Jase + Brittiny married

Jase + Brittiny were married above Kelowna in the surreal setting of Tantalus Vineyards. With the sun shining and a slight wind in the air, J+B had the perfect day to celebrate their marriage. Being from Edmonton, many of their guests travelled to be a part of the day for these two, and it was easy to feel how much they appreciated the love and support.

Brittiny was such a stunning bride surrounded by her amazing and beautiful bridesmaids. And Jase and his groomsmen were hilarious, very entertaining and very gentlemanly.

J+B opted for a first look, which was such a special moment for the two of them. Jase was completely in awe of Brittiny as his bride. We walked the vineyard for their photos and they were able to enjoy a few special moments just the two of them.

The gorgeous ceremony overlooking the lake came and went, they become husband and wife, and then they celebrated with their family and friends all evening long. Tantalus had filled their tank room with tables, beautiful florals from Passionate Blooms and the incredible aroma of Joy Road Catering. Lights hung from the ceiling with the last bit of sunlight peering in through the windows. A very special night in the hills of Kelowna.

Thank you two for inviting me to be a part of your day. I loved every moment and I hope you enjoy your photos. xo

Wesl-Wedd-1Wesl-Wedd-2 Wesl-Wedd-3 Wesl-Wedd-6 A few shots from Royce, my second, of the gents preparing for the day.Wesl-Wedd-10 Wesl-Wedd-12 Wesl-Wedd-13 Wesl-Wedd-14 Royce’s view of the groom awaiting his bride…Wesl-Wedd-16
Wesl-Wedd-18 And Royce’s capture of that very special first hug.Wesl-Wedd-17Wesl-Wedd-20 Wesl-Wedd-22 Wesl-Wedd-23 Wesl-Wedd-25 Wesl-Wedd-26 Wesl-Wedd-29 Wesl-Wedd-31 Wesl-Wedd-32 Wesl-Wedd-34 Wesl-Wedd-36 Wesl-Wedd-38 Wesl-Wedd-39 Wesl-Wedd-41 Wesl-Wedd-43 Wesl-Wedd-45 Wesl-Wedd-46
Wesl-Wedd-49 Wesl-Wedd-51 Wesl-Wedd-48 Wesl-Wedd-53
Wesl-Wedd-58 Wesl-Wedd-59 Wesl-Wedd-60Wesl-Wedd-52 Wesl-Wedd-57Wesl-Wedd-63 Wesl-Wedd-66

I couldn’t help but include this photo from above the tank room. A race to get a ‘selfie’ with the bride + groom to get a spot on the buffet line.Wesl-Wedd-70 Wesl-Wedd-87

And then I quickly snuck out for those last few rays of light at sunset… doesn’t get any more special than this.Wesl-Wedd-71 Wesl-Wedd-72 Wesl-Wedd-73 Wesl-Wedd-75 Wesl-Wedd-76 Wesl-Wedd-78 Wesl-Wedd-79Wesl-Wedd-84 Wesl-Wedd-85


The vendors that made up the day:

Ceremony + Reception Venue: Tantalus Vineyards

Florals: Passionate Blooms

Make-up: Bri Stein Artistry

Hair Styling: MOD Salon

Wedding Dress: Maggie Sottero from The Bridal House

Groom’s Suit: EPH Apparel

DJ: Okanagan Wedding Entertainment Group

Catering: Joy Road Catering

Big thank you to Royce Sihlis, my amazing second photographer for the day!



Heather + Blair engaged

With their wedding coming up in just a couple months, it was such a treat to meet up with Heather and Blair for an engagement session this summer. They planned a quick trip down to the Okanagan and we managed to meet up for a last-minute sunset session on the beach. Heather had given me some fair warning that Blair may not be super excited about getting his photo taken, but by looking at these photos, I don’t think you can tell! He was actually a very good sport, even when I asked him to climb through bushes and scale a tree in the 30 degree heat. With Heather’s beautiful and completely infectious smile, it was such a great session.

Thank you two for trusting me with these photographs. I hope you enjoy them, and I am already so excited about the big day!


Traxler-E-1 Traxler-E-4 Traxler-E-6 Traxler-E-9 Traxler-E-13 Traxler-E-15 Traxler-E-17 Traxler-E-19 Traxler-E-21 Traxler-E-23 Traxler-E-24 Traxler-E-28 Traxler-E-29 Traxler-E-32 Traxler-E-39

Marissa + Marty Married

From the wooden benches, the groomsmen vests, to the wooden rounds and burlap runners, so much of this gorgeous wedding was made by hand, from the heart. And even though doing so much by hand is a lot of work (usually more than anticipated) and requires a few helping hands, when you build a wedding from the ground up, it is something so very special.

And Marissa + Marty’s weddings was just that.

Surrounded by their amazing families and loving friends, M+M were married on a hilltop where Marissa has called home for the majority of her life. When Marissa was little, her dad would throw her on his back and hike up to this exact spot. To see Marissa and her dad walking down the aisle on this mountaintop was such a beautiful moment long in the making.

