A white dress + some chickens

There is something very sexy about a woman and a tractor. I don’t know why, but it’s just how it is. When I was asked to photograph a bridal shoot where we’d be putting our bride amongst a bunch of dirty, gritty farm equipment, I was obviously completely on board!

I haven’t had the chance to shoot just a bride very often. Admittedly, what has always drawn me to wedding photography in the first place is the connection between two people. I even tried to get us a groom lined up because of this! But, I am so happy the shoot turned out as it did, because this girl rocked it like nothing else. It was so much fun to be able to focus just on the bride. We had a stunning model, Alexis Feist (who is also a photographer), who did such an amazing job.

My goal during this shoot was to show off a few of the different nooks and corners of the amazing property, Caldwell Heritage Farm. It’s an up and coming location for Kelowna, and I was, and always will be, so thrilled at the chance to shoot there. It is a farm that features an impeccably beautiful garden area that is absolute perfection when thinking about a ceremony site. Towering above is their gorgeous log home that acts as a stunning backdrop. And then there is the rest of it! Full of barns, new and vintage equipment, antique buggies, tractors, motorbikes, you name it they have it! And then there are the fields. Oh, the open fields… at sunset. Melt my heart.

And don’t forget the chickens!!!!

Thank you Kristi Caldwell for asking me to be a part of this shoot. A big shout-out to Jenny McKinney, our make-up artist who always creates such magic. Our hair dresser, Kris from Inspirado Designs did a beautiful job on Alexis’ tousled hair. And thank you to Passionate Blooms for creating a lovely bouquet for our bride.

Caldwell-1 Caldwell-7
Caldwell-2Caldwell-14 Caldwell-15 Caldwell-16 Caldwell-18 Caldwell-19 Caldwell-22 Caldwell-23Caldwell-28 Caldwell-29 Caldwell-30 Caldwell-31Caldwell-32
Caldwell-34Caldwell-36Caldwell-37Caldwell-42 Caldwell-43Caldwell-46 Caldwell-47Caldwell-53 Caldwell-57 Caldwell-58 Caldwell-60Caldwell-62 Caldwell-63






Rhonda + Ryan Married

The day began with preparations at the Delta Grande Resort in Kelowna, BC. With Rhonda’s beautiful Jasmine Haute Couture dress shimmering in the sun, you could feel the excitement in the room. Just as I arrived, as did the florals by Edgy Petals. Needless to say, our already happy bride was so blown away by the gorgeousness of the flowers, it was the perfect start to her day.

Rhonda had a team of friends as well as her daughter and mother helping her prepare. Her good friends, Lisa and Cheryl used their expertise to enhance Rhonda’s natural beauty with hair and make-up. And her daughter and mom helped her into her stunning, beaded gown.

Ryan was just a building away, quietly prepping to see his bride. As I met him just prior to their first look, I could tell he was ready to see his bride. Ryan has such a soft spirit, and carries so much love for Rhonda. So when he first saw her, he was in awe. They shared a beautiful moment hidden in the gazebo, where he soaked in as much as he could.

They were married on the veranda at the hotel, which was followed by the most romantic reception, styled by Tyler O’Hara of Defining Decor. Chandeliers, champagne, roses and their most loving family and friends.

Thank you two for inviting me to be a part of your day. I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to have met you and share such a special moment with you. xo

McBride-2 McBride-3 McBride-5 McBride-6

Thanks to my second photographer, Christina for these shots of Ryan as he prepared.
McBride-7 McBride-9 McBride-10 McBride-13 McBride-14 McBride-16A beautiful portrait of Rhonda as she enters the gazebo to find Ryan for their first look.McBride-18 McBride-19 McBride-21

Such a stunning couple!McBride-23 McBride-24 McBride-27 McBride-28

Rhonda was the most GOR-geous of brides…
McBride-30 McBride-32 McBride-33

I kept getting blown away by the beauty of the florals by Arlene of Edgy Petals… they enhanced the day so perfectly.McBride-35 McBride-36

Quite the handsome groom.McBride-38 McBride-41 McBride-42 McBride-43 McBride-44McBride-46

Rhonda’s lovely daughter and son were there to support her on such a special day.McBride-48 McBride-50 McBride-53McBride-55 McBride-57 McBride-59 McBride-60

McBride-64 McBride-62McBride-65 McBride-71 McBride-73 McBride-74
McBride-78 McBride-82 McBride-84
McBride-96 McBride-98 McBride-76

They had the best guest book! A polaroid camera and a whole lot of film made for a very entertaining time.McBride-103 McBride-104

The evening was full of special family traditions shared by everyone…McBride-106

A celebratory fist pump…McBride-108 McBride-110

Some very heartfelt moments…McBride-112 McBride-114

And so much love.
McBride-115 McBride-117 McBride-119 McBride-123 McBride-124 McBride-126 McBride-87McBride-128 McBride-130 McBride-131 McBride-132

Congratulations to Rhonda + Ryan!


Here’s a quick rundown of the amazing vendors that pulled together to make this happen:

Location and catering: Delta Grande Resort

Wedding Planning and event design: Tyler O’Hara of Defining Decor

Florals: Edgy Petals

Cake: Whisk Cake Company

Make-up: Lisa Baldwinson

Hair: Cheryl Bubbs Rosa

Dress Designer: Jasmine Haute Couture

Shoes + Clutch: Kate Spade

DJ: Marcello Disanto

Comisioner: Doreen Mara Bate

Second photographer: Christina Clare



17 months

It is surreal how quickly my little beauty is growing up. A year ago, she was still just this tiny little babe on the floor of our home, rolling around, goo-gooing at me. Now, she is this fierce, beautiful, full-of-life little girl. We used to pop her in the stroller and walk the streets of our neighbourhood with her babbling away. Now, we chase behind her, teaching her about bugs, sticks, rocks… she especially loves rocks. And I mean chasing! She is getting so fast and so independent, it excites and frightens me all at the same time.

This summer has been such an amazing year. Through my work, I have been able to continue my passion for photography and love. And through my family, I’ve begun to teach AND learn all about the world  with this little girl. My little love.

Here’s to what has been an incredible 17 months, and here’s to the next forever. Can’t wait!


Arianna-17months-2Arianna-17months-1 Arianna-17months-4 Arianna-17months-5