Christina + Mike + baby

2 weeks from today is the due date. The due date for my very first niece or nephew to arrive into this world!

There aren’t words to describe how excited I am for my big sister to become a mother. She has been an inspiration to me, she is my best friend, my confidant, my kindred spirit. And to be there to support her through her pregnancy, and now through the final stages as she brings this little one into the world… truly, no words.

I was lucky enough to steal an evening to capture her beautiful self and her amazing husband, Mike. Thank you two for letting me be the one to capture these images for you. It is my honour, and I cannot wait to meet the little bean!

2 weeks and counting!


Neault-13 Neault-15 Neault-17 Neault-21 Neault-25 Neault-32 Neault-42 Neault-49 Neault-52 Neault-58 Neault-60 Neault-66 Neault-71 Neault-74
Neault-113 Neault-117 Neault-118 Neault-105Neault-109
Neault-145 Neault-152 Neault-158
Neault-165 Neault-160
Neault-174 Neault-191 Neault-196 Neault-199



A big thank you to Nicole Sweezey for an amazing job on Christina’s make-up. She is the absolute best on bring out all that natural beauty in her clients.

Peach Dress: The Wardrobe

Blue Dress: Pretty Little Things





baby blackwell on the way

It’s no secret that when a women is pregnant, she has a very special light about her. Even though it doesn’t always feel that way AS the pregnant woman, that light is the most beautiful thing to see. And this is no different with Sarah.

Sarah is this warm, heartfelt, thoughtful, beautiful person,  and then throw a gorgeous little baby bump on her?! It’s almost hard to handle, how cute she is.

Sarah was visiting her hometown of Penticton recently, and even though she was just 6 months pregnant, I encouraged her to really push out that babe and get some photos done. I am so glad we did (normally a maternity session wouldn’t happen till momma is almost ready to bust!)! But her bump is completely perfect in these photos, and I am just so happy and excited for S+T, as they await their little boy. Congratulations on this exciting step in life. Sarah, you are going to be such a loving mother (and Trev such an amazing dad), and we couldn’t be happier for you.


 Blackwell-11 Blackwell-17 Blackwell-19 Blackwell-3Blackwell-27 Blackwell-29 Blackwell-37 Blackwell-42  Blackwell-57 Blackwell-60 Blackwell-62 Blackwell-63 Blackwell-65

Katerina + Trevor + bump

New beginnings can be exciting, scary, full of uncertainty, full of hope, and in my opinion, a necessity to finding joy in life. Every risk we take and every new adventure we choose, it pushes us further towards reaching our dreams and our goals.

Trevor and Kat moved to Penticton just this past summer from a life of travel. Both K+T are professional figure skaters who have been performing all over the world, being based out of Kat’s home – The Czech Republic. They sold Trevor’s place in Ontario, sold Kat’s place in Czech, and moved into our lovely small town of Penticton to run the local Glengarry Skating Club. It is such a blessing for any town to get not only 1 experienced and professional skater to come and take on coaching the children of this community, but two!

On top of moving to town and beginning new work with the local club, they are also starting one of the most special journey’s of life…. creating new life and starting their own family. With just a month to go, Kat and Trevor are so excited to meet their wee babe, but before the day comes, we took some time to photograph Kat looking so stunning with her perfect little baby belly, first at the Penticton studio, and then outside taking in the stunning vista of the valley.

Butten-1 Butten-4 Butten-5 Butten-6 Butten-7 Butten-9 Butten-11 Butten-12 Butten-14 Butten-15  Butten-18 Butten-20 Butten-21 Butten-23 Butten-24 Butten-26 Butten-27 Butten-29 Butten-30 Butten-32 Butten-33

3 plus 1

Windy, cold, but oh, so beautiful. I had the pleasure of photographing Kate + Jeremy this weekend with their adorable daughter Maddy, and their little soon-to-be bundle.

I’ve known K+J since we were kids, growing up together in the Okanagan. I had the honor of photographing their wedding almost 5 years ago, and now seeing them grow into this family of 4 is so special. Maddy is almost 3 and is such a beautiful little girl, full of lots of energy and is excited about the idea of a little baby brother or sister. It is easy to see that K+J are amazing parents to Maddy and are ready to have another babe in their lives.

Thank you two for having me photograph this time of your lives, and I can’t wait to meet the new little one! xo

Blaskovitz-46 Blaskovitz-49-Edit Blaskovitz-66 Blaskovitz-75 Blaskovitz-105 Blaskovitz-126 Blaskovitz-146 Blaskovitz-159 Blaskovitz-162 Blaskovitz-174 Blaskovitz-215 Blaskovitz-232 Blaskovitz-248 Blaskovitz-282 Blaskovitz-285 Blaskovitz-305 Blaskovitz-325 Blaskovitz-342 Blaskovitz-443 Blaskovitz-471 Blaskovitz-493

Those special moments

In a woman’s life, there are many pivotal moments that make up the puzzle that is our journey… The beautiful thing about each one of us, is that all of our paths and all of our pieces are unique to us. Yes, we may share the same ‘type’ of moment, but I don’t believe any moment can be the same as another. They all have their own history, their own challenges, their own joys…

I’ve been looking through some of my portrait sessions, and I came across this one, which made my heart strings ‘ping’. I loved creating these photos for this couple as they were entering into their final moments before parent-hood. I have to admit, maternity sessions are some of my favorite kind of sessions. Those few weeks prior to having your little baby enter the world, seems like such a unique time. There is excitement, happiness, fear, joy, pain, anxiousness…. pretty much every emotion under the sun.

To all you pregnant, beautiful, tired momma’s to be, don’t forget about photographing this time of your life. So special, and so, so beautifully unique to you.

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LJ- 18

LJ 333 - Version 2