Sara + Blair Married

Laughter rang through the house as Sara and her best friends finished getting ready for the day. Sara sat in Jenny’s chair, getting the final touches on her make-up. The girls all took a moment together to remind each other how much they all mean to each other. The love  and appreciation I felt between this beautiful group of women was such a special moment. There is no better way I can think of starting one of the best days of Sara’s life.

The dress hung in the window, and when she was ready, the girls helped her into her gorgeous gown, and sent her to see her soon-to-be-husband.

Blair was waiting for Sara outside, as they wanted to have a quiet moment together before the festivities and celebration began. As Blair turned around, his face filled with emotion and love.

And those feelings lasted throughout this perfect day. The ceremony took place on the edge of Okanagan Lake with the sun overhead. After they shared the most beautiful (and oh so funny) vows, they kissed, they signed, they cheered, kissed again, and were ready to break out the bubbly.

It was a backyard bbq like no other. Fantastic food, great drinks, very entertaining speeches, crazy games and tasty cupcakes! Doesn’t really get much better than that.

Thank you Sara + Blair for asking me to be your photographer. It was such  an honor, and I hope these photos bring back all the beautiful memories of your day.


BS-Wedding-Janelle-86_STBS-Wedding-Janelle-87_STThanks to Mandy, my second shooter, for these great photos of the boys getting ready!BS-Wedding-Janelle-89_STBS-Wedding-Janelle-90_STBS-Wedding-Janelle-1_STBS-Wedding-Janelle-7_ST BS-Wedding-Janelle-2_ST BS-Wedding-Janelle-4_ST BS-Wedding-Janelle-9_STBS-Wedding-Janelle-5_ST BS-Wedding-Janelle-13_STThis laughter set the tone for the entire day. Joyful, love-ful.BS-Wedding-Janelle-15_ST BS-Wedding-Janelle-16_STBS-Wedding-Janelle-12_STBS-Wedding-Janelle-37_ST BS-Wedding-Janelle-19_ST BS-Wedding-Janelle-22_ST BS-Wedding-Janelle-25_ST BS-Wedding-Janelle-26_ST BS-Wedding-Janelle-31_ST BS-Wedding-Janelle-32_ST BS-Wedding-Janelle-33_ST BS-Wedding-Janelle-36_STBS-Wedding-Janelle-41_ST BS-Wedding-Janelle-40_ST BS-Wedding-Janelle-43_ST BS-Wedding-Janelle-45_ST BS-Wedding-Janelle-47_ST BS-Wedding-Janelle-48_ST BS-Wedding-Janelle-49_STBS-Wedding-Janelle-57_ST BS-Wedding-Janelle-54_ST BS-Wedding-Janelle-58_STBS-Wedding-Janelle-101_ST BS-Wedding-Janelle-61_STBS-Wedding-Janelle-99_STBS-Wedding-Janelle-100_STBS-Wedding-Janelle-60_STBS-Wedding-Janelle-102_ST BS-Wedding-Janelle-95_ST BS-Wedding-Janelle-64_ST BS-Wedding-Janelle-65_ST BS-Wedding-Janelle-66_STBS-Wedding-Janelle-52_STBS-Wedding-Janelle-51_ST

BS-Wedding-Janelle-68_ST BS-Wedding-Janelle-69_STBS-Wedding-Janelle-67_ST

BS-Wedding-Janelle-72_ST BS-Wedding-Janelle-73_ST BS-Wedding-Janelle-74_ST BS-Wedding-Janelle-77_ST BS-Wedding-Janelle-78_ST BS-Wedding-Janelle-79_STBS-Wedding-Janelle-76_ST BS-Wedding-Janelle-84_ST

The amazing vendors that made up the day

Wedding Coordinator – Jenny McAlpine Weddings

Venue – Private Residence

Caterer – Flambe Catering

Wine – Perseus Winery

Florist – Lisa’s Fresh Cut Flowers

Make-up Artist – Jenny McKinney

Hair Stylist – Sabrina Nunes

DJ – Travis Turner

Tent Rental – Westminster Rentals

Dessert – Kaleena Cakes

Bride’s Dress – Sophia Tolli

Bride’s jewellery – Leah Alexandria

Assistant Photographer – Mandy Glinsbockel


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