caroline + jim married

Passion. check.

Respect. check.

Love. check.

I could see it when I met these two in Vancouver a few weeks back for their engagement session. I could hear it when I heard the story of his proposal on the beaches of Tofino. And this past weekend, I heard it again in their voices as they shared their wedding vows with each other.

Caroline and Jim were married at the fabulous Hester Creek Winery in Oliver, BC. Their day was nothing less than perfect. The ceremony took place overlooking the valley; we strolled throughout the property together, photographing C+J being completely in love; and finished off at the amazing Terrafina Restaurant for their reception on the patio.

C+J, I hope these images will be your constant reminder of how amazing a couple you are.

If you haven’t had enough of this gorgeous couple, check out the slideshow below!



guest experience

Most times, when a bride is walking down the aisle, I will often feel the emotion in the room. But, as the photographer, it is my job to ‘get it sorted’, and choke down those emotions so I can focus on my job. Create images that will be the memories for this couple. For this family. For the friends. But at this wedding, this time, as I sat in the chairs designated for friends and family, I couldn’t help but let the tears fall.

And even though I do try to look pretty fab when I photograph weddings, one of the most exciting changes of this wedding, was instead of my usual ‘flats’, I was able to pull out some high heels! And I actually will often wear a dress while I photograph weddings, but sometimes I have to sneak a pair of shorts underneath…just in case I have to get down and dirty on the floor. But not for this wedding!

I was able to have a glass of wine, and this was especially exciting, as the wedding took place at Summerhill Winery, where many incredible wines are created.

Even though I did sneak my camera with a 50mm lens in my purse, I did not bring it in hopes of taking many photos, BUT, I had to sneak just a few of the details of the day. Here is a few photos showing off the elegant decor. I loved loved the white wooden chairs! It is amazing how much difference there is in having the right ‘chair’. Loved it. The cake was beautiful, which was created by a friend of the bride’s. And lastly, and quick snap of the beautiful location overlooking Okanagan Lake.

Being a guest at this wedding made me realize how much I love my job, and I always feel blessed to be involved with the entirety of the day. As the photographer, you get to be there as the bride prepares for her day. You get to be there throughout the photo session, which is full of laughter and beautiful moments. You get to be there, beside the couple, as THEY experience their day and give your gift of photography to them. I feel blessed to do the work I do, and even at this wedding where I wasn’t the photographer, it made me realize how lucky I am.

Lucky to have a job surrounded in love! Lucky to have friends who sometimes want to give me the opportunity to relax and enjoy as a guest. Lucky to friends who want me there to photograph. Just plain lucky.

Congratulations to my beautiful friend, Lori and her new husband, Jeremy. I know this is the beginning of an amazing life together for you two. xo

Hester Creek sneak!

As my last wedding of the summer of ’11, I am so happy to share this one with you. And I’m not happy because it was the last…. because I truly l.o.v.e my job and am sad to say that a forced ‘break’ is upon me…. but I’m so happy to share this because I adore this couple so much, and am happy to have ended this season with them.

I have just loaded the photos into my computer, but I couldn’t help but share one. But I hope you enjoy this image and I can’t wait to post the rest!

moving forward.

Yesterday was quite a day. I was up by 6 (which is crazy early for this non-early bird) and out the door by 7:30. Hopped in my car, stopped for a coffee to-go, and headed off to West Kelowna for the start of my very exciting day! First on the agenda was photographs of one of the cutest babies ever! Hardly-there-hair, big blue eyes, and super hip pink jeans makes for one adorable baby! And Leslie and John, you were pretty cute too!

Second, was a lunch meeting with the super talented Tim Feeny of Limelight Studios; an Okanagan videographer who I am going to be lucky enough to have work with me on a very special, very exciting top secret project…

Third was another meeting with the tres chic Yuriko of Vintage Origami; a style/prop rental business owner that I am so thrilled to have met!

And then I was off to meet up with my hubby and dad to ‘talk shop’.

It’s days like these that may lay me flat from fatigue, but also give me so much motivation to keep moving forward and pushing to reach higher and higher goals!

To end this little ramble post, here is a sneak photo of the lovely family I photographed yesterday morning. Doesn’t get much cuter than this….

gastown engagement

It is sessions like this that make me realize how lucky I am to do what I do. This weekend, I had an engagement session with Jim + Caroline. I hadn’t met them previous, and only had a quick phone conversation. All I knew, is she had a very cute accent, I was going to photograph their wedding, and that. was. it.

Needless to say, I was excited and anxious to meet them! And when I walked into their apartment, I felt instantly at ease! Good music drifted through the apartment, a pretty amazing wine collection sat in their dining room, and the cutest puppy you ever did see greeted me at the door. I could tell they were my kinda couple!

We set out on our Gastown walking tour, and literally just stopped for a few photos whenever we were inspired! We chatted over coffee about the details of their wedding day and their honeymoon travel plans. They hooked me up with lots of good restaurant recommendations in the area, and ended the eve with a few adorable pics with Rusty, their little puppy.

Thanks C+J for a wicked Saturday afternoon, and I can’t wait for your wedding in a couple weeks.

sasha + joe married

Their love began 10 years ago, and this past weekend, Sasha and Joe vowed to love each other for always. With just a small group of family and friends, they were married at the beautiful Idabel Lake Resort in Kelowna, BC.

Idabel was often the anniversary spot for S + J, so it only seemed fitting to have their wedding underneath the trees on the edge of the lake…

I’m sure you will see from the images that this wedding was romantic, emotional, joyful, hilarious, and just completely lovely. I feel so blessed to have shared in this day with this couple. I walked away from this wedding, my hand over my heart, overwhelmed by the love in that room.

Thank you Sasha and thank you Joe, for sharing with me your love and allowing me to be a part of your day. I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I do,


If you haven’t had enough of this amazing couple, check out the slideshow!


Sasha+Joe-September 4, 2011 from Janelle Morcombe on Vimeo.

sneak peek of sasha + joe

As I’m going through this past weekend’s photos this morning, I couldn’t help but want to share just one with you. Sasha and Joe were married, and in an image, I feel this expresses their day so well. Romantic, adorable, fun, and joyful.

Stay tuned for a full blog post this week!

a little album love

We wanted to share with everyone how much we love love love wedding albums. These days, couples often purchase their wedding digital negatives packaged beautifully in a tin box, but you have to be careful that this is not the final resting place for your images. Albums are an amazing way to share your photos, as well as re-live your wedding day by simply flipping through the pages. Accessible from your coffee table or book shelf.

Albums are amazing. And we want to share one of our newest style of albums with you of Amy + Kevin’s wedding.

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a beautiful full wrap photo cover option. other options include vintage leather, linen, classic leather, etc.

thick, mounted pages

beautifully designed pages by Christina

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from us, with love