a pair to someone in need of a solid pair of shoes. And personally, I can’t think of a cooler way of selling a product.

Here is a sample photo courtesy of their website of some of the sweet styles.

And if you a girl who can’t get enough heel, they even have a pair for you! The wedge.

And wedding peeps? Don’t feel left out, because they make a sparkly white pair special for the big day.

chelsea + lane's wedding

This day was a reflection of what love is. Truly. Lane and Chelsea were married on July 31st, 2011 at the Penticton Lakeside Resort. With many friends and family who came from across western Canada to join them, they celebrated their relationship with romance and style.

Chels and Lane are from Saskatchewan, and because Chelsea has been coming out to the Okanagan since she was little, they thought it the perfect spot to get hitched. And for me, this wedding was extra special, because Chelsea is my cousin… there were moments when I was fighting back tears of joy, just so I could keep my photos in focus!

Such a gorgeous bride in a gorgeous dress. Such a handsome groom in a Calvin Klein suit. Throw in a few stunning bridesmaid’s and a few hilarious groomsmen, and you have got yourself a party! The reception was a lot of fun, especially when DJ John Byrne kicked it into high gear! That was one busy dance floor that lasted into the wee hours of the night!

The bouquets and boutonnieres were amazing, as was the entire decor of the reception. The ambience of the whole day was glamorous, romantic and stylish, thanks to Artistic Design by Colleen, as well as the amazing design touch of Christina Lazeski. Christina’s design vision started with the save-the-dates, and worked throughout the entire wedding, including the seating chart, the ceremony hand-outs, invitations and more.

Thank you two for letting us be a part of your day, and we wish you nothing but L-O-V-E.

To see more, watch the slideshow below!


Chelsea + Lane ~ July 31, 2011 from Janelle Morcombe on Vimeo.