romance inspiration

There are so many things that I consider romantic. The big gestures, the little gestures, making me coffee every morning, stealing me a piece of cake from work and bringing it home for me…

And sometimes there is something to be said about ‘setting the mood’ for romance. One simple and effective way to create a little love in the air, is by lighting a candle or two. My favorite candles being from Voluspa (my sister got me hooked on these a couple years ago when she gave me one as a gift). They are heaven-scent, they last forever, and they come in these adorable tins or beautiful glass containers. Light up one of these and add a few additional non-smelly candles around the room, and poof, romance!


Candles are also an amazing way to create a beautiful, romantic air during a wedding day. This candle-chandelier from Stew and Kirsty’s wedding this past summer was adorable, and enhanced the candles adorned on the tables around the room.


I have yet to have the opportunity to photograph this, but one of my photo-dreams is photographing a wedding ceremony outdoors, just after sunset with a candlelit pathway to the groom. One day…


Photo Credit: Christian Oth Studio

pret a porter

Always the question, what to wear, what to wear. Choosing an outfit for a photo session can seem like a daunting task, whether its sifting through your closet, heading into stores or the online shopping world.

I thought I’d do a little ‘research’ to see what I could find online shopping…I hit up my fave online store Ruche and a stop to the TopShop and this is what I came up with. Perfect for an outdoor engagement session, I’d say!

Engaged outfitAmazing pale green and crochet dress by TopShop

Ring, earrings and shoes by Ruche


new brand

Like a girl in a candy store, I was ecstatic to open the big box that arrived at my front door. My new business cards. They are beautiful, they are professional, they are me.

When you see the pics coming up of my lovely new cards, you’ll ‘probably’ notice that the business name has changed. Yes, big changes coming down the pipeline!

We have decided to create a new website specific for my photography, so that each of our unique businesses have their own voice. Both Christina and I still work together like peas and carrots, but this way, our clients can see who we are separately as well as together.

With no further ado, here is the fabulous new business card of janelle photography! Created by the incredible, amazing Christina of Paperclip Creative.

Love the glossy ink and the subtle x’s and o’s

pillow talk

It’s Valentines week (yes, I love V-day that much that it becomes a week in my house), and I bought us a new set of poofy-soft and goo-ey pillows for our bed. And then I got to thinking that we needed a new set of covers to make our pillows feel special.

With Valentines on the mind, look at this adorable pillow set I found from BoldLoft! Ryan is a lover of fishing, so I thought this one was picture perfect!

And then I came across this super fun pillowcase on Etsy!

And this lovely set of Love-y pillows

Happy Valentine’s Week!!!




I was looking back at some of my first blogs of last year, and I re-read what I was looking forward to most for 2012. Now that 2012 is over, I thought I should take stock and see how I did! The list of was a mix of what I was excited for and of course there were a few goals snuck in there also. The only thing that I wanted to do and never accomplished… a fondue night with my hubby. So, that is at the top of the list for 2013!

The Things I am most excited for in 2013.

1. Fondue night with my hubby! Chocolate? Cheese? Both?!

2. A spring trip to Paris. I’m dreaming of it and already picking out my outfits! Must have these shoes

3. A photo shoot in Paris – not sure how or with whom, but I desperately want to photograph a lovely couple in front of the Eiffel Tower. Inspiration…

4. An incredible wedding season with incredible clients!

5. My big brothers wedding. Cannot wait…

6. My amazing designer sister is working on some new and exciting business branding for me, and I can’t wait to share! Coming soon….

7. Summer camping. Need I say S’more?

birthday inspirations

The countdown is on to ‘birthday week’ at our house. Ry’s and my birthday are just 2 days apart, so it’s always very exciting coming into May. Not sure what we are up to this year, but for now, I’ll dream of what it could be, would be, should be!

To start off, we’d better be sportin’ some killer outfits, starting with this gorgeous dress by Top Shop and a sweet man-cardie for Ry, compliments of JCrew for Men (not sure if he’d wear it, but I’ll try!).

And if we’re outdoors, how hot would Ry look with these RayBan Sunnies?! So cute!

And the photographer in me has always wanted to try having a photo booth at a party! They look ridiculous and fun, so why wouldn’t I want one!

photos credit Amanda Nistor – Ruffled Blog

Living in the Okanagan Valley, we are influenced by the fabulous wine culture, so when I saw this drink chiller made from the reclaimed remnants of a wine barrel, I thought, I need one! This Wine Barrel Chiller from Viva Terra is pretty sweet, but I think this could also be a DIY project for someone super handy – like my dad (hint, hint).

And lastly, if we’re having drinks, we’ve got to cute them up, and what better way to do that with feathers?! DIY drink stirrers with a little duster at the end. Love it! Thanks 100 Layer Cake girls for the idea! Love, love, love that blog!

Happy Friday, everyone!

beautiful you.

I’m not sure about most of you women, but the idea of getting into my skivvies and having a stranger photograph me ‘trying’ to be sexy or beautiful or whatever I am supposed to be… is a fairly terrifying thought.

