natalie + bishop married

Small town kids at heart, natalie + bishop decided to celebrate their marriage at a ranch in the middle of somewhere beautiful… somewhere peaceful… somewhere very special in their hearts.

Bishop’s aunt and uncle’s ranch in southern BC is this vast property surrounded with hay fields, old barns, beautiful horses and a peaceful serenity. That is, until all their family and friends pull up in their campers and tents ready to celebrate in style!

As we drove into the ranch property, I looked over and said to Ry, “we must be here”… the once-empty fields looked like a mini camper-city from the road. We pulled in, and the hustle and bustle of preparation was in full force. Food was being made, decor was being finalized, and the bride and groom were preparing for their big day.

Natalie is this confident, beautiful woman who brought her Vancouver style to this little ranch. Bishop is not too shabby himself, looking dapper in his grey suit and his great smile. With the help of their family, they transformed the ranch into a fabulous wedding venue. With lights hung, candles lit and flowers arranged, it was time.

Thank you two for inviting me to be a part of your day. It is no secret how much you two love each other. As I look back at these images, I can see the unspoken words in your eyes. We wish you all the love in the world,

To see more, watch the slideshow below… so, so lovely.

one big family!

Most times when I’m asked to do a family session, it usually involves somewhere between 3 – 7 people. Usually.

But this time… this session… was bigger. Monique wanted some photos of all her children and their families. I showed up to Monique’s beautifully rustic property and was greeted with not 3, not 7, but 16 faces!

Even though it was a big group, it was an amazing group! Such a fun family with lots of laughter and lots of poking, prodding and teasing (in a very good way). You can see by the smiles that laughter was definitely contagious this day.

Thank you Monique and family for inviting me out, and I hope you enjoy your photos!

the perfect gift

Brides and grooms often struggle on what to give each other as a wedding gift. Everyone want to give something meaningful and something that will last. Something that will bring back the memories of such an important day in each other’s lives. Something that says how much she loves him. How much he loves her. Something perfect. Something, something, something…

A woman’s body is a beautiful thing. We are all blessed with a unique body, that comes with its own story. It’s own shape, it’s own curves. And what better gift to wrap it up in a bow and give that to the love of our life.

This past spring, I had the opportunity to photograph my first official boudoir shoot, and I absolutely loved it. This bride-to-be was stunning. We went to The Lindon House in Kelowna and borrowed their beautiful home as our backdrop. My B-to-be brought a few of her bridal items (veil, garter, shoes, hair-piece) and we had a lot of fun creating some images that she could give to her groom as a token of the woman she is. Sexy, beautiful, and all his!

I’m only going to give you a taste, as most of these photos are for his eyes only, but to all you brides out there who are thinking of what to give your groom, I urge you to truly consider this. Simple and completely you.

This shoot was a bride to a groom, BUT, these shoots are not just for us women to give to men. These photo shoots are about us. About the beauty and power that is in each and every one of us. A gift to ourselves. An experience that every woman should have… for we are all worth photographing just as we are. Beautiful.

eva + rick married

It began at work, when Rick first saw Eva. A beautiful woman that he chased for a while, and finally earned himself her heart. And since that first meeting some years ago, they have been building a foundation on love. Eventually, they welcomed their beautiful daughter Lily into their lives, and now, 2 years after Lily’s birth, they are married.

On July 7th, Rick and Eva pledged their hearts to each other in front of their most dearest friends and family. Their beautiful daughter Lily sat with grandpa during the ceremony, and played with the garden flowers. It was the perfect day, in the perfect setting, with the most loveliest of people.

Eva + Rick, you are a beautiful couple and you are amazing parents. I can see by how much your friends and family love you, you have a very special place in the hearts of many.

Here’s to a lifetime of love.

To see more, watch the slideshow below.

200 pieces of us

This post is extra special. The is the 200th post on our blog, and I cannot believe we had more than 10 things to say! To those of you that enjoy our bits and bobs, thank you for sticking around and listening to all the things we share.

Our very first blog was October 21, 2010. I had NO IDEA we have been blogging for a year and a half now. It feels like it was yesterday when us sisters were throwing around the idea of having a blog. A place to share our loves, our likes, our quirks, our stories and our adventures.

So, if we could do a celebratory online cheers, to you. The people that take a minute to read about us. You make us feel loved.

Since all blogs are better with images, here is a photo from a Eva + Rick’s wedding. A couple who have been such wonderful supporters of us. Thank you Rick, Eva and Lily for inviting us to be a part of your wedding. You are not only fabulous clients, but wonderful new friends.

This is an image of little Lily while mom was getting ready for her wedding day.

andrea+shaun engaged

It started off with a sugar rush, and ended with the sun dropping behind us across the lake. Andrea + Shaun are this sweet, thoughtful, hilarious couple that I feel so lucky to have met. It doesn’t take long to see that these two have built a solid relationship, and I couldn’t be happier to be the one to photograph their wedding next summer.

Andrea first started coming to the Okanagan as a child with her family, and now her and Shaun try to enjoy an Okanagan summer escape each year. Even though these two are from Calgary, they have chosen to celebrate their wedding here in our beautiful backdrop we call the Okanagan Valley.

Thanks A+S for inviting me to be a part of your wedding, and I can’t wait until next year!

This is in celebration of their hometown, Calgary – hats ‘n all!

Shaun definitely knows how to make Andrea laugh…so cute!

A shout out to Heiress Salon for a fab job on Andrea’s hair!

Amber and the dress

Our final Rock the Dress for Breast Cancer shoot is up, with the beautiful Amber G in front of the lens. Amber was so easy to photograph and we just took advantage of the classic Laurel building in downtown Kelowna and the colored walls down the alleyways.

Thanks Amber for being a part of this, and girl, you are too hawt for words!