I couldn’t wait any longer to share the images from this collaboration of amazingness! This past month, I got together some fabulous wedding vendors from the Kelowna area and put together a ‘styled wedding shoot’. A lot of people ask WHY I would do a faux wedding shoot, and here it is. Styled shoots are a wonderful way to work with new people within our little Okanagan wedding industry. Secondly, it’s a shoot that is totally creative and gives us all the freedom to play a little and try things that perhaps we wouldn’t be able on a regular wedding day. And thirdly, our Okanagan wedding season is fairly limited to 4 months of busy season, and this is a great way to keep the creative juices flowing in the slower months.

To get the ‘behind-the-scenes’ rundown, you can check out my earlier post HERE, but for now, I want to simply share the images. I love how this turned out, even with the stormy weathers. A final big thank you to everyone involved:

The Lake Lounge Houseboat
Jenny McKinney Make-up Artist
Sandrine French Pastry and Chocolate
Vintage Origami – vintage wedding rentals & decorating
Classic Creations Floral Design
Models: Chisa + Mark Glendenning
Dress purchased at Bliss Bridal in Kelowna, and jewellery purchased at Cranberry Junction in Kelowna, plus a lovely bottle of bubbly from 8th Generation Vineyards in Summerland.

StyleMay2013-sm 91StyleMay2013-sm 90 StyleMay2013-sm 89 StyleMay2013-sm 83 StyleMay2013-sm 82 StyleMay2013-sm 75StyleMay2013-sm 74 StyleMay2013-sm 70 StyleMay2013-sm 69 StyleMay2013-sm 64 StyleMay2013-sm 60 StyleMay2013-sm 59 StyleMay2013-sm 58 StyleMay2013-sm 57 StyleMay2013-sm 53 StyleMay2013-sm 50 StyleMay2013-sm 46 StyleMay2013-sm 44 StyleMay2013-sm 40 StyleMay2013-sm 38 StyleMay2013-sm 33 StyleMay2013-sm 27 StyleMay2013-sm 26 StyleMay2013-sm 24 StyleMay2013-sm 21 StyleMay2013-sm 19 StyleMay2013-sm 18 StyleMay2013-sm 12 StyleMay2013-sm 8 StyleMay2013-sm 6 StyleMay2013-sm 4

pret a porter

Always the question, what to wear, what to wear. Choosing an outfit for a photo session can seem like a daunting task, whether its sifting through your closet, heading into stores or the online shopping world.

I thought I’d do a little ‘research’ to see what I could find online shopping…I hit up my fave online store Ruche and a stop to the TopShop and this is what I came up with. Perfect for an outdoor engagement session, I’d say!

Engaged outfitAmazing pale green and crochet dress by TopShop

Ring, earrings and shoes by Ruche


wedding details

It is no secret that every bride spends many an hour thinking about, deciding on, creating, purchasing, changing and re-changing her accessories for her wedding day. She goes through the same process when deciding on all the lovely little details that surround the day.

As the photographer, it is my job to capture all of those details, so that once the day is done, that bride has the images to keep the memories alive.

For this summer, I’ve got a new macro lens in my camera bag. I’ve been practising with it over the past month, and I adore it’s capabilities! It gets up close and personal!!! Here are a few shots from me ‘practising’ on my sister’s accessories from her wedding last fall.

Wedding 1 Wedding 2 Wedding 3 Wedding 4

sarah + trevor engaged

I remember reading a post from Sarah at the beginning of this year, and I want to share it before I begin this blog. This girl has such a big heart, and is marrying a man whom I know matches her perfectly…


“When we become more fully aware that our success is due in large measure to the loyalty, helpfulness & encouragement we receive from others, our desire grows to pass on similar gifts. Gratitude spurs us on to prove ourselves worthy of what others have done for us. The spirit of gratitude is a powerful energizer.”
There is a calmness to my life as I strive to constantly live in gratitude. To my family who live in my heart, my friends all over the world, and to Trevor & Indo, I am so thankful to you all. For everything.
My hope for 2013 is to say thank-you more, and to be worthy-of, and in some way pass-on, the feelings I am experiencing in my life right now. Happy New Year to all – Sarah


That was the beginning of Sarah’s year. The year that ended up being the year she stood on a beach and said ‘yes’ to Trevor as he asked her to be his. The year she will walk down the aisle to solidify their relationship surrounded by their friends and family. The year that a whole new chapter of life will begin for both of them (and Indo!).

Trevor has been one of my hubby’s best friends since they were kids. They grew up riding dirt-bikes together, playing sports together, were room-mates, were trouble-makers, but most of all, were supporters of each others lives. The relationship both Trevor and Sarah have with their friends is a true testament to how amazing they both are. And that same love and support they have for those around them, they share for each other. A sweet couple, and I can’t be more excited about being a part of their wedding.

