The season of change has snuck up on me. In less than a month, I am going to be stepping away from doing something that I love. Something that has made me laugh, has made me cry, has made me proud, excited, and has taught me to grow as a person in many, many ways. I have been a skating coach for 7 years now, keeping me busy through our cold canadian winters. As much as I adore working with these amazing kidlets doing a sport that I love, I am needing more time to focus on my love of wedding photography, as well as focus on my family and personal life. Got to find my ‘balance’.

So, the plan from this point forward, is to finish this skating season with a bang, get kickin’ on my photography with the beginning of wedding season in less than a month, and making time to cook a good homemade meal for my fabulous hubby once in a while!

And just so you can understand how difficult this decision really was, here are a few ‘out-takes’ from our skating club photo day that I took of one of the adorable Junior Skaters. Hard to say good-bye…



pillow talk

It’s Valentines week (yes, I love V-day that much that it becomes a week in my house), and I bought us a new set of poofy-soft and goo-ey pillows for our bed. And then I got to thinking that we needed a new set of covers to make our pillows feel special.

With Valentines on the mind, look at this adorable pillow set I found from BoldLoft! Ryan is a lover of fishing, so I thought this one was picture perfect!

And then I came across this super fun pillowcase on Etsy!

And this lovely set of Love-y pillows

Happy Valentine’s Week!!!