Just Us…

They followed each other across the country, and now they have decided to follow each other through the entirety of this life…

Katelyn and Jay were married overlooking the beautiful Okanagan valley, with a gentle breeze in the air and the delicate warmth of the sun on the skin. We walked through the fields of Sanctuary Gardens to breathe in the day, and to capture a few special images to remember the little moments.

K+J had chosen to elope, with just the commissioner and 2 witnesses there to make it official. Both of them having such gentle spirits, I really felt they did this day perfectly. They peeled away all the distractions that can often come with a wedding, and they focused on what was most important. Each other. Focusing on the quiet yet strong bond that connects them together, and focused on the love that will take them through this lifetime.

Thank you two so much for asking me to be a part of this beautiful day…


Elopement-JanellePhoto-22_STElopement-JanellePhoto-1_ST Elopement-JanellePhoto-2_ST Elopement-JanellePhoto-6_STElopement-JanellePhoto-5_ST Elopement-JanellePhoto-7_ST Elopement-JanellePhoto-10_ST Elopement-JanellePhoto-12_ST Elopement-JanellePhoto-13_ST Elopement-JanellePhoto-17_ST Elopement-JanellePhoto-18_ST Elopement-JanellePhoto-19_ST
Elopement-JanellePhoto-23_ST Elopement-JanellePhoto-25_ST Elopement-JanellePhoto-26_ST Elopement-JanellePhoto-27_ST Elopement-JanellePhoto-34_ST Elopement-JanellePhoto-36_ST Elopement-JanellePhoto-38_ST Elopement-JanellePhoto-39_ST Elopement-JanellePhoto-41_ST Elopement-JanellePhoto-43_ST Elopement-JanellePhoto-46_ST Elopement-JanellePhoto-47_ST Elopement-JanellePhoto-51_ST Elopement-JanellePhoto-53_ST Elopement-JanellePhoto-55_ST Elopement-JanellePhoto-57_STLocation: Sanctuary Gardens

Commissioner: Alison Moore

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