Marissa + Marty engaged

Living in Canada, sometimes we need to embrace the fact that for a few months of the year, most of us are surrounded by snow. Shoveling the drive-way, wearing Sorels and scraping our windshields are part of the ‘norm’.

For Marissa and Marty, they have come to thrive on the winter months. These two are getting married this coming summer, but wanted to do their engagement session sooner than later, which meant using a background of snow. M+M live up in the hills of Penticton and are no strangers to plowing their driveway. They invited me to come up to their property for the shoot, and as I drove down the long driveway, I was getting sooo excited. A fresh blanket of snow was covering all the bushes and trees. Seeing Mother Nature like this feels so serene… so special.

We headed out to their wood pile where they have been working all season on chopping wood for their firewood business! I thought this was the perfect spot to start, as it has become a big part of their day to day. We brought blankets and bundled up as best we could! It was so great to see these two together in their element. Super cute, a little ridiculous and a perfect fit.

Thank you two for asking me to do this for you. It was such a great day, and I am so looking forward to the summer!



I have been wanting to do this quick and fabulous post ever since Christmas day! My amazing hubby completely spoiled me for Christmas, and he did it all by shopping at our local artisan Christmas market. That in itself makes me sooo happy. I absolutely adore supporting local artists and the incredible talent that makes up our valley.


My first prezzie that I opened was this beautiful, beautiful handmade heart-mug. I have happily added this to my collection of eclectic mugs. I love mugs, and I love me a ‘love-mug’. Every morning that I have coffee out of this, I’m in my happy place.

Second, I opened up the coziest, the cuddliest pair of tights (aka. Sweetlegs) you can imagine! And they are completely cute and adorable. I would have worn them every day for the past 3 weeks if it was appropriate to do so!

Third, I opened up a very special gift. Something that was created by a very special friend. A stunning pair of earrings that I love, love love. Yolanda, you are a talent, a beauty, and a kindred spirit, and I can’t wait to show you how good these look on me!


Fourth, I opened up a box containing the most gorgeous winter poncho that I am completely in love with. Colors that I am obsessed with, and so wonderfully warm! I’ve been able to rock out my new poncho many a day already, especially with all the snow.

And lastly, the final present I opened with a tiny little box. Inside was such a special gift. A sweet little necklace with two pendants. A tree, which will always represent my family and all it’s branches, as well as a pendant with the letter A. As soon as I saw it, I began to cry… a little something to represent my little girl and to represent this year becoming a mom.


A big smoochy hug to my hubby for spoiling me with so many beautiful things that I completely adore. You know me

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