vanessa + jeff engaged

To say Jeff + Vaness have fun together, is definitely putting it lightly… J+V have been together for a few years now, and it is easy to see that they are two peas in a (goofy) pod. But what I loved most, is that even though they are silly and have so much fun together, they are romantic and are completely head over heels for each other.

Not only is Vanessa marrying her best friend, she is marrying a man that she is passionate about… it doesn’t get much better than that.

We started their session downtown Kelowna in the outdoor rink, as that is where Jeff actually popped the question. Vanessa is a pretty fabulous skater (figure skater), and so he took her out skating one night, and got down on one knee in the middle of the rink. Even though we visited the rink again in the summer (no ice), it still felt special to get a few photos of where it actually happened!

We left downtown and went to pick up their adorable pup for a few final photos at their favorite place to go for walks. Thank you for inviting me into your world!


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Sydnee + Carson married

It didn’t take long before Carson knew he wanted to spend his life with this girl. Sydnee is a girl with a big heart, a generous and loving soul, and a wonderful (and crazy) sense of humor. And I don’t think Sydnee had to think too long on her answer. She knew she had found something special with Carson. Someone who shared in her laughter, someone who is loving, and as far as I can tell, willing to move mountains for her.

Their wedding day arrived with sunshine, and the day began with the girls getting ready at Sydnee’s mom’s house. A beautiful character home full of jokes, laughter and a whole lot of beautiful. Sydnee seemed calm but excited to get to the ceremony and see Carson.

As Sydnee walked out from behind the partition, you could see how happy Carson was. Such a smile, he looked like he would burst. She looked stunning in her dress and as they said their I do’s, you could feel the support and love from their friends and family.

Between Sydnee, Carson and their bridal party, I would say I was laughing THE WHOLE day. When they weren’t breaking out in song, cracking jokes, or throwing around inside jokes (that I laughed at anyways, even though I obviously didn’t get it… yes, I am cool like that), they were enjoying each other’s company and eager to help and support their friends, S+C.

Thank you for having me along on such a beautiful day, and I hope you enjoy this little preview… xo

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Ceremony + Reception Venue: Ellison Hall

Florals: Linda Willms

Caterer: The Art of Fine Catering

Second Shooter: Amy Kaye