denise in ruffles

Another beauty to grace the blog from our incredible Rock the Dress for Breast Cancer event in Kelowna. Denise is a Peachland girl, a mother of 2, and a beautiful woman inside and out. Her style completely melted my heart, with her Italain boots, ruffle dress and gorgeous jewellery.This is a girl I seriously need to go shopping with. For fashion, for my home, for anything!

Thank you Denise for being a part of this event. A big thanks to Jenny McKinney for an ahhh-mazing job on Denise’s make-up, and also big thanks to Melissa Dacre for rockin’ out her hair!

rainy day weddings

June in the okanagan is supposed to be warm, sun-kissed, and beautiful. But as I’m sure we all noticed, this past month has been spattered with rain, thunder, more rain, wind, and the odd heavenly sunny day.

And all those June brides were probably staring out the window of their hotel room wishing upon wish that the rain would stop. But, there isn’t much we can do about the weather, and thankfully, there is a lot we can do to still have fun in the rain on a wedding day!

A couple hints of things to remember to pack, ‘just in case’!

A beautiful umbrella, and if you use a white/clear/sheer one, it will still let the light come through, which will make for stunning photographs.

Cute booties! If you want those outdoor photos, you’d better pack some comfies that will outlast the rain! These beauties are fun, stylish and effective on the wettest of days.

And to finish off this love-of-rain post, this is a little walk down memory lane. Sinead + Brett were one of the first few couples I photographed way back when in (I think) 2005! And yes, their day was rainy, but we grabbed an umbrella and had a fabulous time.

noelle + caprice

A couple weeks ago, a whole lot of photographers, make-up artists, hair stylists and some fabulous supportive clients all came out to raise money for Breast Cancer. The event was called ‘Rock the Dress’, and that is exactly what we did.

Hosted at The Delta Grand Okanagan Resort in Kelowna, the talented Melissa Dacre styled everyone’s hair for the day, and Sheleah Joy Curtain did the make-up artistry for these two ladies.

Noelle + Caprice are a mom and daughter duo who totally stole my heart! Caprice is an absolute natural in front of the camera, and her gorgeous mom made my job very, very easy.

Thank you two for being a part of this event, and I hope you enjoy your photos.

Noelle, you may be in trouble with this little one! A.d.o.r.a.b.l.e!

our dad

As I sat there on my back deck sanding down my new/old side tables that I was planning to refinish, I was secretly hoping my dad would pop by and see me hard at work. I thought he’d be pretty impressed that his girl, who has always had an eye for cute shoes and sequins, was re-finishing furniture!

In life, we should surround ourselves with people who make us strive to be better, who make us want to push the boundaries, who support us and encourage us to never stop learning and never stop trying to become the best version of ourselves. I really lucked out, as my dad is exactly that person in my life.

And he does all of this without words. My dad was never the dad to grab me after a competition and talk to me about what I could’ve done better. He was never the dad to tell me what he thought I should’ve done. He has let me make my choices in life, good or bad, right or wrong, and he has always been there to give me a hug afterwards. I couldn’t have asked for a better guide in life…

From both of your girls, we love you from all the way down in our toes, dad. Happy fathers day. xo

janelle's turkey dinner

How possible do you think it is to ‘overfill’ a plate? I mean, really. I have been at many a turkey dinner and watched my husband, uncles, dad and brothers heap more food onto a plate than I thought possible. You think that last little piece of turkey balanced on the edge is most definitely going to take a tumble. But the food sticks. It miraculously stays on the plate, excited to push the eating boundaries of these men. And as the plates finally begin to dwindle, I see the adjustments being made…belt buckle loosens, a kick of the left leg hoping to make a little more room ‘somewhere’ in the body, a couple back and forth head tosses.

Well, this is currently our life. A turkey dinner plate full of all sorts of goodies. Full, and continuing to fill up more and more every day. And the reason I am talking in turkey, is because even though it seems a little daunting at times, with all this goodness looking at you, how could we ever be anything but excited for what is about to come. That big ol’ bite of turkey with a little bit of mashed potato, pea and carrot clinging to the fork and covered in the sweet, sweet sauce we call gravy.

So, as I sit here on the floor of new beginnings looking at my journal that has turned into a to-do list, I know that all I need to do is give my head a shake, kick my left leg, and oh baby, enjoy the ride!

Summer 2012, here we come!