Kim + Bryan Married

The Naramata Inn was buzzing with energy this past Saturday. Kim and Bryan were preparing to get married, and their guests awaited their time to join in and help these two celebrate!

Kim prepared in the Champagne Suite with her most closest of ladies. The details were taken care of, all of her support was here, and all that had to be done was to put on her beautiful wedding dress and find her groom.

Bryan waited for Kim underneath the trees, and when she arrived, his face lit up with pride, with gratitude, and with so much love. Their first look was such a special, quiet moment that would prepare them for one of the best days of their lives.

They were married at Legend Distillery, looking over the beautiful Okanagan Lake. The sun shone overhead with a slight breeze in the air. It was the perfect day to celebrate K+B.

After a few signature cocktails, we strolled through the most beautiful lavender farm, with the soft scent of the flowers surrounding us. It seemed like a dream to have this most gorgeous bride and her doting (and quite handsome too) husband by her side. But like all dreams, it had to end, but thankfully the day took us right back to The Inn to celebrate over amazing food, good drink and in wonderful company.

Thank you two so much for inviting me to be a part of your day. I hope these photos bring back many of the beautiful moments that made up your wedding day.

Without further ado, Let the story begin…
Wedding-KB-Janelle-9_STWedding-KB-Janelle-11_STWedding-KB-Janelle-12_STWedding-KB-Janelle-3_STWedding-KB-Janelle-1_ST Wedding-KB-Janelle-6_ST Wedding-KB-Janelle-7_ST Wedding-KB-Janelle-13_ST Wedding-KB-Janelle-16_ST Wedding-KB-Janelle-17_ST Wedding-KB-Janelle-18_STWedding-KB-Janelle-116_STWedding-KB-Janelle-118_STWedding-KB-Janelle-119_STWedding-KB-Janelle-120_ST

First time seeing each other that day…

Wedding-KB-Janelle-10_ST Wedding-KB-Janelle-11_ST Wedding-KB-Janelle-12_ST Wedding-KB-Janelle-13_STWedding-KB-Janelle-124_ST Wedding-KB-Janelle-15_ST

The view at Legend Distillery…

Wedding-KB-Janelle-126_ST Wedding-KB-Janelle-20_ST Wedding-KB-Janelle-38_ST Wedding-KB-Janelle-39_ST Wedding-KB-Janelle-41_ST

Wedding-KB-Janelle-43_STLoved seeing the local wineries, distilleries and cideries being served! The Okanagan tastes good!

Wedding-KB-Janelle-45_ST Wedding-KB-Janelle-47_ST Wedding-KB-Janelle-48_STWedding-KB-Janelle-46_ST Wedding-KB-Janelle-49_STWedding-KB-Janelle-57_ST Wedding-KB-Janelle-52_ST Wedding-KB-Janelle-58_ST Wedding-KB-Janelle-60_STFields of lavender… it doesn’t get more beautiful than this. Wedding-KB-Janelle-62_ST Wedding-KB-Janelle-61_ST Wedding-KB-Janelle-64_STWedding-KB-Janelle-71_STWedding-KB-Janelle-4_ST Wedding-KB-Janelle-68_ST Wedding-KB-Janelle-70_STWedding-KB-Janelle-141_ST Wedding-KB-Janelle-81_ST Wedding-KB-Janelle-84_ST Wedding-KB-Janelle-85_ST Wedding-KB-Janelle-86_STWedding-KB-Janelle-143_STWedding-KB-Janelle-89_STWedding-KB-Janelle-135_ST Wedding-KB-Janelle-93_STWedding-KB-Janelle-132_ST Wedding-KB-Janelle-97_ST Wedding-KB-Janelle-98_STIs that a wall of donuts? Yes, yes it is. Whisk, you are amazing…
Wedding-KB-Janelle-99_ST Wedding-KB-Janelle-100_ST Wedding-KB-Janelle-103_ST

There was a piñata! So fun! And she killed it…literally. Wedding-KB-Janelle-101_ST Wedding-KB-Janelle-106_ST Wedding-KB-Janelle-107_ST Wedding-KB-Janelle-111_STWedding-KB-Janelle-110_ST Wedding-KB-Janelle-113_ST Wedding-KB-Janelle-114_STWedding-KB-Janelle-115_ST

