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This week has been ‘the week of albums’ in my office! It has been so much fun putting together these beautiful albums for all of the couples that I worked with this past summer… flipping through the images again and choosing the best of the best for their wedding keepsake.

I adore wedding albums. It is so easy these days to get your disc of digital negatives from your photographer, look through them on your computer and post a few faves to facebook. At this point, more often than not, the disc gets put in a ‘safe place’, and it stays there… on the back-burner… The album doesn’t get made and the wall prints don’t get sent out. Your beautiful images that you just spent your hard-earned money on sit in a ‘safe place’.

THAT is why I am such a lover of creating a wedding album right out of the gate. By Christmas of that same year, you have your album in hand to share with family and friends. It gets placed on a shelf in your living room, easy to access and enjoy whenever the mood suits. And HOPEFULLY, you’ve printed your favorites to adorn your walls, so that the memory of the day stays with you as your life as husband and wife grows and changes.

Here are a few images of the albums that I offer my lovely clients. Classic, clean and well-made. I have also included a quick video at the end if you want to get a really good idea of the ‘feel’ of the albums. It shows off the difference between a ‘linen’ album and a ‘leather’ album. It shows off the engraving…the color options…the size differences. Enjoy!

DSC_9233 DSC_9234 DSC_9237 DSC_9239 DSC_9244 DSC_9241 DSC_9266 DSC_9261

Wedding Album Video from Janelle Morcombe on Vimeo.

Blank Family

I’ve now had the absolute pleasure of knowing this family for over 2 years now, and Diane and I have become good friends… I’ve got to watch her babies grow up, and see their family morph with all the new changes that come with growing munchkins. Charlize, their beautiful baby girl, is no longer a baby! She started her first year of kindergarten this year, and I can only imagine what it felt like to watch her and her little back-pack head into those big school doors for the first time. Noah was just a 6 month babe when I first met him, and now he’s this little climbing, running chatterbox with lots of hugs and snuggles to give. Looks just like his dad, and loves his momma to no end.

We headed out to play at the river, and it was great just to see Diane and Brent with their kids. I hope these photos can reflect your family and what life is like right now. In this moment. Crazy, playful, challenging, wonderful and perfectly imperfect. xo

Blank-1Blank-2 Blank-5 Blank-4 Blank-1-2 Blank-9 Blank-10 Blank-11 Blank-14 Blank-15 Blank-17 Blank-18 Blank-20 Blank-22 Blank-24 Blank-25 Blank-27 Blank-29 Blank-30

Family of five

A walk through the farm was the perfect backdrop to capture this family of five. Three little ones and two busy parents! As we walked through the fields, threw rocks in the pond, played tag and laughed over lots of tickles, it was easy to see the love within this family. Taylor (dad) had so much fun with all his little kidlets, and mom’s soft spirit kept them snuggly.

Thank you two for inviting me to have a little sneak peek into your family, and I hope you enjoy your photos!

Daigle-1 Daigle-2 Daigle-4 Daigle-6 Daigle-8 Daigle-9 Daigle-10 Daigle-34Daigle-12 Daigle-14 Daigle-15 Daigle-28Daigle-17 Daigle-18 Daigle-19 Daigle-21 Daigle-22 Daigle-23 Daigle-24 Daigle-25 Daigle-27 Daigle-30 Daigle-29  Daigle-31 Daigle-33  Daigle-35 Daigle-37

nicole + greg engaged

Nicole and Greg are getting married this coming spring, and I’m excited to say they are going to be the very first wedding of 2014 for me! I love the first wedding of every season! Us Canadian wedding photographers take such a big break in our business during the cold months. Sure, there is the odd wedding, but overall, it is a slow time of year, as all the brides prepare for their spring/summer/fall weddings.

Nicole and Greg made the trip from Edmonton for their engagement session. We ended up with a stunning fall day, which matched Nicole’s amazing outfit perfectly! We traipsed around between the trees, and ended up on a handmade blanket with a couple of their favorite things… They found a way to make this photography session unique to them, and I absolutely loved it.

