Laceigh + Chris Engaged

Up till this day, I had not met Laceigh + Chris in person. We had only communicated via email, so I was very excited to get to meet them both. And if I could imagine meeting them and having the conversations we had WITHOUT seeing them, this is what I would take away from it:

I would think Laceigh to be a woman who goes through life with a positive, beautiful spirit radiating through. Her passionate, yet demure spirit was such a beautiful energy to be around. There was so much laughter and warmth between her and Chris, it was easy to feel the love and respect they have for each other.

Chris had such a calm, encouraging energy which allowed both of them to ‘be themselves’ and laugh together. He was Laceigh’s support through the session, and it’s easy to see why she picked him as her partner in life.

And I think the photos below are proof of the love they share. Simple, strong, and passionate.

Laceigh, you are such a beauty inside and out. I think you have chosen so well, and are lucky to have found such a love in Chris.

I cannot wait for your wedding day this summer, as I know it will be a day filled with so much beauty and love.



Chris-Laceigh-1 Chris-Laceigh-2 Chris-Laceigh-3 Chris-Laceigh-4 Chris-Laceigh-6 Chris-Laceigh-8 Chris-Laceigh-9 Chris-Laceigh-10 Chris-Laceigh-11 Chris-Laceigh-13 Chris-Laceigh-15 Chris-Laceigh-16 Chris-Laceigh-17 Chris-Laceigh-18 Chris-Laceigh-19 Chris-Laceigh-20 Chris-Laceigh-21   Chris-Laceigh-26 Chris-Laceigh-24Chris-Laceigh-29Chris-Laceigh-25

Lauren + Adam Engaged

He was a pilot looking for a change in his career path. She was a girl living in her hometown, loving life, but still looking for ‘something’.

And then they met.

Exactly 1 year later, Adam proposed to Lauren. She said yes! And now,  here they are, in the midst of planning their Okanagan wedding. Completely in love, enjoying each other, and spending their Friday evening hatching new plans for their future over a fabulous glass of wine. Together.

We started off with coffee, though! Thanks Third Space Culture for letting us take over a corner of your coffee shop. And for adding a little ‘love’ into our coffees.

Guibat-1 Guibat-2 Guibat-4 Guibat-5 Guibat-7 Guibat-8 Third Space had a gorgeous Christmas display set up by the ever-so-talented Yuriko of Vintage Origami, so we got into the ‘mistletoe’ spirit!Guibat-11 Guibat-12 Guibat-13 Guibat-14 Guibat-15 Guibat-17 Guibat-18 Guibat-21 Guibat-22 Guibat-24 Guibat-26 Guibat-27 Guibat-29 Guibat-32  Guibat-34 Guibat-36 Guibat-38 Guibat-41 Guibat-33Guibat-42 After we warmed up inside (with that fabulous glass of wine I mentioned earlier), we snuck out for a final few photos under the lights of Kelowna.

Guibat-48 Guibat-49 Guibat-50 Guibat-51Thank you two for inviting me to be a part of this journey with you. I had such a lovely time with you, and I can’t wait till wedding day arrives. xo

Hair and make-up by the amazing: Melissa Craven

Leah + Brian Engaged

As she slowly made her way through the grassy field, Brian was holding her hand tightly, protectively, lovingly.

I can’t say I’m surprised by Leah’s positive attitude during our engagement session. Being a traithlete, she is obviously a natural when it comes to persevering through a few bumps and bruises.

Just so you know what I am talking about, this gorgeous woman who is smiling and being AMAZING during her engagement photos, was just a couple weeks out of getting knee surgery. Aka, she really couldn’t walk. Her finance, Brian, had his focus entirely on her and making sure she was okay throughout the evening. He held her tightly and took it slow.

On top of all that, Brian was recovering from the ever-so-infamous cold/flu bug that likes to fly around this time of year. Together, they were quite the team! Sniffly and a little slow, but I really enjoyed our evening and they were a complete joy to photograph. Plus, it always helps when there is an adorable pup to keep us entertained! Their amazing little dog joined the party for a few photos, and completely stole my heart.

