gabi + james married

As Gabi walked down the aisle with her mom and dad at her side, it was written on James’ face how happy he truly was. As James read his vows to Gabi, the tears that welled up in her eyes told us the story of her love for him. It was a beautiful ceremony, followed by a kickin’ reception on the shores of Okanagan Lake. With a canoe filled with beer, a 4 piece band, beautiful details and the love of friends and family, I knew they were in for a great night.

The wedding was held at Gabi’s parents home in Kelowna. They incorporated local wines from the surrounding wineries, Cabana catering used local ingredients for a fresh, locally inspired meal, and Gabi’s earrings were designed by a jeweller at the farmer’s market. I admire their passion for the environment, their love for mother nature and the way they put those details into their day was very special. And to top it off, Gabi snuck James’ tie before their wedding day and hand-stitched her own label of love on the back. Congratulations you two, and we thank you for having us along on your day.

Loved the Toms shoes that Gabi wore throughout the day. Comfy and cute!  We made our way to St. Hubertus winery for a little wine tasting and a final few photos of J+G.Probably one of my faves from the day, simply because it was so funny. The dress was not cooperating, but Gabi is such a trooper, she made it happen!Beautiful details of fresh flowers and lavendar with wood and stone accents.To see more, watch the slideshow below.


diane + brent renewed

We all go through life and whether we like it or not, life changes. It changes every day, every hour, every minute. Sometimes, I almost feel a little out of control with all the changes that happen around me. And I think I’m not the only one…

Diane + Brent were married 5 years ago, and since then their lives have undergone many changes big and small, good and challenging. They’ve moved, they’ve had a beautiful baby girl, they’ve had some important new additions to their friend and family life, they had a baby boy, they bought a house, new passions, new jobs, new, new, new.

I think Diane was feeling wrapped up in all of this ‘movement’, and was searching for a way to calm the seas. So, she reached for the single thing in her life that she knows is always there. Her husband. Her support. And I think for the two of them, renewing their vows they made 5 years ago, was a way to remind each other that in an ever-changing world, the two of them are there to ground each other. To be the balance in life.

To see more, watch the slideshow below!

jenn + john married

Love never ceases to amaze me. And this love was no different. Jenn + John met at work, and now, years later, they have committed to each other, promising to work on their life together forever.

They were married at St Andrews by the Lake, and we took advantage of the shade on this hot okanagan day. J+J decided on a first look, and it was absolutely perfect. John waited for us under the willow trees, and as Jenn approached her husband-to-be, you could see the emotion written on her face. You could see the love written on her face. The rest of the day went along with ease, full of laughter, a few tears and a lot of beautiful moments.

To see more of the day, watch the slideshow below.

Florist: Carl’s Flowers

Ceremony + Reception: St Andrews by the Lake

natalie + bishop married

Small town kids at heart, natalie + bishop decided to celebrate their marriage at a ranch in the middle of somewhere beautiful… somewhere peaceful… somewhere very special in their hearts.

Bishop’s aunt and uncle’s ranch in southern BC is this vast property surrounded with hay fields, old barns, beautiful horses and a peaceful serenity. That is, until all their family and friends pull up in their campers and tents ready to celebrate in style!

As we drove into the ranch property, I looked over and said to Ry, “we must be here”… the once-empty fields looked like a mini camper-city from the road. We pulled in, and the hustle and bustle of preparation was in full force. Food was being made, decor was being finalized, and the bride and groom were preparing for their big day.

Natalie is this confident, beautiful woman who brought her Vancouver style to this little ranch. Bishop is not too shabby himself, looking dapper in his grey suit and his great smile. With the help of their family, they transformed the ranch into a fabulous wedding venue. With lights hung, candles lit and flowers arranged, it was time.

Thank you two for inviting me to be a part of your day. It is no secret how much you two love each other. As I look back at these images, I can see the unspoken words in your eyes. We wish you all the love in the world,

To see more, watch the slideshow below… so, so lovely.

the perfect gift

Brides and grooms often struggle on what to give each other as a wedding gift. Everyone want to give something meaningful and something that will last. Something that will bring back the memories of such an important day in each other’s lives. Something that says how much she loves him. How much he loves her. Something perfect. Something, something, something…

A woman’s body is a beautiful thing. We are all blessed with a unique body, that comes with its own story. It’s own shape, it’s own curves. And what better gift to wrap it up in a bow and give that to the love of our life.

This past spring, I had the opportunity to photograph my first official boudoir shoot, and I absolutely loved it. This bride-to-be was stunning. We went to The Lindon House in Kelowna and borrowed their beautiful home as our backdrop. My B-to-be brought a few of her bridal items (veil, garter, shoes, hair-piece) and we had a lot of fun creating some images that she could give to her groom as a token of the woman she is. Sexy, beautiful, and all his!

I’m only going to give you a taste, as most of these photos are for his eyes only, but to all you brides out there who are thinking of what to give your groom, I urge you to truly consider this. Simple and completely you.

This shoot was a bride to a groom, BUT, these shoots are not just for us women to give to men. These photo shoots are about us. About the beauty and power that is in each and every one of us. A gift to ourselves. An experience that every woman should have… for we are all worth photographing just as we are. Beautiful.

A wooded bridal portrait

What could be more beautiful than a gorgeous couple in a naturally stunning location. Amidst the Okanagan trees, just before the bloom, I had the opportunity to photograph a bridal shoot with Sophie and Connor.

S+ C have been married for a few years now, and were the perfect couple to model for the shoot. I was hoping to create some images that focused on the natural surroundings of the woods, but adding in a few details that could be easy to incorporate into any wedding shoot. Having a simple bottle of frizzante to enjoy a celebration drink, a blanket and a few throw pillows to snuggle on the forest floor, some beautiful fresh cut tulips, and some simple details picked up from Home Sense.

To top off Sophie’s wedding dress, she wore a beautiful Sweet Lollie hair piece and some vintage pearls around her neck. Connor had a classic black suit with vest by Urban Outfitters and a skinny black tie.

Here is the final result of this project, and I couldn’t be more excited. Hope you enjoy!