And then there were 4

To see this little family welcome Baby Levi into their lives, it is no secret they are absolutely in love. With a big sister and two amazing parents, this little boy will be snuggled and cherished more ways than I can count. Just 10 days old in these photos, he is an absolutely perfect little baby with perfect little toes and a perfect little nose.

A month ago, we went out and braved the cold for their maternity session, but this time, we kept inside the warm walls of the studio. Thank you two for asking me to do these photographs for you. It was so wonderful to meet Levi and to witness this new family bond that will only grow stronger and more beautiful each and every day. xo

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jess + john + baby

The last few weeks of pregnancy is such an intimate time of life. Your baby is almost full grown and resting up for their big entrance into this world. The mom and dad-to-be are going through every emotion in the book. Excitement, anxiousness, nervousness, joy.

John+Jess were married almost 2 years ago, and are looking forward to their due date which is only 2 weeks away. Between trying to prepare for their little bundle, J+J took a break to walk with me through the woods of Stanley Park.

These two have supported each other through their careers, through traveling the world, created a home together, and now are creating a family together. I could not be more excited for them, and I know they are going to make the most amazing, loving parents any kidlet could ask for.

Just before I headed out, I snuck a few final images of Jess’s baby bump in her beautiful bedroom. I wish you all the luck in the world as you begin your life as a family, and I can’t wait to see what this little bambino has in store for you! xo

'tis the season

I love Christmas. Ry and I went to Starbucks this past weekend just for an hour or so. He did his homework, and I began reading a Seth Godin book, Linchpin. And I will definitely write a little review on the book another time, but this post…this post is about Christmas. And it all started with a gingerbread latte and the jazzy, Christmas music playing in the background.

Since Ryan and I live out in the sticks, whenever I get the chance to go and sit in a coffee shop and just enjoy the hum of the laid-back ‘busy-ness’, I am in heaven. I sink deep into a book or writing in my journal. I curl up between the arm rests of the chair and just let my mind relax. And it is the cherry on top of my sundae when I get to go with Ryan. Me doing my thing and him doing his, but we’re doing them ‘together’.

We also went out and hunted down our tree! As per usual, my eyes were bigger than our ‘living room’. Once we got the tree home, we realized it needed a haircut if it was going to fit inside the house! So we pulled out our shears, and gave it a solid trim.

For now, in the afternoons when I sit and brainstorm about my business in the front room, I curl up with my tea and stare at our lovely green tree. It’s not technically a Christmas tree yet because it has no decorations on it yet. I’m saving that bundle of joy for this weekend!

And lastly on a Christmas-y note, if you are trying to think of a Christmas prezzie for someone special, maybe the perfect gift is a little GC for a portrait session!E-mail me for the details on how to get yours!


the blank family

You look at these two little bambinos, and you will melt at the sight of thier big blue eyes. I know I did. Their little man was bundled up in the cutest little fall outfit, and Charlize looked adorable with a flower in her hair.

Diane and Brent married in the summer of 2007, and have been moving forward ever since. With their 2 kidlets and a new house to hang a few photos, I hope these images can act as a beautiful reminder of your journey together so far.

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this day, and I hope you enjoy! 

Eva+Rick Engaged

Lily was their miracle. A gift that was never supposed to be, according to the doctors.

Rick and Eva met 2 years ago at work, and from what I gather, Rick really liked Eva. He chased her around, and was finally able to get that first date! It must’ve been written in the stars that these two should be together, because they had a truly special connection. So special, that they were able to prove Eva’s doctors wrong. They may have thought she couldn’t have a child, but someone else had other plans. Together, Rick and Eva started a family. Admittedly, it was a bit of a surprise to both of them, but this was a surprise that they will be thankful for the rest of their lives.

R + E were blessed with their miracle baby, Lily. And not long after Lily’s birth, did Rick ask Eva to be his wife. Over Christmas, 2010, he surprised Eva with a ring, and of course she said yes!

Thank you two for inviting me into your lives and having me as your photographer. I can see you have a beautiful relationship full of respect, and Lily is lucky to have parents that love each other like you do.

little church on the hill

When I got the e-mail requesting a family shoot at the white church on the hill, I was so excited. I had driven by this church many, many times, and had wished for the opportunity to drag someone out there, and here it was! She was requesting it! Done deal.

Last week, I headed out with camera in hand to the little church perched in the open fields, and met an amazing family. With mom, dad and two adorable little ladies, we raced around the property, chasing balloons and each other until we were all worn out.

Thanks to Sophie for asking me to take your family portraits for you! I had a wonderful time meeting your family, and I hope you enjoy your photos!

family time

I love the beginning of the fall season. Aside from summer (because at heart, I really am a summer baby), this is my favorite time of year. I love the feeling of the crisp fresh air on the tip of my nose; I love that I get to start wearing my boots again; and I love the family sessions that often come this time of year.

To start off the fall season, I met up with Lesley and John with their little 6 month bambino, Erika. We headed out to the Gellatly Nut Farm in West Kelowna. What an amazing location! Beautiful, big trees surround the grounds and it sits on a lovely little beach on Okanagan Lake. On top of that, it backs onto one of the newer Okanagan resorts, The Cove. For family portraits and for weddings alike, talk about a perfect spot!

Me, Erika, John and Lesley wandered through the grounds, taking photos of their new little family. Thank you L+J for thinking of me for your family portraits, and I hope you enjoy!



moving forward.

Yesterday was quite a day. I was up by 6 (which is crazy early for this non-early bird) and out the door by 7:30. Hopped in my car, stopped for a coffee to-go, and headed off to West Kelowna for the start of my very exciting day! First on the agenda was photographs of one of the cutest babies ever! Hardly-there-hair, big blue eyes, and super hip pink jeans makes for one adorable baby! And Leslie and John, you were pretty cute too!

Second, was a lunch meeting with the super talented Tim Feeny of Limelight Studios; an Okanagan videographer who I am going to be lucky enough to have work with me on a very special, very exciting top secret project…

Third was another meeting with the tres chic Yuriko of Vintage Origami; a style/prop rental business owner that I am so thrilled to have met!

And then I was off to meet up with my hubby and dad to ‘talk shop’.

It’s days like these that may lay me flat from fatigue, but also give me so much motivation to keep moving forward and pushing to reach higher and higher goals!

To end this little ramble post, here is a sneak photo of the lovely family I photographed yesterday morning. Doesn’t get much cuter than this….

family fun

Coming from a family of six, I was excited for this family photo shoot of, you guessed it, a family of six! With their littlest just 18 months, it was a lot of fun chasing him around, waiting for that melt-your-heart smile. We met on one of the first hot days of this summer at the classic Ornamental Gardens in Summerland. We were looking to escape the sun a bit and enjoy the shade of the amazing grounds.

We did head down to the beach to take in the sun on the waterfront pier, which was a great way to finish off the evening. Yellow balloons in hand, thanks to Edgy Petals in Summerland, we chilled on the dock and in the sand until it was time to head home for some dinner.

leah & adam baby bump

Adam and Leah. Leah and Adam. Two amazing people, and such an amazing love between them. Newly married just last year, these two love birds are about to begin building their family…bringing a beautiful new baby into this world.

I have known these two for many many years; all the way back to elementary school. At that time, Leah and I would sit on the jungle jim and we used to watch Adam from across the school yard, giggling about how cute he was. And here we are, years later, and these two have found a love so great, that it has become the building block for this new venture in life.

Thank you two for letting me in, allowing me to capture this time of your life. It only happens once that you feel the first kicks of a baby in your belly, and I am happy to have saved those moments in time for you.