Andrea + Shaun Married

As the girls readied at The Lakeside Resort, you could feel the anticipation in the room. The make-up was complete, the hair was done, the dress is on, and with the help of 3 bridesmaids, the shoes were finally done up.

They walked out of the elevator, into the limo, and headed on their way to Shaun + Andrea’s first look.

He was waiting under the tree, and as she walked up behind him, he was excited and nervous all at the same time. But you could see on his face how proud he was to have this beauty as his bride…

They said their ‘I do’s’ at Linden Gardens and celebrated with a fabulous garden party with their family and friends. They partied the night away and enjoyed every minute of that beautiful day.

Andrea and Shaun, thank you for having me along, and I hope you enjoy these photos as they bring back the special memories of the day.

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To see more, please watch the slideshow below:

Andrea+Shaun from Janelle Morcombe on Vimeo.

Fabulous vendors that made up this day:

Ceremony + Reception Location: Linden Gardens

Caterer: Catering Done Right

Cupcakes: Cupcasions

Florals: Edgy Petals

Hair: Tie the Knot Hair Design

Make-up: Bri Stein Artistry

DJ: DJ Haymaker

Heather + Scott Married

It didn’t take long for both Scott + Heather to know they had found ‘the one’. It was July 2, 2012 when Scott realized and told Heather that he loved her. It wasn’t long after this, they were engaged, and on July 13, 2013, they were married at the beautiful Summerhill Winery in Kelowna, BC.

S+H’s wedding was elegant, simple and full of beautiful details to compliment their style. Heather wore a wedding gown that fit her to perfection, and Scott had a handsome outfit that was perfect for our hot summer day. All the table decor has hand-made by the bride, and even her gorgeous hair-piece, she made herself.

Scott + Heather opted for a ‘first look’, which is where they take time to see each other before the ceremony. This was such a special moment, and you could see all over Scott’s face how beautiful he thought she looked. They wrote their own vows and pledged their hearts to each other, in the company of their family and friends.

Congratulations you two, and I wish you nothing but more beautiful memories to be made…

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Dedels Wedding from Janelle Morcombe on Vimeo.

All the lovely vendors who made up this day:

Ceremony + Reception: Summerhill Winery

Make-up: Jenny McKinney

Florals: Floral Design by Lee

Cupcakes: Cupcakes by JoJo

Hair: Loyal Hair Therapy

Umbrella Rentals: Love it Again

Wedding Dress: Bliss Bridal

Men’s Suits: Perry Ellis

Alexa + Rick Engaged

Somewhere between the camp food, the cabin living, the crazy games, the sugar highs and the high-fives, these two summer campers found each other. It was summer break from highschool at the Young Life camp, and Rick managed to catch Alexa’s eye through all the wonderful craziness that is ‘camp’. And now, many moons later, they are preparing to celebrate a new beginning within their relationship. R+A are getting married, and now that I’ve had a peek into the window of their relationship, it is easy to see how perfect a fit they are together.

This e-session felt like the exact fit for the two of them… outdoors, natural, and fun. Even though Alexa had on this sweet summer dress, we were traipsing through the prickles, climbing rocks and walking logs, with Rick to help her when necessary. It was pretty special to watch these two together, working through these little obstacles. He piggy-backed her, they laughed, they held hands, and we just wandered through the woods till we’d find a spot that just ‘fit’.

Thank you two for having me along, and I can’t wait till your wedding, which I know will be a very special day filled with a whole lotta love.

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nicole + doug married

As she came out of the elevator, there was her dad, waiting for her. The day had finally arrived when his little girl was all dressed up as the bride. Nicole stood there in her gorgeous wedding gown and was glowing. With one look, there were tears in his eyes, and it was all they could do but hug. He walked her arm in arm down the aisle to the man she would marry.

Nicole and Doug stood in front of those most important to them and said their own vows to each other. They held hands and made promises, sealed with a kiss. The day was beautifully put together by Artistic Designs by Colleen at The Lakeside Resort in Penticton, BC.

Thank you N+D for having me along on such an emotional, loving, and beautiful day. xo

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Nicole+Doug from Janelle Morcombe on Vimeo.


Ceremony + Reception  –  The Penticton Lakeside Resort
Decorations + Florals  –  Artistic Design by Colleen
Hair + make-up  –  Tie the Knot Hair Design
Graphic Design  –  Paperclip Creative
Cake  –  Kakes by Kathie
DJ  –  Affordable Quality Music Services
Second Shooter – Amy Kaye

julie + kyle married

He proposed on the waters of Mexico, and they were married overlooking the water of the Okanagan. As Julie + Kyle vowed to love each other for always, their family and friends watched with tears in their eyes. It was an emotional day propelled by so much love.  The day started as J+K prepared at the villas of Manteo. The limo came and took them to the beautiful Summerhill Winery, where Julie walked the aisle in the arms of her mom + dad. They said ‘I do’, they kissed, they laughed, they celebrated. The evening ended with a fabulous dinner back at Manteo, and I am so glad to have been a part of this wedding.

Thank you J+K for having me along, and I hope you enjoy watching the story of your wedding day.

Armit-blog 2 Armit-blog 12 Armit-blog 13A couple great photos of the men getting ready, thanks to Amy Kaye, my fab second shooter. Armit-blog 22 Armit-blog 31 Armit-blog 34 Armit-blog 35 Armit-blog 41 Armit-blog 42 Armit-blog 45 Armit-blog 53 Armit-blog 56 Armit-blog 68 Armit-blog 77   Armit-blog 82 Armit-blog 91Not sure if this group of bridesmaids could be any more beautiful… Armit-blog 92 Armit-blog 94 Armit-blog 96 Armit-blog 98 Julie, you are so, so, so stunning Armit-blog 101 Armit-blog 106 Armit-blog 108  Armit-blog 110 Armit-blog 112 Armit-blog 125 Armit-blog 128To see more, please watch the full slideshow below:

Julie+Kyle from Janelle Morcombe on Vimeo.


Ceremony – Summerhill Winery
Reception – Manteo Resort
Florals – Creations by Mom + Me
Make-up – Britainy Dagnal
Hair – Total E’clips (Laura)
Cupcakes – Cupcasions
Limosine –
Second Shooter – Amy Kaye
Videography – Okanagan Digital Media