1 week and a dream

The countdown has begun. We are 1 week away to stepping on a jet plane, on our way to our first destination wedding! Not only that, but it’s Cuba with the fabulous couple, Tammy + Scott.

I have always been a travel bug. I adore seeing new places, and I find that my photography sense is slightly heightened by the excitement of the ‘new-ness’! And then add a wedding day full of love, and I’m in seventh heaven…

My ‘dream’, is to photograph all summer long in the beauty that is the Okanagan Valley. I am constantly blown away by how gorgeous this valley is, and I feel so lucky to call this home. But then… what would fulfill this ‘dream’, is to photograph destination weddings throughout our cold winter months… Rent a bungalow in Hawaii for a few months and photograph 10 beautiful lei-filled weddings? Oi.

So, here’s to chasing dreams and making this come true!

Since every post is better with photos, here is Mike + Christina’s engagement session we photographed last year in Hawaii. That light makes my heart melt… and so do M + C!

And then I also fit in a mini-engagement session for Mark + Janelle, since it was just a few days prior that Mark popped the question on the cliffs of Hawaii in this exact spot…

julie + kyle engaged

As Ryan and I quickly made our way through the reception room of a wedding this summer, a lovely woman came up to us and asked us if we were the photographers for the wedding. Yes, yes we were! Well, long story short, this was the mom of a newly engaged couple! I met the couple, we had coffee, we planned, and this fall, we finally met for Julie + Kyle’s engagement session. I could not be more excited for their wedding this coming summer, as they are so sweet, and as you will see, so gorgeous! Over the past few years during J+K’s visits to the Okanagan, they made sure to walk through this nut farm, so it felt fitting to use this setting for the photos.

And what made it even more fun, is it was actual nut-picking time! All the nuts had fallen on the ground, so we made sure to sneak a photo in with my fave… the one that looked like a porcupine!

Thanks J+K for a lovely afternoon, and I hope you enjoy your photos!