Blackwell-blog 1 Blackwell-blog 2 Blackwell-blog 3 Blackwell-blog 5 Blackwell-blog 6 Blackwell-blog 8 Blackwell-blog 9 Blackwell-blog 10 Blackwell-blog 11 Blackwell-blog 12 Blackwell-blog 13 Blackwell-blog 14 Blackwell-blog 15 Blackwell-blog 16 Blackwell-blog 17 Blackwell-blog 19 Blackwell-blog 21 Blackwell-blog 22 Blackwell-blog 24 Blackwell-blog 26 Blackwell-blog 27 Blackwell-blog 28 Blackwell-blog 29 Blackwell-blog 31 Blackwell-blog 32 Blackwell-blog 33

flowers + christina

I’m not sure if I believe in destiny or fate, but what I do believe in, is when life is knocking you upside the head, you answer.

I also believe that what makes ‘life’ so special, are the relationships that we build within our short time here. The value we put on the people in our lives…

When Christina Jenion asked me if I’d be interested in creating a portrait for her to go along with her new brand launch, I knew this was a moment I didn’t want to pass up. Christina is an incredible florist in the Okanagan Valley. She owns her own company, Classic Creations, and every time I’ve had the opportunity to work with her, I know beauty is in the making.

In creating her new brand, she has created a perfect voice for herself on the internet. In the wedding industry,  our websites have to be a reflection of who we are as people and as artists, because the internet is such a big part of how we connect with our clients. When I see Christina’s floral creations, I see softness, I see warmth, I see a beautiful blend of unique colors and textures, and I see the time and the love she puts into what she does. Her new site is a perfect reflection of these things, and I couldn’t be more excited for her.

Even though I knew she only needed a couple of images for her website I seriously couldn’t stop shooting! Such a gorgeous girl, inside and out… I wanted to share some of my favorites from the day. If you haven’t yet seen it, go and check out her new website, Classic Creations Floral Design.

Christina Christina2 Christina3 Christina4 ChristinaJ 10 ChristinaJ 26 CJenion 4       CJenion 15 CJenion 17CJenion 12ChristinaJ 58CJ 653 - Version 2

sasha + joe + evie

Just 8 months old, and I can already tell, this little one is going to be a heart-breaker.

I was lucky enough to photograph Sasha + Joe’s wedding in the fall of 2012, and it is so wonderful to see them now with Evelyn, their new baby girl. Even though they were a little low on sleep, it is so apparent that they are desperately in love with their bundle.

Here is a sneak peek of our photo session from this past weekend.

Rourke-family 1

Rourke-family 2Rourke-family 4Rourke-family 5Rourke-family 6Rourke-baby (1)Rourke-family 7

Rourke-family 8Rourke-family 9Rourke-family 12Rourke-family 13  Rourke-family 11

freddy + markus + isla + jack

It doesn’t get much cuter than this little Vancouver family of 4… here’s a sneak of our Stanley Park photo session this past weekend. Thank you Freddy and Markus for having me come out and chase your kidlets around!

Bell 1 Bell 2 Bell 4 Bell 5 Bell 8 Bell 9 Bell 10 Bell 11 Bell 12 Bell 13


If anyone figures out how to stop time from going by so blinkin’ fast, please let me know! I can’t believe my birthday cruised by again. And this time, Ry kept reminding me that now I’m ‘in my 30’s’. Thanks babe. Love ya too!

But 31 feels like a good number! And I know it is going to mean another year of amazingness and lots of change, which I’ve realized is what I thrive on.

I want to thank everyone that thought of me this year. I felt so over-the-top loved, and I LOVED it! The facebook messages, the texts, the phone calls, the birthday cakes… oh, the birthday cakes… the presents, the hugs, the kisses.  I even had a friend yell ‘happy birthday’ down the street from his truck. So nice…

And just so you know how spoiled I truly was: (and keep in mind it was Ryan’s birthday too, so most of these were double-duty)

Birthday Cake #1 – Apple caramel pie – mmm

Birthday Cake #2 – Black forest cake – deadly!

Birthday Cake #3 – Cupcakes – perfect and kept me going for days

Birthday Cake #4 – Cheesecake – creamy goodness

Birthday Cake #5 – Angel food cake with whipping cream and strawberries – the nellie-birthday classic


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for my loving friends and family. I don’t think I could be any luckier in love when it comes to all of you. x0

embree family

The Embree’s have become one of my favorite families to photograph. We did our first shoot over 2 years ago, and I have been excitedly waiting for my next opportunity with them. They are so much fun, so relaxed and seriously super cute. Danica is my sister’s best friend, and has been since we were wee babes. She has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember, and she has always been like a second sister…

Now she comes with her hubby Brad, who is ridiculous and amazing. Tyson, who is growing like a weed and becoming quite the young man, and Caitlyn, who always steals my heart with her loveliness and her endless funny-faces!

