Loving on each other

Valentines was just two days ago, and I can easily say that it is a favorite of mine. Admittedly, it can be a bit cliche maybe, and retail companies exploit it to the nines. BUT, at its root, is just trying celebrate ‘love’. And I love love. Love it. It’s my thing. So, how can I not be excited about a day dedicated to love!

I absolutely think that the energy we put into expressing our love on February 14th needs to carry through to every other day of the year, but why not have a day that’s kinda like ‘love on steroids’.

Ari and I spent the morning decorating cookies and putting the finishing touches on our v-day cards. Then we got dressed in our pinks, and we headed out on our cupid-adventure! We hand delivered a few special Valentines, and had just the best day doing it. Grandma’s and grandpa’s, daddy-at-work, cousins and little friends…

Since becoming a momma, the day has changed just a wee bit. Once upon a time, Ryan and I just swooned over each other and reminisced about ‘us’. The duo.

Now, it’s about our family. About our little one and the love we all have for each other. Three hearts.

Here’s to many more days of just loving on each other and sinking deeper into the wonderfulness that is 3.

Here’s a little throwback to some photos that I’ve been crushing on lately… that fleeting time where were were still two and already three at the same moment. Forever thankful to Jessica Balfour for creating these irreplaceable photographs. xo


Make-up by the amazing Jenny McKinney

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