Amanda + Derrek Engaged

“I have so, so much love for him, and he is seriously the most important thing in my life…” Admittedly, Amanda was referring to her beautiful pup Titan at the time, but trust me when I say, she’s got all sorts of love for both her boys, Titan AND Derrek.

It was such a special treat for me to do these photos for Amanda and Derrek’s engagement. Amanda and I went to school together once upon a time. And to see her now, looking so gorgeous, so full of joy, and getting married to a guy who is a perfect fit for her.

We walked around downtown Kelowna, and enjoyed talking and catching up with each other. And of course, taking a few photos here and there! Titan joined us for the first few minutes, and then waited patiently as I did a few more of just A+D at the waterfront, taking advantage of that gorgeous Okanagan light at the end of the day.

Thank you two for inviting me to be a part of this ‘getting married’ journey, and I hope you love these photos and they become a beautiful reminder of this special time in your lives…



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Amanda’s beautiful hair done by: Courtney Scott at The Beauty and Shave Parlor

Amanda’s beautiful make-up done by: Jenny McKinney


Leah + Brian Engaged

As she slowly made her way through the grassy field, Brian was holding her hand tightly, protectively, lovingly.

I can’t say I’m surprised by Leah’s positive attitude during our engagement session. Being a traithlete, she is obviously a natural when it comes to persevering through a few bumps and bruises.

Just so you know what I am talking about, this gorgeous woman who is smiling and being AMAZING during her engagement photos, was just a couple weeks out of getting knee surgery. Aka, she really couldn’t walk. Her finance, Brian, had his focus entirely on her and making sure she was okay throughout the evening. He held her tightly and took it slow.

On top of all that, Brian was recovering from the ever-so-infamous cold/flu bug that likes to fly around this time of year. Together, they were quite the team! Sniffly and a little slow, but I really enjoyed our evening and they were a complete joy to photograph. Plus, it always helps when there is an adorable pup to keep us entertained! Their amazing little dog joined the party for a few photos, and completely stole my heart.

I am so excited for their wedding day next year, which I know is going to be a beautiful day filled with all sorts of love! xo

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pauline + brad getting hitched

The time has come for Pauline + Brad to celebrate their relationship. It’s no secret that these two are completely in love and have been for many years now. Their commitment to each other started long ago, but a month from now, they get to officially become husband and wife.

In preparation for that, I took P+B out for a mini engagement shoot. They were actually engaged quite some time ago,  so this shoot ended up being a night where they could just be in each other’s arms and get excited about the upcoming wedding.  We ended up getting a little wet in the rain, but it didn’t matter. These two kept each other nice and warm for our walk through the park!

I’ve known Brad for many, many years. He and I went to our high school graduation together, corsage and all. He has always been a great friend, and I couldn’t be happier to see him with Pauline. She is this beautiful, adorable,  smart woman with an energy that lights up from within. I can see so clearly that Brad is completely taken with her and will love her for the next forever. And she with him.

I am so thankful that I was able to do these portraits for you. Mostly because I just loved the opportunity to spend this time with you. I wish you both so much love for your wedding day and all the days that follow… xo










Heather + Blair engaged

With their wedding coming up in just a couple months, it was such a treat to meet up with Heather and Blair for an engagement session this summer. They planned a quick trip down to the Okanagan and we managed to meet up for a last-minute sunset session on the beach. Heather had given me some fair warning that Blair may not be super excited about getting his photo taken, but by looking at these photos, I don’t think you can tell! He was actually a very good sport, even when I asked him to climb through bushes and scale a tree in the 30 degree heat. With Heather’s beautiful and completely infectious smile, it was such a great session.

Thank you two for trusting me with these photographs. I hope you enjoy them, and I am already so excited about the big day!


Traxler-E-1 Traxler-E-4 Traxler-E-6 Traxler-E-9 Traxler-E-13 Traxler-E-15 Traxler-E-17 Traxler-E-19 Traxler-E-21 Traxler-E-23 Traxler-E-24 Traxler-E-28 Traxler-E-29 Traxler-E-32 Traxler-E-39

Eva + Rob Engaged

This session really reminded me why I love to do engagement sessions.