Thank you guys for inviting me along, and I hope you enjoy your photos! xo

Embree 1 Embree 2 Embree 6Embree 4   Embree 7 Embree 9 Embree 5Embree 10 Embree 11 Embree 12 Embree 13 Embree 14 Embree 15 Embree 16 Embree 17 Embree 18 Embree 19 Embree 20 Embree 22 Embree 23 Embree 24 Embree 25 Embree 26 Embree 30Embree 28 Embree 29  Embree 31

‘the beautiful’

This was my text I sent my hubby yesterday afternoon. “I’ve got a pit in my stomach. How come you aren’t here helping me today?! Gahhhh! I’m nervous”

Before you think me awful, this was only a mere tease, because he and I both know he’s hard at work at HIS job. As much as he is this huge support in my business, my ‘assistant’ has a real-life job that he does. So I knew when I booked my wedding style shoot for a Thursday, I would be on my own. But, the reason why I always feel so lucky when I do get him around, is because he knows me so well. I only need to shoot him a look, and he can read my mind as to what I need. Whether I need the extra batteries that are in HIS bag, or I am about to pass out from heat exhaustion if I don’t get a water stat. He is the best support team I could ask for when shooting.

Tomorrow is his birthday, and I’m only going to say one little thing to him – ‘Think of how much I love chocolate and pretty flowers and sequins and disney theme-songs, and then times that by a million. That is how much I love you.”

Ok, enough gooey. Back to this styled shoot.

Yesterday turned out to be quite the test for me as a photographer. Since I was the main person coordinating the shoot, I wanted to pick a type of location that I hadn’t ever photographed before. Something unique for me. A new challenge. So I had contacted Raina and Mike, who own The Lake Lounge houseboat in Kelowna, and they were happy to help out and give us the use of their boat for the night. The weather man was saying there would be clouds, which was a little disappointing for me, as I was dreaming of the sunset light pouring into the boat, but if it’s just clouds… I’ll take it!

6pm finally came, and not only were there clouds, but there was prairie-like wind whipping off the lake. And then a sprinkling of rain, and then a lot more rain. My heart was sinking by the minute, and also feeling like it was going to leap out of my chest. I had asked all these fabulous wedding vendors to come and help me with this shoot, and now we’re all out in the cold and the rain!

I can feel myself getting a little mushy again, so I’ll apologize beforehand, but I feel like I need to share how incredible everyone was last night. Even though earlier in the day I was whining to my hubby about not having my go-to assistant with me, as it turned out, I couldn’t have picked a more supportive, helpful, talented and AMAZING team to work with.

Christina J from Classic Creations Floral Design walked over water earlier in the week to make sure we had exactly what we needed for the shoot today in regards to florals. Not only did we have flowers, but we had the most GORGEOUS and perfect flowers for this shoot. Thank you C.

Sandrine from Sandrine French Pastry and Chocolate gave us these amazing macarons for our table, and were so perfectly colored for the palette of colors we were working with.

Our models, Chisa and Mark, could not have been more perfect for this shoot. Chisa is this completely stunning girl who is a dancer by trade. She rocked out her wedding dress in the cold like nobody else. They stayed until I said I was done, and not a minute sooner. Thank you for your patience…

The Lake Lounge, even though we had the rain and the wind, was such an amazing locale. It has tons of covered areas that we were able to deak under and still get some incredible images. Mike was so helpful with moving furniture and fulfilling any requests I had to make the shoot run smoothly. Dream location and amazing owners.

I had the helping hands of Laura McKinley, another photographer from town who was there to literally help with whatever was necessary. Thank you Laura for your time and being my ‘on-call’ girl.

Jenny McKinney and her blue suede shoes came out and did such a perfect job on Chisa’s make-up. Chisa looked glamorous, romantic and completely perfect. Jenny set up on the top of the boat to make sure she got the right light while doing the make-up, but that meant she had to work through the wind and the cold. And then she stayed to make sure Chisa’s make-up looked perfect throughout the shoot. She was my cheerleader for the night and I am so thankful for the positive energy she brings with her wherever she goes.

And then there’s Yuriko from Vintage Origami. I went to Yuriko with the color palette I was hoping for. She took the ideas I had in my head, and then made them into reality, while making them so much more beautiful than I ever could have imagined. She and her assistant/husband Erik were my watchers of the flowers, making sure they didn’t tip over in the wind. Yuriko would pop in and quickly fix unruly hair that the wind was playing with, she would make sure fabric was perfect, flowers were perfect. She was my perfection-fairy, and I can honestly say, with her ideas and her vast supply of beautiful things, can make dreams a reality.

I have one shot to share today, and I think it shows that with the right team, you can always find ‘the beautiful’.