Kristen + Darren Engaged

He popped the question 2 years ago, and she answered with YES. With Kristen still in school, they decided to wait until she was finished, but that day has almost come, and now the official 6 month countdown to the wedding day can begin.

Kristen is training to be a nurse, and after spending a little time with her, it is easy to see that she will shine within her profession. She has such a nurturing, thoughtful spirit about her. And Darren is this laid back, really sweet guy who makes Kristen very, very happy.

Since their wedding will be in the beautiful summertime, we decided to brace ourselves for some off-season portraits for their engagement. We were lucky to get a little sunshine that helped keep us warm, but after a little while in that Penticton-wind, we ended up inside warming up with hot chocolates and blankets. Thank you two for a great afternoon, and I am really looking forward to the wedding day!


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3 plus 1

Windy, cold, but oh, so beautiful. I had the pleasure of photographing Kate + Jeremy this weekend with their adorable daughter Maddy, and their little soon-to-be bundle.

I’ve known K+J since we were kids, growing up together in the Okanagan. I had the honor of photographing their wedding almost 5 years ago, and now seeing them grow into this family of 4 is so special. Maddy is almost 3 and is such a beautiful little girl, full of lots of energy and is excited about the idea of a little baby brother or sister. It is easy to see that K+J are amazing parents to Maddy and are ready to have another babe in their lives.

Thank you two for having me photograph this time of your lives, and I can’t wait to meet the new little one! xo

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Seattle getaway

It was short and very, very sweet (especially the part where I was devouring the incredible banana caramel cheesecake from The Purple Cafe – we’ll talk about that in a minute).

Ry and I just got back from a much needed getaway to The Rainy City of Seattle, and it did not disappoint. We had been there once before, but just to fly out on our way to Spain (you can check out that ordeal HERE). This time, we came to enjoy some serious R+R. The only thing I had planned throughout the four days was a couples massage. The idea of a lot of coffee-shop time and book reading time was high on the list of hopefuls.

We arrived on Saturday and decided to walk it out. Check out the downtown area on foot. No map, no itinerary, just go and see what we find. We managed to get ourselves into the heart of things pretty easy, with our stroll ending at Pike Place Market. The market was mostly closed, so we did a little look around, but ended up heading back up the street, slowly making our way back to the hotel, but not after picking up a couple of cupcakes-to-go and prepping our plan for the morning!

The next few days we spent checking out the different neighborhoods – West Seattle and it’s adorable beachfront street, Ballard with its’ ahhmazing sandwich shops and unique storefronts, Capitol Hill where we found my favorite coffee shop of all time and drooled over some ridiculously lovely homes. In the evenings we ate at some of the most awesome finds in Seattle, including Local 360, my new favorite Seattle restaurant. As I already mentioned above, the ridiculous dessert at The Purple Cafe did not disappoint. We ate the biggest pizza pie I’d ever seen at Belltown Pizza. And randomly discovered some amazing lunches, especially loving the turkey sandwich from The Other Coast sandwich shop in Ballard.

On top of all that goodness, I even got to see the original Starbucks and the funky (and slightly stinky – of old trident I think) infamous Gum Wall.

It all ended with a couples massage… me getting a fabulously relaxing and completely indulgent massage, while Ryan came out apparently feeling like a well tenderized piece of beef (but he claims it was good).

All in all, a stellar road trip that I am excited to repeat when we can enjoy a bit more sunshine instead of snow/slush/rain. The one really good thing about the rain, is that it kinda encourages you to stay inside, and inside is where all the snuggles happen. So I have no problem with a few raindrops now and again.

Seattle-1 My first ever trip to the classic Olive Garden. First stop on our road-trip… Seattle-2 My sighting of the first ever Starbucks!Seattle-3 We came across some pretty sweet things on our nightly walks, including this super random  (and rotating) car wash sign.Seattle-5 Seattle-9 The steam made me think a few Ninja Turtles were going to pop out of the sewer! Seattle-13 The Gum Wall. Cool and very gross.Seattle-14At Roy’s Street Coffee + Tea enjoying a couple of ‘ love’ lattes and a love-bug truffle.