But there comes a time in most of our lives, where we want to take the time to capture what is, and can only be, YOU. Whether you are just about to be married and you want to give this as a gift to your husband-to-be… or you are single and fabulous and you know you deserve these photos for YOU. The idea of this is secretly something most of us would love to do, but can we do it without dropping trou?!

Thankfully, the art of ‘boudoir’ photography, or ‘beauty photography’, is not a set-recipe. It is whatever you make it. And for my photography, I want it to be beautiful. I want it to be sexy, but mostly, I want it to be natural and simply you.

I know for me, I need to be comfortable in any situation where a camera is in my face, let alone if I’m sitting in my knickers. And that is where we ‘work it out’. Finding the confidence that makes each of us unique, and finding the fun and joy in everything… THAT is the goal. That is what will make these photos you will cherish.

To those women that are inquiring about what this is and if it’s right for you, I hope this gives you insight into what it’s all about! Here is a little style sheet that I think would make for an amazingly beautiful session.

all photos found via company website


1. Feather Fascinator – Etsy

2.  Jimmy Choo – Garland Glitter

3. Get cheeky – Victorias Secret

4. Satin blossom garter – Etsy

5. Lip Glass  by MAC  6. OPI Nails

7. Chiffon Robe – Betsy Johnson

8. Pearl Necklace – House of Bun

a paperclip exposé: bachelorette jillian

I’m not a celebrity photographer, I’m a wedding photographer, silly! But somehow, someone got my number, and this someone called me up to see if I had time to get a photo of Jillian Harris (‘the bachelorette’ from ABC’s The Bachelorette) and her fridge.

Come again? A photo of Jillian and her fridge? The celeb lifestyle magazine, VIVA, contacted me needing a quick photo of Jillian and her fridge and of course I said, YES!

It was for a healthy-eating story, so once I heard the details, it made sense and sounded cute! I rounded up an assistant for the shoot (aka. my cute little brother), to help with lights and reflectors, but also to be my wing-man just in case I froze in front of this famous person! I’d never met anyone famous! What would she be like? Is she lovely? Or is she only nice on tv, but maybe totally scary in real life.

I’m not sure if you recall, but last week, I admitted my shameless addiction to the Bachelor, and Jillian’s season was no different. I remember watching her go through her c-c-crazy journey full of hunky boys with lots of kisses and helicopter rides. So when she opened the door, I could tell from her smile that she was just as lovely in real life as she was on tv! Down to earth, super sweet,  and even prettier in person!

With such a specific request from the magazine, we quickly went to work setting up Jillian’s kitchen/fridge for the shoot. Being a wedding photographer, this was a bit out of the ordinary for me, but it was a lot of fun, and at the end I wanted to steal a few final images of Jillian in her amazing living room.

If you don’t know, Jillian is an Interior Designer by trade, and has been on shows like Extreme Home Makeover and Canada’s Handyman Challenge. So her place was to die for. Accents of teal, lots of white and bright colors. Wood, vintage-style side tables and so much more eye candy that I could even take in! I wish I could’ve spent more time photographing the details, because her place was absolutely inspiring!

Thank you Jillian for inviting us into your home! You are truly beautiful inside and out, and it was just a pleasure to meet you.

Wow. Bombshell, seriously. So gorg….And I couldn’t not post one of our ‘fridge’ pics! You can check out the printed version in the current issue of VIVA!

inspiration board

It’s been a while since I posted about my board. So, here it is! And lately it’s been all about the men. And of course a few amazing women inspirations… but I’ve been really drawn towards great images of men! How to photograph a groom who looks confident, strong and sexy. It’s not rocket-science, but it is a skill! These are some images I’ve snagged from magazines that got my photographic eye excited! Check it.

Here it is. Simple + sexy.Love the image on the right with such a strong connection between the man and the women, and they don’t even need to look right at each other. Amazing.Love this honest and natural image of a beautiful moment.And I came across this image and loved the confidence from these women. Beautiful, different and strong. Love.

And lastly, here are a few final ‘man inspirations’ from the online GQ magazine that I came across. I love the arms in all these images. Comfortable and strong.

love month giveaway

I am so excited to announce our very first blog giveaway! We felt that since it is the beginning of february, what better time to give a little love out to our blog readers!

If you saw the blog yesterday, we featured our first ‘paperclip exposé’ with oranj dance and fitness owner, Sheila Chutskoff as our girl.

And today, we are lucky enough to be giving away a killer 20 punch card for any classes at oranj! This is valued at $250, but the value is totally in how amazing this is for your body and soul! Whether you wanna take ‘Big Can of Whoopass’ Bootcamp, ‘Candlelight Pilates and Yoga Fusion’, ‘Psycho Cycle’ Spin Class, Zumba, Hip Hop, and SO much more! It is here.

Tell your Kelowna friends, tell your Kelowna family! All you have to do is join us on Facebook! And you can earn up to 5 entries just by facebooking and tweeting us! Check out the instructions below. Contest ends February 7th, and the winner will be drawn randomly on Wednesday, February 8th!
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