I am so excited for their wedding day next year, which I know is going to be a beautiful day filled with all sorts of love! xo

MenziesEng-1 MenziesEng-4 MenziesEng-6 MenziesEng-7 MenziesEng-8 MenziesEng-11 MenziesEng-13 MenziesEng-14 MenziesEng-16 MenziesEng-18 MenziesEng-20 MenziesEng-26 MenziesEng-27 MenziesEng-29 MenziesEng-30 MenziesEng-31 MenziesEng-34 MenziesEng-36 MenziesEng-38 MenziesEng-39 MenziesEng-40



I was going through the images from an amazing shoot I did this past spring, and I realized that I never shared some of my very favourite images with you! I am fairly in love with all things ‘baby’, and the photos of these baby chicks just melted my heart…

We were lucky enough to have this shoot featured on the 100 Layer Cake blog a few months ago, but the baby chicks didn’t make the cut. So here I am, wanting to post MY personal favourite shots from this gorgeous elopement in the woods.

When something starts off with flowers this pretty, it has to be good…

JPhotography-26Crepe-cake? Yes please! JPhotography-3 JPhotography-5JPhotography-19

All the gorgeous little details was the magic of Madison from Be Marry Events.JPhotography-14 JPhotography-27 JPhotography-41 JPhotography-49 JPhotography-70 JPhotography-76
JPhotography-87 JPhotography-88JPhotography-94 JPhotography-90 JPhotography-97 JPhotography-107 JPhotography-109 JPhotography-113 JPhotography-116

The baby chicks. LOVE.JPhotography-120 JPhotography-122

And the most beautifully in-love couple celebrating their 1 year anniversary… so sweet.
JPhotography-126 JPhotography-128 JPhotography-130

The magical moments that make up love is something that will never cease to take my breath away. And this was one of those moments…JPhotography-133

Venue: Caldwell Heritage Farms, Kelowna, BC

Styling: Be Marry Events

Make-up Artistry: Jenny McKinney

Hair Styling: Sabrina Nunes

Dress: Bliss Bridal

Florals: Crocus Floral Design

Cake: Sugar Sweet Cake Company

Heather + blair married

Heather + Blair made the trip down from Prince George to get married at the gorgeous Ponderosa Point, in Kaleden, BC. With Heather’s hometown of Kelowna not far away away, I think it was easy to say she felt at home getting married on the shores of Skaha Lake.

With just a slight chill in the air, it turned out to be a perfect day for this outdoor wedding. It made the snuggles and the cuddles a little more real, as Blair had to keep his bride warm!

H+B opted to do a first look, which was such a beautiful moment. Blair was completely blown away by Heather, and I loved being witness to that moment. His hands shot up in the air and he even made sure to take a few steps back to take her all in. Love.

It was such a great afternoon listening to the antics of their hilarious bridal party. Obviously a very tight-knit group, which made it a really fantastic afternoon.

And then they were married on The Point, overlooking the lake. The setting was perfection for H+B as they said ‘I do’. The evening continued and rolled into an outdoor tented reception with cocktail hour, lawn games, laughter between friends, and good food.

Thank you so much for the perfect end to my 2015 wedding season. It was a joy being a part of your day, and I wish you all the love in the world for your marriage.
TRAXLER-1Thanks to my assistant photographer for these shots of the guys prepping for the big day!

Traxler-94 TRAXLER-2

Heather’s adorable ‘prep’ outfit was the perfect fit for this ‘cabin’ wedding. Loved the wooly socks!TRAXLER-4TRAXLER-6 Traxler-8 Traxler-9 Traxler-10My assistant photographer, Ceiligh’s view of Blair’s face as he saw Heather for the first time… so good!

Traxler-96 Traxler-12 Traxler-13 Traxler-14 Traxler-15 Traxler-17 Traxler-18 Traxler-19 Traxler-20 Traxler-23 Traxler-25 Traxler-26

Such a gorgeous group of ladies. You can see the friendship they share is something very special…Traxler-27 Traxler-29 Traxler-30 Traxler-31 Traxler-32 Traxler-35 Traxler-36 Traxler-38 Traxler-39 Traxler-40 Traxler-43 Traxler-45 Traxler-46 Traxler-47 Traxler-50 Traxler-51 Traxler-52 Traxler-54Traxler-57


Ceiligh’s shot of Blair as Heather’s parents walk her down the aisle.