What I love love love about engagement sessions, is it gives each couple the chance to just ‘be’ for a while. Once we work out the initial jitters of getting their photo taken, of course! I love it when I can see the moment when a couple stops worrying about the camera and just starts enjoying each other. They take a breath, look at each other, and melt a little softer into each other.

In their own ‘normal’ clothes (not a wedding dress and suit, which is not regular attire for most of us), in a location that fits who they are, and spending some time focusing on each other.

As a photographer, this is my opportunity to get a feel for who my clients are. Come wedding day, I already know them and they know me.

Eva and Rob were absolute perfection this day! They are obviously an amazing couple, and they have such chemistry together. Both so thoughtful and so lovely. I loved every minute of this session between the orchards and the river.

Thank you two for having me as your photographer. I hope you enjoy your photographs and I cannot wait for your wedding in just a few weeks!


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Marissa + Marty engaged

Living in Canada, sometimes we need to embrace the fact that for a few months of the year, most of us are surrounded by snow. Shoveling the drive-way, wearing Sorels and scraping our windshields are part of the ‘norm’.

For Marissa and Marty, they have come to thrive on the winter months. These two are getting married this coming summer, but wanted to do their engagement session sooner than later, which meant using a background of snow. M+M live up in the hills of Penticton and are no strangers to plowing their driveway. They invited me to come up to their property for the shoot, and as I drove down the long driveway, I was getting sooo excited. A fresh blanket of snow was covering all the bushes and trees. Seeing Mother Nature like this feels so serene… so special.

We headed out to their wood pile where they have been working all season on chopping wood for their firewood business! I thought this was the perfect spot to start, as it has become a big part of their day to day. We brought blankets and bundled up as best we could! It was so great to see these two together in their element. Super cute, a little ridiculous and a perfect fit.

Thank you two for asking me to do this for you. It was such a great day, and I am so looking forward to the summer!


Tamara + Cole Engaged

Gorgeous location – check.

Gorgeous girl – check.

Handsome boy – check.

Sexy? Definitely.

Cute? Absolutely.

Meeting up with Tamara and Cole to do an engagement session turned out to be a pretty amazing night. I met them at a friend’s property, and my photography juices immediately started flowing! There were probably a hundred different locations that I would have loved to try. I managed to narrow it down to…maybe 20 (they probably thought I was going to keep them there all night. lol)! We had only spoke via e-mail, so I was anxious to meet them in person. Not only were they both completely sweet, fun and a bit ridiculous, but Tamara is obviously a beautiful girl and Cole isn’t so bad himself! Cole told me he was a bit nervous to be in front of the camera, but I couldn’t tell at all. I think just being there with Tamara helped calm his nerves, because he rocked it!

They were engaged this past December, but aren’t getting hitched till 2016, so this was something fun to do in the meantime to help celebrate the upcoming wedding. And I loved that Tamara thought to bring some celebratory balloons for a few photos! Getting engaged and deciding to marry someone is such a special moment, and definitely worthy of these colorful balloons.

Thank you two for inviting me to do this for you. I had a wonderful time with you, and it is easy to see the spark between you.

Mooney-1 Mooney-2  Mooney-6 Mooney-4When we saw the old school pots and pans, had to take a break and have a little ‘good old fashioned’ FUN! Mooney-9 Mooney-12 Mooney-14 Mooney-16 Mooney-17 Mooney-20 Mooney-21Seriously sexy… Mooney-23 Mooney-27 Mooney-30 Mooney-31 Mooney-33 Mooney-34 Mooney-35 Mooney-37 Mooney-39 Mooney-42 Mooney-44 Mooney-46 Mooney-47 Mooney-49 Mooney-51 Mooney-52 Mooney-54 Mooney-55 Mooney-61 Mooney-63 Mooney-65

stormee + ron engaged

Meeting up with Stormee and Ron for their engagement session turned out to be one of my fave’s of the year. We had a really nice time traipsing through the fields, but I just really enjoyed my time getting to know these two. Ron has a very sweet, very soft demeanor about him. And Stormee is this absolutely adorable person with such a big heart. S+R are getting married this coming fall, and I know it is going to be a very special day.