The amazing vendors that made up the day

Ceremony Location: Legend Distilling

Reception Location: Naramata Heritage Inn

Wedding Planner: Vines and Vows Event Planning

Bouquet and table florals: Lisa’s Fresh Cut Flowers

Vintage Decor Rentals: Vintage Origami

Rentals: Westminster Party & Tent Rentals

Donut Wall and Cake: Whisk Cake Company

Catering: Ambrosia By Chef Bongo

Dress and Veil: Made with Love Bridal

Bridesmaid Dresses: Show me your Mumu

Invitations: Minted

Make-up: B.Jollieartistry

Hair: Beyoutiful Beauty Artists

Videography: Fresh Finish Media

DJ: Wes Please of Brightside Wedding Djs

Assistant Photographer: Mandy Glinsbockel

Greenery: Carl’s Flowers

Van Rentals: Top Cat Tours


amanda + derrek married

The details had been taken care of. The day had arrived. It was time for Amanda to marry Derrek.

As their guests awaited the start of the ceremony, the clouds opened up just a hint to let in a beautiful soft glow over the field at Powers Creek Retreat. Amanda walked towards Derrek and they were married under the open sky… becoming officially husband and wife.

We quickly slipped away to Quail’s Gate for a little wine tasting and to enjoy the beautiful view over Okanagan Lake. Getting back to the resort, A+D had planned a lovely tent reception in the field, with good food, good wine and fabulous company.

With the lights twinkling overhead, we heard stories about A+D, making everyone laugh and cry. We enjoyed homemade pie and delicious cupcakes, and then the music turned up and the party began!

It was clear to me, with the love of their family, the love of their friends, and the love between each other, this is a relationship built to last a lifetime. Here’s to many years to come, filled with all sorts of love, of joy, being the shoulder to cry on, arms to lift each other up, of great adventures, and beautiful victories.

AD-Powers Creek-Janelle-2_STThose shoes though! A little something borrowed AND something blue.. John Fluevog never fails…AD-Powers Creek-Janelle-1_ST AD-Powers Creek-Janelle-9_ST AD-Powers Creek-Janelle-11_ST AD-Powers Creek-Janelle-13_STAD-Powers Creek-Janelle-7_STAD-Powers Creek-Janelle-100_ST AD-Powers Creek-Janelle-102_ST AD-Powers Creek-Janelle-17_ST AD-Powers Creek-Janelle-18_ST AD-Powers Creek-Janelle-20_STAD-Powers Creek-Janelle-23_STAD-Powers Creek-Janelle-24_ST AD-Powers Creek-Janelle-22_STAD-Powers Creek-Janelle-21_ST AD-Powers Creek-Janelle-26_STAD-Powers Creek-Janelle-28_ST AD-Powers Creek-Janelle-29_ST AD-Powers Creek-Janelle-30_ST AD-Powers Creek-Janelle-34_ST AD-Powers Creek-Janelle-35_ST AD-Powers Creek-Janelle-36_ST AD-Powers Creek-Janelle-31_STAD-Powers Creek-Janelle-38_ST AD-Powers Creek-Janelle-39_ST AD-Powers Creek-Janelle-40_ST AD-Powers Creek-Janelle-41_ST AD-Powers Creek-Janelle-44_ST AD-Powers Creek-Janelle-45_ST AD-Powers Creek-Janelle-46_ST AD-Powers Creek-Janelle-48_ST AD-Powers Creek-Janelle-50_ST AD-Powers Creek-Janelle-51_ST AD-Powers Creek-Janelle-52_ST A very special token of love that had been tucked inside the bride’s dress…close to her heart. AD-Powers Creek-Janelle-54_ST We’ve ARRIVED!AD-Powers Creek-Janelle-57_STAD-Powers Creek-Janelle-55_ST AD-Powers Creek-Janelle-58_STAD-Powers Creek-Janelle-68_ST AD-Powers Creek-Janelle-59_ST AD-Powers Creek-Janelle-60_ST AD-Powers Creek-Janelle-64_ST AD-Powers Creek-Janelle-66_ST AD-Powers Creek-Janelle-67_ST AD-Powers Creek-Janelle-70_ST