Traxler-100 Traxler-56
Traxler-65Traxler-66 Traxler-67 Traxler-68


The most adorable little flower girls!Traxler-70 Traxler-71

Beautiful bride, beautiful bouquet.Traxler-72 Traxler-74 Traxler-75 Traxler-78
Traxler-82Traxler-99 Traxler-87 Traxler-89

Who doesn’t love a bride who can rock out a jean jacket during her reception?! Love this girl!Traxler-91The lovely vendors who made up the day:

Ceremony and reception location: Ponderosa Point

Caterer: Flambe Catering

Florist: Lisa’s Flowers

Make-up Artistry: Nicole Sweezey

Hair styling: Jana from Nogginz Hair Studio

Cupcakes: The Cupcake Lady

Tent rental: Okanagan Event Rental

Assistant photographer: Ceiligh Tummon









Missy + BJ married

He said, “We’re all a little weird. And life is a little weird. And when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall into mutually satisfying weirdness and call it love,  true love.” – Robert Fulghum.

This was the quote of Missy and BJ’s reception at their beautiful park wedding in Oyama, BC.  It is easy to see that Missy + BJ share the kind of love that is honest, respectful, loving and obviously a lot of fun. Their day was filled with so much laughter and joy, between each other as well as all their family and friends. Their guests joined them in a beautiful park full of willow trees and sunshine, copped a squat on a blanket and watched as they said their I do’s. I had so much fun stealing them away for a short time to do their portraits. Missy is a complete joy of a person and BJ loves her to pieces… their connection is amazing and I am just so thankful that I was there to witness this day.

I have actually known BJ for most of my life. As kids, my big brother was one of BJ’s good friends, and BJ’s little sister was one of my best friends. I spent many a moon over at the Grenda’s house. His mom was my fabulous soccer coach and his father was this amazing man who was my school councillor (aka – the teacher I knew I could always turn to for help at school, no matter the situation). To say this family is special to me is putting it lightly. So, thank you two for asking me to be a part of your wedding. I hope that you feel these photos reflect how beautiful your day was, and they will always help bring back the memories for the rest of your lives.


Last minute man-time prior to the bride arriving at the ceremony.Grenda-6They had some of the cutest weddings guests I have ever seen!
Grenda-4 Grenda-9Grenda-8 Grenda-10 Grenda-11Grenda-85 Grenda-88Grenda-12 Grenda-14

They danced their way out of the park. Such a fun-loving couple!Grenda-16

The groom and his beautiful little flower-girl nieces.Grenda-19 Grenda-22 Grenda-25 Grenda-27 Grenda-28 Grenda-29 Grenda-30 Grenda-31 Grenda-32 Grenda-34 Grenda-35 Grenda-37 Grenda-38 Grenda-40

Such love…Grenda-41 Grenda-42 Grenda-44 Grenda-45 Grenda-47 Grenda-49 Grenda-50 Grenda-51 Grenda-52 Grenda-54 Grenda-60Grenda-67Grenda-71Grenda-72

I absolutely loved the energy between Missy+BJ. They were always laughing and loving on each other. So good!

Grenda-68 Grenda-61

Talk about heart-breaker!

Grenda-73 Grenda-76
Grenda-80 Grenda-79




Marisa + Travis engaged

It started with a gorgeous sunlit hillside, a tire swing and the most lovely of couples. Marisa + Travis are getting married in June, and I am so excited to be on this journey with them. I had met Marisa once before, and I instantly felt such a connection with her. She is this extremely thoughtful, loving, caring person that I am so glad that I now know.

So when I met up with her and Travis, it was so great to see her other half. They are such a beautiful fit, and I can’t wait for the wedding day!