SR-engaged-1 SR-engaged-2 SR-engaged-4 SR-engaged-6 SR-engaged-7 SR-engaged-8 SR-engaged-10 SR-engaged-11 SR-engaged-12 SR-engaged-13 SR-engaged-15 SR-engaged-18 SR-engaged-19 SR-engaged-21 SR-engaged-22 SR-engaged-25 SR-engaged-26 SR-engaged-28 SR-engaged-29 SR-engaged-31 SR-engaged-32 SR-engaged-33 SR-engaged-34 SR-engaged-36 SR-engaged-38 SR-engaged-39 SR-engaged-40 SR-engaged-42


Sydnee + Carson Engaged

The laughing, the comfort, the ease. A boy obviously head-over-heels for the girl, and she adores him. They met just over a year ago, were engaged this past spring, and are now just over 2 months away from saying their marriage vows. To see love to clearly and so quickly is something special, and I feel lucky to be a part of their journey.

I love doing engagement sessions. For me, it’s a time to get to know the couple a little bit better. For the couple, it’s a time to relax during the busy-ness that is planning a wedding. Of course, wedding planning is fun and exciting, but also can be a little stressful and challenging. So, to give them an hour to just snuggle and laugh, it helps to remind the couple to enjoy the process and appreciate each other for this day, the wedding day, and all those days to follow as husband and wife. Finding joy in all the little moments is what makes a marriage work, and as I was photographing Sydnee + Carson, I could see this happening in front of me. They were truly just enjoying each other presence. Thank you two for opening up to me and just being yourselves. I hope you enjoy your photographs.




Milligen-Engaged-68 Milligen-Engaged-103 Milligen-Engaged-111 Milligen-Engaged-125 Milligen-Engaged-143Milligen-Engaged-7 Milligen-Engaged-13   Milligen-Engaged-252 Milligen-Engaged-277 Milligen-Engaged-306 Milligen-Engaged-309 Milligen-Engaged-332 Milligen-Engaged-352 Milligen-Engaged-361 Milligen-Engaged-372 Milligen-Engaged-409 Milligen-Engaged-417 Milligen-Engaged-429 Milligen-Engaged-434Milligen-Engaged-433-2  Milligen-Engaged-442-2 Milligen-Engaged-442 Milligen-Engaged-453 Milligen-Engaged-458-2 Milligen-Engaged-484

Kristen + Darren Engaged

He popped the question 2 years ago, and she answered with YES. With Kristen still in school, they decided to wait until she was finished, but that day has almost come, and now the official 6 month countdown to the wedding day can begin.

Kristen is training to be a nurse, and after spending a little time with her, it is easy to see that she will shine within her profession. She has such a nurturing, thoughtful spirit about her. And Darren is this laid back, really sweet guy who makes Kristen very, very happy.

Since their wedding will be in the beautiful summertime, we decided to brace ourselves for some off-season portraits for their engagement. We were lucky to get a little sunshine that helped keep us warm, but after a little while in that Penticton-wind, we ended up inside warming up with hot chocolates and blankets. Thank you two for a great afternoon, and I am really looking forward to the wedding day!


KD-engaged-1 KD-engaged-3 KD-engaged-4 KD-engaged-5 KD-engaged-7 KD-engaged-8 KD-engaged-10 KD-engaged-11 KD-engaged-12 KD-engaged-13 KD-engaged-15 KD-engaged-17 KD-engaged-18 KD-engaged-19 KD-engaged-20 KD-engaged-21 KD-engaged-22 KD-engaged-23 KD-engaged-24 KD-engaged-26 KD-engaged-27 KD-engaged-28 KD-engaged-30 KD-engaged-31 KD-engaged-32 KD-engaged-33 KD-engaged-34 KD-engaged-35 KD-engaged-37