Christmas Sparkle

There is something special about the smiles and little looks between a mom and her daughter. Mom is that person that hugs you when your sad, tickles you till you burst, brushes your hair before bedtime and never forgets to tuck you in.

From what I could tell on this day in my studio, this mom and daughter are no different. The love that was flying around the room could have knocked Cupid on his butt!

There is nothing like little girls’ and their momma’s high heels. It may have taken a few seconds to get her little feet into the shoes, but once she had those shoes on, Kolby rocked those black pumps like nobody else’s business.

Thank you Leah and Kolby for a wonderful photo shoot! I feel so lucky to have a job that let’s me meet ladies like you.

Snow Day!

As I drove up the drive to their 66 acre property, I could see the potential for some great photos. Beautiful snow-covered fences and trees, a gorgeous view overlooking the area, and as long as we watched out for the random horse ‘you-know-what’, it was a great spot for some family photos.

Jody and Doug with their two teenage girls did an amazing job of ‘not looking cold’ on a very cold Canadian winter day. It may have taken a few minutes for the smiles to warm up, but with just enough prodding and goofy sisterly love, all four were photo ready!

To Doug and his harem of fabulous ladies, thank you for a wonderful, winter wonderland afternoon.

Christmas fever

Winter has definitely arrived. Not only does it make me feel like curling up beside a fire (or in my case, a baseboard heater while watching the fireplace channel on my projector t.v.), but I am dreaming about all the Christmas shopping to come!

This year, I am going to try a new version of shopping.


Whaaatt? But what about the ‘experience’ of the shop? I will admit, the shopaholic workout is key through this sweet-tooth season (shortbread….mmm), but I am going to try to mix-in some online ‘Etsy‘ shopping. An incredible massive online store for everything and anything handmade! Jewellery, clothing, bags, baby blankets, quilts, and anything else you can think of!

If online is simply not your ‘bag’,  visit some of your local craftsmen/women instead of Walmart this season. You will be amazed at the handiwork just around the corner at your local pottery studio or crafter’s market.

This beautiful handmade pillow and quilt keepsake is an example of all the incredible finds out there (made by Carole Lazeski….aka. my mom!).

Quilt: $115   Personalized Pillow: $65

Happy Shopping!