Engaged-6Engaged-17 Engaged-14 Engaged-4Engaged-15
Engaged-19 Engaged-20 Engaged-22 Engaged-24

Mid-session, we switched locations, and with that, new lighting. The sun had just set, and we had this incredible summer glow coming off the lake. It was breathtaking. I usually end my sessions once the sun has disappeared over the horizon, but this has now become a new favourite time for me to photograph!
Engaged-26 Engaged-28 Engaged-31 Engaged-32 Engaged-33 Engaged-34 Engaged-37 Engaged-38 Engaged-39 Engaged-41 Engaged-43 Engaged-45 Engaged-46 Engaged-47 Engaged-49


Heather + Steve Married

Another very special post for me today.  My little cousin, Steven, is all grown up now as a husband, and I couldn’t be happier for him. He found himself a gorgeous, funny, thoughtful young woman who loves him to the moon and back. Steven and Heather have been together for many years already. They met in high school and have been sweethearts ever since. They have had so many amazing moments in their lives together, as well as some very challenging, heart wrenching moments, but they have stuck it out together, and are such a beautiful couple because of it. You can see the strength they share together, and it makes my heart warm knowing they will take care of each other for this lifetime.

They invited me out to Blairmore, Alberta for the  big day, and I was so excited! I absolutely love the chance to photograph somewhere new, and this was definitely out of the ordinary for me. An old mining town with so much history and beauty in its rocky hillsides and open farm fields. We hit a little bit of a bump when Mother Nature turned on the rain (and snow), so even though we ventured out for a few minutes, we mainly had to stick to indoors. Fortunately, S+H chose the beautiful Springbreak Flower Farm as their venue, so we all cozied up between the grapevines and the flowers, and had a fantastic time celebrating their ‘I do’s’.

Thank you two for asking me to photograph this day for you. I love you both, and can’t wait to see what comes next in your adventure. xo


A very special necklace that was worn by Heather’s grandmother on her wedding day, as well as a special newspaper snippet from that day.LAZESKI-23 LAZESKI-25 LAZESKI-28 LAZESKI-30 LAZESKI-31LAZESKI-39LAZESKI-37

This is what happens when you have 4 sisters…



Lots of hilarious moments, as well as some very sentimental ones. LAZESKI-101 LAZESKI-102LAZESKI-14LAZESKI-15LAZESKI-96LAZESKI-98 LAZESKI-105

A special first dance for Steven and Heather, as well as a lovely moment between a bride and her dad. LAZESKI-107

And then the party began…LAZESKI-112 LAZESKI-113 LAZESKI-114

Venue: Springbreak Flower Farm

Florist: The Rose Peddler

Caterer: Country Encounters

Stationary: Paperclip Creative

Cake: Caked! by Ashley

Make-up and Hair: bridesmaids, Cierra Ross and Ellen Decock

DJ: Hiway Productions

Big thank you to Debbie Greenwood (bride’s auntie) for creating much of the beautiful details surrounding this day.














A white dress + some chickens

There is something very sexy about a woman and a tractor. I don’t know why, but it’s just how it is. When I was asked to photograph a bridal shoot where we’d be putting our bride amongst a bunch of dirty, gritty farm equipment, I was obviously completely on board!

I haven’t had the chance to shoot just a bride very often. Admittedly, what has always drawn me to wedding photography in the first place is the connection between two people. I even tried to get us a groom lined up because of this! But, I am so happy the shoot turned out as it did, because this girl rocked it like nothing else. It was so much fun to be able to focus just on the bride. We had a stunning model, Alexis Feist (who is also a photographer), who did such an amazing job.

My goal during this shoot was to show off a few of the different nooks and corners of the amazing property, Caldwell Heritage Farm. It’s an up and coming location for Kelowna, and I was, and always will be, so thrilled at the chance to shoot there. It is a farm that features an impeccably beautiful garden area that is absolute perfection when thinking about a ceremony site. Towering above is their gorgeous log home that acts as a stunning backdrop. And then there is the rest of it! Full of barns, new and vintage equipment, antique buggies, tractors, motorbikes, you name it they have it! And then there are the fields. Oh, the open fields… at sunset. Melt my heart.

And don’t forget the chickens!!!!

