A little bit of fun!

If you are like me, you are still a little dumb-founded that we just celebrated Christmas again. And New Year. Summer 2013 is seriously in the past, and there is no stopping this whirlwind.

The one thing I love about January and February, is that in my life, time settles a little. The peak wedding season ended months ago and I still have a few months before it starts up again.  The fabulous family Christmastime is complete, and I get to enjoy working inside the studio! The majority of my photography takes place outdoors, as I love the energy that comes when we connect with our surroundings. Most times, I feel this is where we feel most comfortable to be ourselves. With a few exceptions, of course.

One of these exceptions? I have come to love photographing the beauty that is each and every woman. To celebrate what is unique about each of us. This normally is best done between the comfort of 4 walls, and I love to have the opportunity to host ladies in my little studio to do just that.

So ladies, if there is any time to celebrate who you are, where you have come from, and where you are going, now is the time. I believe these sessions are perfect for every single woman, no matter the path of your life. Because I naturally work with couples getting married, this often can be an opportunity to create a fun, unique gift for your husband-to-be. It is also a fabulous way to celebrate an anniversary (especially the first, since the traditional gift is ‘paper’ – stunning photo album, anyone?). I also love to have single, independent women come to the studio wanting to create a book that is just for her. Something to cherish.

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If you are thinking about booking a session, send me a message at hello@janellephotography.ca and I’ll send you some of the little details…

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  1. Hi… I live in the Kootanays but I do visit family in Penticton often. I’m wondering if you could travel more South to the Osoyoos area to phograph myself, in the Desert, with a Motorcycle, as a Glamour session. I’m also wondering if you could set me up prior to the session with a Good make-up artist ? Many questions I know, and I’m not in a hurry regarding the specific dates & times. It’s Winter now and I’d like to have the session during late Spring/Summer of 2017. Thank You for your time. I await your reply. PS…. I’d also like a rough estimate of costs please. Thanx again

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