baby blackwell on the way

It’s no secret that when a women is pregnant, she has a very special light about her. Even though it doesn’t always feel that way AS the pregnant woman, that light is the most beautiful thing to see. And this is no different with Sarah.

Sarah is this warm, heartfelt, thoughtful, beautiful person,  and then throw a gorgeous little baby bump on her?! It’s almost hard to handle, how cute she is.

Sarah was visiting her hometown of Penticton recently, and even though she was just 6 months pregnant, I encouraged her to really push out that babe and get some photos done. I am so glad we did (normally a maternity session wouldn’t happen till momma is almost ready to bust!)! But her bump is completely perfect in these photos, and I am just so happy and excited for S+T, as they await their little boy. Congratulations on this exciting step in life. Sarah, you are going to be such a loving mother (and Trev such an amazing dad), and we couldn’t be happier for you.


 Blackwell-11 Blackwell-17 Blackwell-19 Blackwell-3Blackwell-27 Blackwell-29 Blackwell-37 Blackwell-42  Blackwell-57 Blackwell-60 Blackwell-62 Blackwell-63 Blackwell-65

martin family is 5

I feel so blessed to have had the chance to photograph this family more than once… I met Sophie a few years ago when they were just a little family of 4. Now, they have their beautiful baby boy, Emmett, and he is such a special little guy. I am completely smitten with his hair! In these photos (which were actually taken in the fall), were around his first birthday. I remember doing his newborn photos the year before, and can’t believe how much he had changed. He went from being this tiny babe to a little man with jeans and leather elbow pads (sooo cute)!

Not to mention the sweetest (and hilarious) little girls that are also growing so fast! They are two peas in a pod, as they wrestled in the dirt together, even taking momma down with them! And with dad watching over everyone, we made it though our photo session with no scraps or bruises, just a whole lot of dust.

Thank you S+C for coming to spend time with me again. I love every time I get to photograph your family, and I’m already looking forward to the next!Martin-3 Martin-11 Martin-19 Martin-22 Martin-26 Martin-27 Martin-32 Martin-35 Martin-45 Martin-46


Neil + hannah engaged

These two lovelies have a very special place in my heart… when I heard they were engaged, I was immediately hoping upon hope I would be seeing them soon, so I could steal them away for a few moments with my camera. But I knew it was a long shot. Neil had asked Hannah to marry him under the ocean, while scuba diving in Fiji. They’ve been living in Australia for the past year, and are actually from the UK. Hence, the ‘long shot’.

But they are obviously world-travellers, so when I heard they were doing a whirl-wind tour through the states and Canada, I was so excited! I met up with them in Vancouver, and I couldn’t wait to give them both a big hug. The photo session was lovely… We headed to the beach in Kitsilano and took advantage of the warm temperatures.

Hannah, you are stunning, hilarious, and I love how ‘real’ you are with each other. You two have so much fun together and are completely yourselves. Thank you for giving me your time so that I could photograph those smiles.

When wedding-time comes, I can’t wait to come find you and help you celebrate, wherever that may be. xo