stormee + ron engaged

Meeting up with Stormee and Ron for their engagement session turned out to be one of my fave’s of the year. We had a really nice time traipsing through the fields, but I just really enjoyed my time getting to know these two. Ron has a very sweet, very soft demeanor about him. And Stormee is this absolutely adorable person with such a big heart. S+R are getting married this coming fall, and I know it is going to be a very special day.

SR-engaged-1 SR-engaged-2 SR-engaged-4 SR-engaged-6 SR-engaged-7 SR-engaged-8 SR-engaged-10 SR-engaged-11 SR-engaged-12 SR-engaged-13 SR-engaged-15 SR-engaged-18 SR-engaged-19 SR-engaged-21 SR-engaged-22 SR-engaged-25 SR-engaged-26 SR-engaged-28 SR-engaged-29 SR-engaged-31 SR-engaged-32 SR-engaged-33 SR-engaged-34 SR-engaged-36 SR-engaged-38 SR-engaged-39 SR-engaged-40 SR-engaged-42


kari + mike married

They were married on a beautiful, hot spring day overlooking Osoyoos from Spirit Ridge Resort and Winery. The sun was shining, encouraging the vines and orchards to burst with green at the start of the growing season. Kari, such a natural beauty, looked absolutely amazing as a bride, and our groom was not too shabby either.

I had met Kari and Mike last year where we talked about their wedding plans. We then met up to do an engagement shoot in the heat of last summer, which is where I first was able to really see them together and got me very excited for their wedding day…

Kari and Mike had opted for a first look, which was a very sweet moment. He waited for her in the vineyard, and they were able to share a few moments together, just the two of them (with me in the ‘wings’, of course).

We ventured into the orchards and the desert hills of Osoyoos for our photos, and then enjoyed the rooftop patio for the ceremony. There were a few clouds threatening in the distance, but they held off any weather and allowed us to enjoy a stunning day outside. With a few celebratory drinks and appies in the outdoors, we worked our way inside for the reception, where there was good food, great company, and some very special moments.

Thank you two for having me along for your wedding. I hope you enjoy these images and they will act as a beautiful reminder of such a special day.

Labelle-1 Labelle-3 Labelle-5 Labelle-6 Labelle-8K+M’s first time seeing each other… Labelle-10 Labelle-12 Labelle-14 Labelle-15 Labelle-17 Labelle-19 Labelle-20 Labelle-22 Labelle-25 Labelle-26 Labelle-27 Labelle-28 Labelle-30 Labelle-31 Labelle-32 Labelle-33 Labelle-34 Labelle-35 Labelle-38Jess’s view of this stunning couple… Labelle-39 Labelle-42 Labelle-43 Labelle-44Labelle-52  Labelle-48 Labelle-49 Labelle-51  Labelle-53 Labelle-55 Labelle-57 Labelle-59 Labelle-62 Labelle-63 Labelle-65 Labelle-67 Labelle-70 Labelle-71 Labelle-74 Labelle-76Labelle-79 Labelle-78  Labelle-81

Props to all these amazing vendors:

Ceremony and Reception: Spirit Ridge Resort and Winery

Wedding Planner: Diamonds and Champagne

Bride’s brooch bouquet: Etsy

Florist: Flowers on Main

DJ: Airwaves Music

Make-up Artist: Bri Stein

Hair Design: Jenna Jones Beauty

Wedding Dress: Essence of Australia

Groom’s Suit: Hugo Boss

Second Shooter: Jessica Balfour

baby hanna

It was just a few weeks before the arrival of little Hanna when I photographed Kat + Trevor’s maternity session. At the time, she was just a tiny little bump inside her mom. We didn’t know what color hair she would have, what size her little feet would be, how tiny her little nose was, or any of those beautiful little details.

She arrived April 17th, and she was perfect. The new family of 3 came to the studio just 10 days after her birth, and I absolutely loved photographing her and her amazing parents. Here is just a sneak peek of Baby Hanna.

HannaB-3 HannaB-9 HannaB-13 HannaB-18 HannaB-23 HannaB-27 HannaB-29 HannaB-33 HannaB-44 HannaB-52 HannaB-56 HannaB-60 HannaB-64 HannaB-72 HannaB-81 HannaB-86 HannaB-93