random find!

I love etsy. I especially love it when I come across local Etsy stores. And I even more especially love it when its something to do with weddings, ’cause y’all know how much I love weddings!

The store is called My Amber Coloured World and Amber B from Kelowna creates something that can make or break your wedding dress photo! The hanger. Such a simple item and something easy to forget, but oh, so important. I’ve gone to weddings where the dress is on a plastic hanger and I am frantically searching for a way to hang the dress ‘sans’ hanger. Not easy. And I’ve also come to weddings where they bought a fancy hanger for the day of, but the dress was too heavy to stay hung (aka. no notches on the hanger).

So, check out this fab local find and give your photographer peace of mind when it comes to the dress photos!

photo courtesy of My Amber Colored World website

photo courtesy of My Amber Colored World website

Love It!

I bought a new pair of flats. Cute, very sparkly, and totally unwearable. In a foot of snow, I would probably lose my feet to frostbite! But I think I can take my new cute tootsie’s to Vegas, and of course, I’ll need a new outfit to go along with them!

Granite Gilia Pullover – Anthropologie,  Grey Belt – Salvage Life on Etsy

Dark Skinny Jeans – Anthropologie,  Hot Pink Purse – Matt and Nat

cleanse that!

January has been ‘cleanse’ month. Those of you that haven’t ever done one, I seriously don’t suggest it. Haha. That would be funny, hey?! But really, it is hard. I love sugar and sweets. I miss sugar and sweets. BUT, I will say that in many ways I feel a lot better! I have more energy, and my skin has actually been reacting really well to this obscene amount of water I’ve been drinking! Apparently it was thirsty. Now, we are well hydrated and loving it!
But doing this cleanse for my body has got me thinking that maybe I need to do a cleanse in my business!
First thing first. I need to cleanse my office and my computer. Oh, geez…
And probably most importantly, cleanse my mind.
In this journey of building Paperclip, even though it has been amazing, there are definitely times when I can get down on myself. I can let small little things effect my energy and discourage me to doing what is best for me and my business.
One of the things that I have been pushing myself to do this year, is to go out and meet other photographers, which in general, has been amazing! I’ve met some crazy talented and such lovely people, and it has helped me out tremendously. But, of course, there are those times when I become the girl left out. The un-invited one. The one that maybe isn’t as crazy or isn’t as fun, and so the evite doesn’t get sent to my inbox.
And then I get all ‘woe-is me’ on my hubby.
Thankfully I have Ry, because he always says something to snap me out of my funk. And that is… that the people who truly love me and support me will always be there, and I just need to stop worrying about what other people think of me, and focus on all those out there who do love me for who I am. Because when I take a minute to think about it, I am surrounded by awesome awesome peeps who think my dorky little things are kinda fun and cool. So there it be.
Cleanse that!
I’ve got two weeks left in this month, and I am excited to Get It On!

If you have time, leave me a note and tell me about what things you would like to ‘cleanse’ in your life?

very excited

Last week Ryan began school. Again. And this means he was away from home 1 night last week. And as much as I miss him when he is gone, it often pushes me to journal into the night.
And journal I did. What ended up coming out on the pages were the things I loved about 2011, and the things I look forward to most about 2012.

The top five things I loved about 2011? Well, it is tough to choose, because it was such an amazing year, but here goes…

1.Our trips. We were lucky to go on two mega trips this year. Spain (love love loved Spain) and Hawaii (which was so fun).
2. Photographing eight amazing weddings this summer.
3. The TC beach time. Whenever Ry and I needed some down time, we headed over to the beach near my parents house and just chilled out. It was ahhmazing.
4. My first time playing the great Canadian game of hockey.
5. Our 2nd anniversary dinner outside on the porch. I made a slideshow of our wedding photos. The emotions were heavy, but heavenly.
5.5. My last twenty-something birthday. Mainly because it was my last twenty-something birthday ever… (tears are beginning to well up…)

And now to the new year. Here are some of the things I am most excited about for 2012!

1. My 30th birthday. Even though it sounds a little daunting, I am excited for what this new number will bring.
2. Looking to shoot twice as many weddings this summer, and I am happily on my way!
3. A trip to Vegas, baby!
4. My sister’s wedding, of course!
5. 3rd anniversary photos! Ryan doesn’t know yet, but it’s gonna happen. We never had engagement photos, so that is my reasoning why we deserve them.
5.5. The purchase of a new camera bag. I’ve got my eye on a Kelly Moore bag. I luuuv her bags. Cute and functional!
5.8. A fun fondue night with Ry. Not sure if it’s gonna be chocolate or cheese, but either way, it’s going to be deadly good.


1. Kelly Moore Bag 2. Wedding love 3. Fondue (net photos) 4. Vegas (Christina's photo)


very special to me.

This is a very special post for me. You will see why below…

The first night Ry and I arrived, we were having such an awesome time eating dinner, laughing and getting caught up. We were the last to arrive to Hawaii. Mark, my big brother and his girlfriend Janelle (yep, same name!) had already been there for a few days. So, he’s chatting and starts to tell a story about this hike they found along the coastline. As he’s telling us about the gorgeous cliffs, yada-yada-yada, he non-chalantly says, ‘and that’s where Janelle and I decided to get married.”

At first, this story sounded like a nice little story about a hike. So even though I was listening, I was also totally enthralled in the amazing prawns we were having for dinner. So, when that last sentence came out of Mark’s mouth, I think I sort of sat there stun-gunned for a second. Aaand then it registered.

Ummm… pardon? I thought we were talking about a hike? What?! What?!!!! OH MY GOSH! I am sooooooooo excited!!!! And, of course, I began to cry! Apparently, the rest of my family already knew the night before, and they had made bets on whether I could cry or not. OF COURSE I would cry!

Janelle is this amazing girl. She’s funny and really goofy with Marko. She super cute and stylish. And her and Mark truly love each other.

We made a point of going back out to the spot where they got engaged and took a few photos. We only had maybe 10 minutes, but it didn’t take long to get some sweet shots of these two.

Congratulations you guys. I love you both so much, and we are so excited for you. xo

silver icing + modot

I am all about stretchy pants. And when I was asked to photograph a fitness clothing company in West Kelowna, I of course jumped at the chance! MoDot is a mother/ daughter-run company located in the Vintage View Centre.

Linda and Jill have been running the store for three years now, and have just begun to sell a line of eco-friendly clothing from Silver Icing. This was the line of clothes I was after for my shoot. Made with a lot of bamboo-based materials, these clothes feel incredibly soft to the touch, and I cannot wait to go back to Modot to try on a few pieces.

Silver Icing is based out of Vancouver, but sells their product in their online store as well as in many stores all over Canada and the U.S.  Here are just a few of the images from our shoot of Modot and the Silver Icing clothes! To see the full feature and read more about Modot, check it out HERE!

Loved the branding. Fun and fresh.

The window manequin's sporting some Silver Icing!

Oh, so soft...

Jill sporting the Silver Icing cardie and her adorable puppy, Dax


a wonderful year

I thought there can’t be a better way to start off 2012 by appreciating how amazing 2011 was. I know that 2012 will only get better, but if I can say how amazing all my clients of this past year were.

Here are some of my fave photos from 2011’s wedding season. Beautiful brides and their loving grooms. Thank you all for letting me be a part of your lives. I know I am better for it.