With the sun high above and the wind rustling through the trees, it was a magical moment. After M+M said their I do’s, the celebration continued just down the hill at Marissa’s parents gorgeous log home. There were tears, much laughter, good food, a whole lot of love, a great music that took them late into the night.

Thank you two for inviting me to be a part of your day, and I hope these photos serve as a reminder of your beautiful day.

Spinks-blog-1Spinks-blog-3 Spinks-blog-4 Spinks-blog-101Spinks-blog-9 Spinks-blog-12 Spinks-blog-13 Spinks-blog-14Spinks-blog-15Spinks-blog-17 Spinks-blog-18 Spinks-blog-20 Spinks-blog-23 Spinks-blog-24 Spinks-blog-25 Spinks-blog-28 Spinks-blog-29 Spinks-blog-31 Spinks-blog-32 Spinks-blog-35 Spinks-blog-36 Spinks-blog-100Spinks-blog-39 Spinks-blog-41 Spinks-blog-42 Spinks-blog-104Spinks-blog-105Spinks-blog-45 Spinks-blog-49 Spinks-blog-51 Spinks-blog-52 Spinks-blog-57 Spinks-blog-59 Spinks-blog-66 Spinks-blog-68

All the hands that made the day come together…

Make-up Artistry: Shawna from Heiress Salon

Hair Styling: Tania from Heiress Salon

Jewellery and Head Chain: Jailbird Jewellery

Band: The Young-uns

Guitarist/singer: Papa Thom

Commissioner: Marlene Trenholm Pye

Flowers: Lisa’s fresh cut flowers

Cake: A friend, Kerri Harmati

Second Photographer: Christina Clare

Bride’s Dress: Allure from Bliss Bridal

Bridesmaid Dresses: Dessy from Bliss Bridal

Groomsmen vests: Marty’s mother, Maureen

Catering: a mix of family and friends, as well as the local Barley Mill





my video

I am so excited to show you my new promo video by the talented Jody Hill Cinema!

I will admit, I was extraordinarily nervous about making this video. As most of us are, I was anxious about being in front of the camera. The idea behind this video was to show a very honest, very natural side of me and my business. But the idea of ‘making’ the video was fairly terrifying and very un-natural for me. But with the incredible talent of Jody, I feel this video truly represents who I am. Thank you for being patient with me and my gibber-y self, Jody!

I hope you can take 2 minutes to check it out and let me know what you think!



Eva + Rob Married

The day began with a calm anticipation filling the air. Eva and her lovely maid of honour enjoyed a beautiful morning preparing at Eva and Rob’s home in Kelowna. With her gorgeous wedding dress hung in the bedroom, the girls laughed, drank mimosas and just enjoyed their last hour preparing for the day.

Eva and Rob opted for a first look, which I was so excited about. A ‘first look’ is such a special, quiet moment for just the couple. It’s that moment they get to see each other for the first time as bride and groom. It was easy to see that Eva took Rob’s breath away as he turned around to see her. A perfect moment that I’m sure they will never forget.

When it was time to finally get married, we headed to Sanctuary Gardens where they said their I do’s. With their closest family and friends, Rob and Eva exchanged rings and made it official. We finished off with some incredible photos with the view of the lake, the incredible florals of Blue Sage Farms and Rob’s Ford truck, and then headed off to enjoy the rest of the celebration at Two Eagles Golf Course.

Thank you two for inviting me to be a part of your day. I have no doubt that your relationship will continue to grow and strengthen with every day, as your respect and love for each other completely fills the air. Congratulations,

Estok-blog-1 Estok-blog-2 Estok-blog-4 Estok-blog-100 Estok-blog-9 Estok-blog-10Estok-blog-13Estok-blog-102Estok-blog-16Estok-blog-17Estok-blog-19 Estok-blog-20Estok-blog-25Estok-blog-28 Estok-blog-27
Estok-blog-30 Estok-blog-31Estok-blog-34 Estok-blog-36 Estok-blog-37 Estok-blog-40 Estok-blog-42 Estok-blog-43 Estok-blog-46Estok-blog-50 Estok-blog-51 Estok-blog-52 Estok-blog-104Estok-blog-59 Estok-blog-61 Estok-blog-67 Estok-blog-105
Estok-blog-71 Estok-blog-72 Estok-blog-75 Estok-blog-79 Estok-blog-82 Estok-blog-83 Estok-blog-85 Estok-blog-87 Estok-blog-89 Estok-blog-93 Estok-blog-94 Estok-blog-95 Estok-blog-98 Estok-blog-101Estok-blog-102Estok-blog-107

 The amazing vendors that made up the day:

Ceremony: Sanctuary Gardens

Reception: Two Eagles Golf Course

Florals: Blue Sage Farm

Dress: Bliss Bridal Kelowna

Make-up Artistry: Tiffani of  On Top Esthetics

Hair: Sara Wallis

Second Photographer: Jessica Balfour