The evening was made up of every emotion. Some hilarious moments, some sweet moments, some tear-filled moments. All of which made it a perfect wedding day…AD-Powers Creek-Janelle-71_ST AD-Powers Creek-Janelle-73_ST AD-Powers Creek-Janelle-74_ST AD-Powers Creek-Janelle-75_ST AD-Powers Creek-Janelle-77_ST AD-Powers Creek-Janelle-78_ST AD-Powers Creek-Janelle-79_ST AD-Powers Creek-Janelle-81_ST AD-Powers Creek-Janelle-82_ST

The wonderful vendors that made up the day:

Location – Powers Creek Retreat

Caterer – Foodlums Catering

Bouquet – Passionate Blooms

DJ – John Berg

Mobile Bar Service – Mint Julep

Cupcakes – A little piece of Heaven

Make-up – Saara MUA

Hair – Beauty and Shave Parlor

Dress – Kathryn Bass Bridal

Second photographer – Jessica Balfour

Our own Paris session

It’s been 6 weeks since we arrived back home after our trip to Europe. I figure it’s probably time to share a few of the amazing things we experienced during our 2 weeks away from home.

This was Ari’s first major trip. First plane ride, needless to say I was a little anxious about how it was going to go. There is only so much one can pre-plan and prepare, but I tried my best to get as much organized before we left as possible.

As it turns out, Ari is an amazing little traveller. She rocked that plane like nobody’s business. We brought a few key items to get us through…namely tasty snacks, enough fluids, and a few entertaining bits and bobs (skinny, easy to pack books, a fun kids movie, and a few fun stickers and pens).

Our first location was… ahhhh, Paris. I had been here once before in my early twenties. And I had been dying to get back since the moment I left. Paris is definitely one of my favourite cities I’ve visited so far in my lifetime. And this time round did not disappoint.

We got an amazing Airbnb place close to Luxembourg Park, and the weather was fabulous. We must have walked that park every day, pushing the stroller and soaking in something new and beautiful each time we walked through the pathways.

Our first day in Paris, we had to make our way to the Eiffel Tower. It wasn’t officially in the plans for the day, but our ‘walk around the neighbourhood’ turned into a curious wander in the direction of the tower. And eventually we just couldn’t help ourselves but to see if we could get there! And we did. It was so exciting to see the tip of the Eiffel Tower peeking through the buildings, and finally having it come fully into view. We made our way to it, and had a little lay-down underneath as we just took in the upwards view.

Even though these photos weren’t taken till a few days later, these are such special memories of the Tower. One of my ‘preparations’ for Paris, was to book a family photo session while we were there. And it just had to include the Eiffel Tower. So, we met up with a wonderful local photographer, Olga Litmanova, at sunrise. If you can make it happen, it is a special way to experience the view, as it is such a quiet, peaceful time of day in a place that is normally full of tourists.

And since we are usually up with Arianna at 6AM on any given day, a 7AM photo session didn’t seem too impossible to make happen! It was worth it, as these photos are going to be mine to cherish forever… and that is exactly what I plan to do.

Thank you Olga for these precious memories…  you can check out Olga’s website HERE

Morcombe-Paris-Family-1_ST Morcombe-Paris-Family-2_ST Morcombe-Paris-Family-3_ST Morcombe-Paris-Family-4_ST Morcombe-Paris-Family-5_ST Morcombe-Paris-Family-6_ST Morcombe-Paris-Family-7_ST Morcombe-Paris-Family-8_ST Morcombe-Paris-Family-9_ST Morcombe-Paris-Family-10_ST Morcombe-Paris-Family-12_ST Morcombe-Paris-Family-13_ST Morcombe-Paris-Family-14_ST Morcombe-Paris-Family-16_ST Morcombe-Paris-Family-17_ST Morcombe-Paris-Family-18_ST Morcombe-Paris-Family-19_ST Morcombe-Paris-Family-20_ST