Thank you Kristi Caldwell for asking me to be a part of this shoot. A big shout-out to Jenny McKinney, our make-up artist who always creates such magic. Our hair dresser, Kris from Inspirado Designs did a beautiful job on Alexis’ tousled hair. And thank you to Passionate Blooms for creating a lovely bouquet for our bride.

Caldwell-1 Caldwell-7
Caldwell-2Caldwell-14 Caldwell-15 Caldwell-16 Caldwell-18 Caldwell-19 Caldwell-22 Caldwell-23Caldwell-28 Caldwell-29 Caldwell-30 Caldwell-31Caldwell-32
Caldwell-34Caldwell-36Caldwell-37Caldwell-42 Caldwell-43Caldwell-46 Caldwell-47Caldwell-53 Caldwell-57 Caldwell-58 Caldwell-60Caldwell-62 Caldwell-63






Rhonda + Ryan Married

The day began with preparations at the Delta Grande Resort in Kelowna, BC. With Rhonda’s beautiful Jasmine Haute Couture dress shimmering in the sun, you could feel the excitement in the room. Just as I arrived, as did the florals by Edgy Petals. Needless to say, our already happy bride was so blown away by the gorgeousness of the flowers, it was the perfect start to her day.

Rhonda had a team of friends as well as her daughter and mother helping her prepare. Her good friends, Lisa and Cheryl used their expertise to enhance Rhonda’s natural beauty with hair and make-up. And her daughter and mom helped her into her stunning, beaded gown.

Ryan was just a building away, quietly prepping to see his bride. As I met him just prior to their first look, I could tell he was ready to see his bride. Ryan has such a soft spirit, and carries so much love for Rhonda. So when he first saw her, he was in awe. They shared a beautiful moment hidden in the gazebo, where he soaked in as much as he could.

They were married on the veranda at the hotel, which was followed by the most romantic reception, styled by Tyler O’Hara of Defining Decor. Chandeliers, champagne, roses and their most loving family and friends.

Thank you two for inviting me to be a part of your day. I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to have met you and share such a special moment with you. xo

McBride-2 McBride-3 McBride-5 McBride-6

Thanks to my second photographer, Christina for these shots of Ryan as he prepared.
McBride-7 McBride-9 McBride-10 McBride-13 McBride-14 McBride-16A beautiful portrait of Rhonda as she enters the gazebo to find Ryan for their first look.McBride-18 McBride-19 McBride-21

Such a stunning couple!McBride-23 McBride-24 McBride-27 McBride-28

Rhonda was the most GOR-geous of brides…
McBride-30 McBride-32 McBride-33

I kept getting blown away by the beauty of the florals by Arlene of Edgy Petals… they enhanced the day so perfectly.McBride-35 McBride-36

Quite the handsome groom.McBride-38 McBride-41 McBride-42 McBride-43 McBride-44McBride-46

Rhonda’s lovely daughter and son were there to support her on such a special day.McBride-48 McBride-50 McBride-53McBride-55 McBride-57 McBride-59 McBride-60

McBride-64 McBride-62McBride-65 McBride-71 McBride-73 McBride-74
McBride-78 McBride-82 McBride-84
McBride-96 McBride-98 McBride-76

They had the best guest book! A polaroid camera and a whole lot of film made for a very entertaining time.McBride-103 McBride-104

The evening was full of special family traditions shared by everyone…McBride-106

A celebratory fist pump…McBride-108 McBride-110

Some very heartfelt moments…McBride-112 McBride-114

And so much love.
McBride-115 McBride-117 McBride-119 McBride-123 McBride-124 McBride-126 McBride-87McBride-128 McBride-130 McBride-131 McBride-132

Congratulations to Rhonda + Ryan!


Here’s a quick rundown of the amazing vendors that pulled together to make this happen:

Location and catering: Delta Grande Resort

Wedding Planning and event design: Tyler O’Hara of Defining Decor

Florals: Edgy Petals

Cake: Whisk Cake Company

Make-up: Lisa Baldwinson

Hair: Cheryl Bubbs Rosa

Dress Designer: Jasmine Haute Couture

Shoes + Clutch: Kate Spade

DJ: Marcello Disanto

Comisioner: Doreen Mara Bate

Second photographer: Christina Clare