baby girl is 1

Is it possible that my baby girl is one? It feels completely impossible, and yet, I have all these photos on my camera from her first birthday party. Apparently, it happened.

Is this what I should expect from the next forever? Minutes flying by at lightening speed. Her little personality growing and changing by the minute. Her beautiful face becoming more and more expressive, silly and smiley?

There is much about life that goes by quicker than I’d like. But this is by far the most. I want her to stay the tiny bean that first arrived for forever. But then I adore the times right now where she is exploring the world and becoming her own little person. She is my inspiration to be stronger, to be smarter, to be healthier, to be more effective in all I do.

Ari-1bday-1 Ari-1bday-3 Ari-1bday-5 Ari-1bday-8 Ari-1bday-9 Ari-1bday-12 Ari-1bday-14 Ari-1bday-15 Ari-1bday-16 Ari-1bday-17

Of course we had to try a ‘cake smash’. Since she hasn’t eaten much for any processed sugar yet, I thought I’d try to make her a ‘healthier’ banana cake. Well, as everyone that was present can attest, it turned out to be a bit of a bowling ball. She smacked it, she hit it, she poked it, and eventually, she threw it over the side to its death. And there was hardly a dent in it. She did manage to get a few bites of the icing at least!

Ari-1bday-21 Ari-1bday-23

To my baby girl, happy first birthday. I will love you forever. xo

inspiration and motivation

Being a wedding photographer, I can easily say that my inspiration comes from the relationships and connections of the people in my photographs. When I have the opportunity to photograph a couple that share a spark, this is when I shine. I get all ‘fired up’ when I find the connection between people. It doesn’t have to be this big moment or anything like that. It can be quiet, small and simple, or it can be hilarious and ridiculous.  But it has to be real.

BUT, I will also admit that once in a while, I do love to stray a bit from the usual. To give myself the opportunity to create a moment that really reflects who I am as an artist. I am just a month away from a styled shoot that I am working on with some fabulous vendors. The reason why I love to be a part of a project like this from time to time, is it gives us the freedom to choose the setting. To choose the details. To create the environment in which my bride and groom will be. I still get to find the ‘spark’, and it will be amongst some pretty gorgeous things!

We did a little walk-about the location of our shoot, and I am sooooo excited. I won’t give away any of the details, as I’m going to make you wait for those… but here is a little sneak peek to get you excited!DSC_2155 IMG_3774