baby simon, mom + dad

I remember Larissa and I being little girls, bare foot in the summer running around the backyard. I remember playing Clue around the kitchen table and eating homemade cookies, all the while our mom’s watching over us as we grew.

Now, it is Larissa’s time to be that mother. And it is plain to see that her new babe, Simon, has completely stolen her heart. When I see the way Larissa looks down at her little one… and the way that he simply stares back into her eyes, it will melt your heart. It melted mine.

This was my first time meeting Darnell, and it is easy to see he has fallen right into step with being a new dad. His genuine care, love and concern for his little Simon is so evident in the way he holds his new son.

24 days new, little Simon came to the studio for his photo session, and he did such a good job! Even though he didn’t sleep a wink, he rocked his poses and enjoyed all the snuggles from mom and dad. And even though this session was to celebrate the new beginning that is wrapped up in their little bambino, Larissa and Darnell are also preparing to get married this next year. So, we made sure to sneak a few moments at the end to celebrate their relationship and the importance of the love between the two of them.

Thank you two for letting me photograph such a special moment in your lives.

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Patricia + bill engaged

Stealing the last few moments of ‘fall’, we went for a walk through the leaves.  The clouds were hanging low, birds were in the sky and there was a definite crispness in the air. Patricia and Bill are getting married this coming summer, and I always encourage all of the couples that I photograph to do a little ‘engagement session’ prior to the wedding. We headed out so I could steal a few images of them just being together…

Patricia is this lovely woman who has a soft, beautiful soul that is easy to see.  And Bill? I really like Bill. He says it like it is, and I like that very much. Together, they are a real, respectful, loving couple, and I appreciate that even though I can see their love is big, it is also down-to-earth and realistic.

For their engagement session, we kept it simple and casual. As we walked along the lake, I asked them to just be themselves and I would simply photograph it. With a little direction, a bit of encouragement and a few nervous laughs, we were on our way. Thank you two for entrusting me to be your photographer, and I am really looking forward to summer!

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family of 4

With the newest addition already 6 months old, it was time for a visit with Leah, Adam and their beautiful babies.

I have known Leah since kindergarten, and Adam just a few years after that. We were all school friends, and it wasn’t until after graduation, where these two started to be more than ‘just friends’. They were married over 3 years ago, and had their first adorable daughter the next year. I managed to sneak in a mini-maternity session with them while they were pregnant with Lucy, AND we did their first family photo session once Lucy was about 4 months…

Now Lucy is 2, baby Georgia is 6 months, and I can tell that life is a little crazy, but in such a wonderful way. Thank you two for having me along to photograph these special moments in your life. I adore spending each moment with your girls (and with you too, of course), and I hope you enjoy these photos. xo

ps. happy birthday to my beautiful friend, Leah. I hope you have such a special day with your family. Sending lots of hugs your way…

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Cutest face EVER!Weber-11 Weber-12 Weber-13 Weber-14 Weber-16 Weber-17 Weber-18 Weber-20

Lucy giving mom a kiss for her ‘owie’. So precious…Weber-21 Weber-22 Weber-23 Weber-25