Santa's comin' to town!

This past Friday, Santa made his trek down from the North Pole to come and visit the kidlets of Princeton. And I was there to witness (and photograph) all that cuteness!

The ambassadors of Princeton were there to help Santa give out toys and treats, and I had my trusty side-kick, Ryan there helping me organize it all. I also had with me, ‘Elf’ Matt, who was an amazing bouncer at the door! The last thing we needed was a stampede of kidlets scrapling to see Santa! Yowsers!

With so much support from the community, we decided this year to donate all the proceeds to an amazing local group, Young Life. Matt is one of the leaders for Young Life along with Liz, whom I love dearly! She is an amazing role model and support for the youth of this town, and I couldn’t think of a better place to donate our Santa moolah!

And I couldn’t help but share this little bundle of crazy cuteness with you! Plus our token Elf ‘n’ Santa photo.

Happy ‘almost’ Christmas!

'tis the season

I love Christmas. Ry and I went to Starbucks this past weekend just for an hour or so. He did his homework, and I began reading a Seth Godin book, Linchpin. And I will definitely write a little review on the book another time, but this post…this post is about Christmas. And it all started with a gingerbread latte and the jazzy, Christmas music playing in the background.

Since Ryan and I live out in the sticks, whenever I get the chance to go and sit in a coffee shop and just enjoy the hum of the laid-back ‘busy-ness’, I am in heaven. I sink deep into a book or writing in my journal. I curl up between the arm rests of the chair and just let my mind relax. And it is the cherry on top of my sundae when I get to go with Ryan. Me doing my thing and him doing his, but we’re doing them ‘together’.

We also went out and hunted down our tree! As per usual, my eyes were bigger than our ‘living room’. Once we got the tree home, we realized it needed a haircut if it was going to fit inside the house! So we pulled out our shears, and gave it a solid trim.

For now, in the afternoons when I sit and brainstorm about my business in the front room, I curl up with my tea and stare at our lovely green tree. It’s not technically a Christmas tree yet because it has no decorations on it yet. I’m saving that bundle of joy for this weekend!

And lastly on a Christmas-y note, if you are trying to think of a Christmas prezzie for someone special, maybe the perfect gift is a little GC for a portrait session!E-mail me for the details on how to get yours!


behind the scenes

I don’t think this story would be complete without sharing some of the ‘behind the scenes’ footage from our little venture. Always a treat to see my goofy poses and stances when I go through Ryan’s photos from the day. Thankfully when I squat, I keep my knees together! Whew!

Uhhh, excuse me, Tim. You are in my shot. Tee hee…just kidding. I think I was in ‘his shot’… and that’s a good thing!

  As Tim called it, our awkward family photo!

The ladies behind the scenes…Melissa you are so professional!

And lastly, my wacky face that I normally give just to my hubby when he does something weird, but since he is my second shooter and my own personal photographer(haha), now this face is for the whole wide world(well, at least the lovely peeps that come to read our little bloggity)!

And I’m sad to say that Christina’s beautiful face did not make it on film this day. Not sure how she managed that one! But, thankfully it won’t be long before she’s in front of my camera again… I believe it is actually 24 days and counting! So instead of digging up an older photo, you’ll just have to wait!

the video

I have been patiently (or as my husband would say, very UN-patiently) waiting for this week to arrive. Let me explain.

This past spring, I was beginning to think about how to create a better online presence for my clients. Finding a way for them to feel confident in knowing who they are choosing for their wedding photography. I went to the table and brainstormed, and along this path I had pondered the idea of a video. Yeow… nope. Too scary. Me? On video? Sheesh…

Just for kicks, I e-mailed Tim of Limelight Studios in Kelowna, and asked him what he thought of the idea of a video to tell a mini story on our business. Well, we chatted off and on about it over the summer, and this fall, we turned this crazy, scary idea into reality. I am so, so happy with how it turned out!

So, with no further ado, I am oh, so so excited to present, Paperclip Collective’s first ever promo video!

And I know I talked about the amazingness of the other vendors already, but I cannot help but re-hash how much I appreciate all of them.

Yuriko from Vintage Origami, you are amazing!
Christina from Classic Creations Floral Design, so talented, it hurts!
Melissa Craven – Makeup Artist, truly an artist.
The Lindon House, thank you thank you!
Tim from Limelight Studios, rockstar.

