Carolily sparkles

There’s no lying that I have a bit of a soft spot for all things sparkly, so when Danielle of Carolily Finery contacted me to do a photoshoot using some of their jewellery, I was very excited!

Carolily is a mother/daughter duo made up of Danielle and her lovely mother, Donna. We met up in downtown Kelowna and did a little stroll, showing off some of their beautiful necklaces.

We were lucky enough to have three amazing women from our business community help with the modelling. Lisa from The 10 Spot,  Laura from Wink-i-Wear (which you’ll see her gorgeous frames in many of the photos from the shoot), and Sara, a mortgage broker in Kelowna. They were all so fun and easy to work with.

Here is a little taste of just a few of the photos. To see more, make sure you follow Carolily on Instagram or Facebook!

This is Laura of Wink-i-Wear with some killer frames and beauty necklace!

Carolily - Janelle Photography

Carolily - Janelle Photography

Sara wearing a gorgeous vintage brooch necklace. One of my personal faves from the day.

Carolily - Janelle Photography

Carolily - Janelle PhotographyJust a little backstage action!

Carolily - Janelle Photography

Carolily - Janelle Photography

The beautiful mother/daughter team of Carolily!

Carolily - Janelle Photography

Carolily - Janelle Photography

Special thanks to Okanagan Spirits, Alchemy and Mosaic Books for letting us use your beautiful spaces as a backdrop for our shoot!

Loving on each other

Valentines was just two days ago, and I can easily say that it is a favorite of mine. Admittedly, it can be a bit cliche maybe, and retail companies exploit it to the nines. BUT, at its root, is just trying celebrate ‘love’. And I love love. Love it. It’s my thing. So, how can I not be excited about a day dedicated to love!

I absolutely think that the energy we put into expressing our love on February 14th needs to carry through to every other day of the year, but why not have a day that’s kinda like ‘love on steroids’.

Ari and I spent the morning decorating cookies and putting the finishing touches on our v-day cards. Then we got dressed in our pinks, and we headed out on our cupid-adventure! We hand delivered a few special Valentines, and had just the best day doing it. Grandma’s and grandpa’s, daddy-at-work, cousins and little friends…

Since becoming a momma, the day has changed just a wee bit. Once upon a time, Ryan and I just swooned over each other and reminisced about ‘us’. The duo.

Now, it’s about our family. About our little one and the love we all have for each other. Three hearts.

Here’s to many more days of just loving on each other and sinking deeper into the wonderfulness that is 3.

Here’s a little throwback to some photos that I’ve been crushing on lately… that fleeting time where were were still two and already three at the same moment. Forever thankful to Jessica Balfour for creating these irreplaceable photographs. xo


Make-up by the amazing Jenny McKinney

We’re Engaged

Let’s start the conversation about one of my favorite parts of the whole wedding process.

The Engagement Session.

This is often the first time I will meet up with my clients, or possibly the second, if we had the opportunity to meet for coffee during the initial process. But either way, I am always so excited for this day.

They are a bit nervous. A bit unsure what to expect. Definitely excited. And they look amazing!

The beauty I find in this session, is the opportunity for me to capture images that depict the couple in a more natural, every-day environment. On a wedding day, they are dressed to the nines in an outfit that they will never wear again (at least this is true for the bride). They are distracted (in a very good way) being surrounded by everyone they love and care about. They are hosting the biggest party they’ll most likely ever host. AND they are marrying the love of their life. Definitely distracted.

Hence why I love the intimacy of the engagement session. They are wearing clothes that more represent their true personality. They get to choose a location that they love and feel comfortable in.

And most importantly, all they have to focus on is each other. Holding hands. Snuggling while looking out over somewhere beautiful. Being quiet in the moment. Being goofy in the moment. Simply being the moment.

A lot of brides will scour Pinterest for inspiration, which I totally support, as I am a sucker for Pinterest myself! And when a bride shows me images of a couple having these super gorgeous, organic, romantic, passionate moments, I first, get very excited, because I too, love love love those moments. I always follow up that excitement by saying, “you can have those kinds of photos too, you just need to allow yourselves to BE organic, romantic and passionate throughout the shoot.”

And that is the truth. I have a lot of little tricks up my sleeve for directions and encouragement for everyone that I work with, but it’s when a couple starts to just be themselves and relax into the moment, that’s when beauty really shines through.


Outfit selection is a fun, but potentially stressful part of the preparation. Some of my basic suggestions to couples are:

  1. Choose outfits that compliment each other, but don’t necessarily ‘match’.
  2. Try to avoid large logos or words, as these can be really distracting. If you are unsure, trying to stick to more classic, simple colors is best.
  3. Black on black on black is usually not a good idea (unless you were, for example, pulling out a tuxedo and that unbelievably sexy little black dress. In that case, rules are always meant to be broken!)
  4. Try to think of all the little details. This is a perfect time to get your makeup and hair done beautifully. Have fun with your accessories, and even make sure to touch up your manicure! I love to photograph the details (especially that beautiful new engagement ring).
  5. Be mindful of the environment and season we will be shooting in. If we’ve chosen an open field and dirt roads, this would not be the time to wear high heels and a sparkly evening dress. It would, however, be perfect for a pair of leather ankle boots and a flowy top that will move beautifully in the breeze. And if it’s cold out, make sure you have a jacket that you love and are happy to be photographed in. Freezing in the wind and cold temperatures doesn’t make for ‘organic, romantic, or passionate’. But wrapped in a beautiful parka with the hood pulled up over both of you? That’ll do it!


For inspiration, here are a couple of my favorite engagement shoots I’ve had the pleasure of shooting. A little bit of effort can really go a long way…


SHERYL + STEVE – Gorgeous Calgary engagement

STORMEE + RON – Kelowna sunset session

TAMARA + COLE – Caldwell Heritage Farm engagement (link to location HERE)