Thank you two for making the trip, and I am looking forward to May!

NG-3 NG-2 NG-5 NG-6 NG-10 NG-12 NG-13 NG-14NG-15 NG-23 NG-26 NG-27 NG-28 NG-31 NG-32 NG-25 NG-34 NG-35 NG-36 NG-37 NG-18 NG-19


krista + conrad engaged

Her beautiful smile hardly left her face… obviously head-over-heels and excited about the upcoming year! We met up the morning of their 2 year anniversary, so with Starbucks in hand, we headed out and braved the windy weather. If there is something I love about windy weather, it’s that the hugs and the cuddles become bigger and longer, if only to stay warm!

But it was easy to see that the love between these two is also the reason for the sweet snuggles. Krista and Conrad met at school, and it didn’t take long for them to know they had found something special.

I am already looking forward to their Oliver wedding this coming summer, and if these photos are a testament, I think we are going to have lots of laughs and a lot of fun!

KC-1 KC-2 KC-3 KC-4 KC-5 KC-6

The coolest converse shoes… love them!KC-8 KC-10 KC-11 KC-12 KC-13 KC-14 KC-16 KC-17 KC-18 KC-20 KC-21 KC-22

Alexa + Rick Married

The day was a celebration of a beautiful love. The beginning of something special… a journey together as husband and wife.

Alexa and Rick met as teenagers and worked their way through high school as friends. But it wasn’t until a couple years after graduation where they began to see each other differently. Summer 2012 brought a new light over each other that soon turned to love. They were engaged early this summer, and within 4 months planned a beautiful wedding in their hometown of Princeton.

Beautiful details made up the day with their family’s support and love. They were married overlooking the valley, and even though the rainclouds followed us around, it made the snuggles a little bigger and let them enjoy each others’ arms a little more.

We ended our afternoon at the airfield, where Rick just finished his pilot’s license this summer. An important accomplishment before he and Alexa move forward into their life together…

Congratulations A+R on a beautiful wedding and what will be a beautiful marriage.  Nicholls-8 Nicholls-14 Nicholls-1Nicholls-21 Nicholls-5Nicholls-24 Nicholls-26 Nicholls-27 Nicholls-34 Nicholls-38 Nicholls-39 Nicholls-42 Nicholls-45 Nicholls-49 Nicholls-52 Nicholls-57 Nicholls-58 Nicholls-60 Nicholls-63 Nicholls-67 Nicholls-69

If you’d like to see more, please watch the slideshow below:

Rick and Alexa from Janelle Morcombe on Vimeo.



Those special moments

In a woman’s life, there are many pivotal moments that make up the puzzle that is our journey… The beautiful thing about each one of us, is that all of our paths and all of our pieces are unique to us. Yes, we may share the same ‘type’ of moment, but I don’t believe any moment can be the same as another. They all have their own history, their own challenges, their own joys…

I’ve been looking through some of my portrait sessions, and I came across this one, which made my heart strings ‘ping’. I loved creating these photos for this couple as they were entering into their final moments before parent-hood. I have to admit, maternity sessions are some of my favorite kind of sessions. Those few weeks prior to having your little baby enter the world, seems like such a unique time. There is excitement, happiness, fear, joy, pain, anxiousness…. pretty much every emotion under the sun.

To all you pregnant, beautiful, tired momma’s to be, don’t forget about photographing this time of your life. So special, and so, so beautifully unique to you.

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LJ- 18

LJ 333 - Version 2

38 years and going…

I feel so lucky to have two sets of the most wonderful role-models in my life. Both Ryan’s and my parents celebrate their 38th wedding anniversary this year, and it is no secret that we look up to them when it comes to love, respect and partnership.

Today my mom and dad are celebrating the official day of their wedding those years ago, and I just wanted to wish you two the most wonderful of days.

So, here is a little ‘kick-ass’ photo from us to you on your special day…

Lazeski-1We all love you very much, you two lovebirds!  Lazeski-2