Our models, Raina and Mike. Ahh, I just love you guys. Thank you.

My brother, Joel, thank you for all your help, and of course, my partner Christina, you were such a support through a crazy day! And my other brother Mark, for giving us some sweet music for the video. You can check out more of Mark’s work at Last Night Soundtrack.

If you have not checked out the images from the style-shoot, check them out HERE!

in my suitcase.

It’s no secret I love to travel, and in 1 month from now, I am going to be on a jet plane back to the place where Ry and I celebrated our honeymoon. Kauai. But this time we are going with the whole Lazeski-pack. Yup, like a wolf-pack, but way cooler. In total, there will be 6 Lazeski’s and 3 add-ons brave enough to travel with us!

With just 25 days left, I am starting to think of what to pack. My goal? Think light. But there are ‘musts’ that have to come with me, no matter what. Here is the list of what MUST be in my suitcase for this trip to Hawaii:

1. a mini bottle of conditioner. hotels always always have the 2 in 1 shampoo, and trust me when I say, there ain’t no conditioner in that.

2. $4 flip flops. what can I say? Joe fresh and I are tight!

3. A few cute sun-dresses. They work for daytime, and then just add a sparkly accessory and some sexy shoes, and you’ve got yourself a evening outfit too!

4. My camera. Of course.

5. Band-aids (just in case my winter-y feet reject the idea of $4 flip flops).

6. Old running shoes (so I don’t ruin another pair of new ones in the red clay that makes up that island!)

vintage fashion

I’m not sure if it was the fur coats, the red lips or the lace, but I was in love. As I sat in the third row of the Vintage & Vogue wedding-inspired fashion show this past weekend, I enjoyed cupcakes, martinis, the company of a lovely friend, and an amazing show.

The catwalk was built in the ballroom of the Penticton Lakeside Resort and Casino, and just outside the doors of the room were tables filled with a variety of wedding vendors from around the Okanagan. Admittedly, I am a girl who loves a good cupcake, and I had my choice of cupcakes from three different bakeries!!! Yowsers! But the one that really took the ‘cake’ was the one who came into the fashion show and hand delivered cupcakes while we were in our seats… I heart the Cupcake Lady Cafe . How did she know I was in need of a cupcake at that very moment?! So smart!

Thank you to Kerry at the Vintage and Vogue store for creating a beautiful piece of art. The fashion show was truly beautiful! Here are just a few photos for those of you that missed this awesome event.

outside of the ordinary

I come from a fairly artistic family. Myself…the photographer.

My sister… the artist.

My brother… the musician.

My other brother… well, let’s just say he’s very ‘crafty’.

My musical brother is working with Christina on creating a new website for his business, so last time I was in Van, we slotted out some time to create some images for his new site. This project is still mid-build, but I wanted to share with you this mini-video clip of what we are workin’ on. It’s rough and it’s a quick 30 seconds, but check it out! Music, of course, thanks to Last Night Soundtrack (aka. the guy in the video).

Mark-Last Night Soundtrack from Janelle Morcombe on Vimeo.

thankful for…

I was looking at some photos we took over the Thanksgiving weekend at my parents house this year, and it made me think that I should probably take a minute to just realize where my life is at and what I am thankful for at this point. This past year has been a big change, and I couldn’t have done any of it without the support of my unbelievable family.

And by unbelievable, I mean…

We are a crazy bunch, but I could not have a better family. Truly.

This coming year is shaping up to be another very exciting, very busy year. It will be the second official summer back in the Okanagan for my photography business, and I am so excited! I’ve already got some amazing weddings on the roster, and I am so thankful to have such wonderful brides and grooms as my clients!

Included in that list is my best friend. My sister. We’ve got the ever-talented Justine Russo from Russo Photography helping us out to capture Christina’s day, and I am oh, so excited for this! We are still working to find time for their engagement session, but till then, here’s a snap of the two love birds.

And as life continues to change and grow, I always think of how lucky I am to have not only my family, but the support of my friends. This past year, I have met some amazing new friends who are irreplaceable in my life, and I am also realizing how important it is to cherish those who have always been there. So to my friends new and old, you have such a big place in my heart, and I thank you for all you do in my life.