Our own Paris session

It’s been 6 weeks since we arrived back home after our trip to Europe. I figure it’s probably time to share a few of the amazing things we experienced during our 2 weeks away from home.

This was Ari’s first major trip. First plane ride, needless to say I was a little anxious about how it was going to go. There is only so much one can pre-plan and prepare, but I tried my best to get as much organized before we left as possible.

As it turns out, Ari is an amazing little traveller. She rocked that plane like nobody’s business. We brought a few key items to get us through…namely tasty snacks, enough fluids, and a few entertaining bits and bobs (skinny, easy to pack books, a fun kids movie, and a few fun stickers and pens).

Our first location was… ahhhh, Paris. I had been here once before in my early twenties. And I had been dying to get back since the moment I left. Paris is definitely one of my favourite cities I’ve visited so far in my lifetime. And this time round did not disappoint.

We got an amazing Airbnb place close to Luxembourg Park, and the weather was fabulous. We must have walked that park every day, pushing the stroller and soaking in something new and beautiful each time we walked through the pathways.

Our first day in Paris, we had to make our way to the Eiffel Tower. It wasn’t officially in the plans for the day, but our ‘walk around the neighbourhood’ turned into a curious wander in the direction of the tower. And eventually we just couldn’t help ourselves but to see if we could get there! And we did. It was so exciting to see the tip of the Eiffel Tower peeking through the buildings, and finally having it come fully into view. We made our way to it, and had a little lay-down underneath as we just took in the upwards view.

Even though these photos weren’t taken till a few days later, these are such special memories of the Tower. One of my ‘preparations’ for Paris, was to book a family photo session while we were there. And it just had to include the Eiffel Tower. So, we met up with a wonderful local photographer, Olga Litmanova, at sunrise. If you can make it happen, it is a special way to experience the view, as it is such a quiet, peaceful time of day in a place that is normally full of tourists.

And since we are usually up with Arianna at 6AM on any given day, a 7AM photo session didn’t seem too impossible to make happen! It was worth it, as these photos are going to be mine to cherish forever… and that is exactly what I plan to do.

Thank you Olga for these precious memories…  you can check out Olga’s website HERE

Morcombe-Paris-Family-1_ST Morcombe-Paris-Family-2_ST Morcombe-Paris-Family-3_ST Morcombe-Paris-Family-4_ST Morcombe-Paris-Family-5_ST Morcombe-Paris-Family-6_ST Morcombe-Paris-Family-7_ST Morcombe-Paris-Family-8_ST Morcombe-Paris-Family-9_ST Morcombe-Paris-Family-10_ST Morcombe-Paris-Family-12_ST Morcombe-Paris-Family-13_ST Morcombe-Paris-Family-14_ST Morcombe-Paris-Family-16_ST Morcombe-Paris-Family-17_ST Morcombe-Paris-Family-18_ST Morcombe-Paris-Family-19_ST Morcombe-Paris-Family-20_ST

baby hanna

It was just a few weeks before the arrival of little Hanna when I photographed Kat + Trevor’s maternity session. At the time, she was just a tiny little bump inside her mom. We didn’t know what color hair she would have, what size her little feet would be, how tiny her little nose was, or any of those beautiful little details.

She arrived April 17th, and she was perfect. The new family of 3 came to the studio just 10 days after her birth, and I absolutely loved photographing her and her amazing parents. Here is just a sneak peek of Baby Hanna.

HannaB-3 HannaB-9 HannaB-13 HannaB-18 HannaB-23 HannaB-27 HannaB-29 HannaB-33 HannaB-44 HannaB-52 HannaB-56 HannaB-60 HannaB-64 HannaB-72 HannaB-81 HannaB-86 HannaB-93

And then there were 4

To see this little family welcome Baby Levi into their lives, it is no secret they are absolutely in love. With a big sister and two amazing parents, this little boy will be snuggled and cherished more ways than I can count. Just 10 days old in these photos, he is an absolutely perfect little baby with perfect little toes and a perfect little nose.

A month ago, we went out and braved the cold for their maternity session, but this time, we kept inside the warm walls of the studio. Thank you two for asking me to do these photographs for you. It was so wonderful to meet Levi and to witness this new family bond that will only grow stronger and more beautiful each and every day. xo

 Blaskovitz-3 Blaskovitz-1Blaskovitz-4 Blaskovitz-5 Blaskovitz-6 Blaskovitz-8 Blaskovitz-9 Blaskovitz-11 Blaskovitz-12 Blaskovitz-13 Blaskovitz-14 Blaskovitz-16 Blaskovitz-18 Blaskovitz-20 Blaskovitz-21 Blaskovitz-22

3 plus 1

Windy, cold, but oh, so beautiful. I had the pleasure of photographing Kate + Jeremy this weekend with their adorable daughter Maddy, and their little soon-to-be bundle.

I’ve known K+J since we were kids, growing up together in the Okanagan. I had the honor of photographing their wedding almost 5 years ago, and now seeing them grow into this family of 4 is so special. Maddy is almost 3 and is such a beautiful little girl, full of lots of energy and is excited about the idea of a little baby brother or sister. It is easy to see that K+J are amazing parents to Maddy and are ready to have another babe in their lives.

Thank you two for having me photograph this time of your lives, and I can’t wait to meet the new little one! xo

Blaskovitz-46 Blaskovitz-49-Edit Blaskovitz-66 Blaskovitz-75 Blaskovitz-105 Blaskovitz-126 Blaskovitz-146 Blaskovitz-159 Blaskovitz-162 Blaskovitz-174 Blaskovitz-215 Blaskovitz-232 Blaskovitz-248 Blaskovitz-282 Blaskovitz-285 Blaskovitz-305 Blaskovitz-325 Blaskovitz-342 Blaskovitz-443 Blaskovitz-471 Blaskovitz-493

Family of 3

Just six weeks new, this little family of three is now complete. I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Andrea and Ken 1.5 years ago when I photographed their wedding on a beautiful spring day in Kelowna.

This time round, it was so special to see them as brand new parents. With this ‘melt-your-heart’ little bundle of a boy, they seemed so happy, a little tired but completely in love.

One of my favorite parts of the day was actually before we even started photographing. I can only imagine how challenging it must be to be a new parent. Especially when your new little babe is upset and you can’t seem to figure out what is wrong… So, this was happening, and instead of getting frustrated or upset themselves, Andrea + Ken simply worked together to resolve little K’s upset cries. They went down the list of ‘potential’ issues, and eventually got it solved. And now, it was time for some snuggles and lovin’ in the studio.

Thank you Andrea + Ken for inviting me back into your lives to capture another milestone moment for you. I can see the love and the patience you have for your new family, and it is something very special…


Hutchinson-7 Hutchinson-1Hutchinson-5Hutchinson-4Hutchinson-8  Hutchinson-10 Hutchinson-9Hutchinson-12 Hutchinson-13 Hutchinson-14 Hutchinson-15 Hutchinson-17 Hutchinson-19 Hutchinson-20



baby simon, mom + dad

I remember Larissa and I being little girls, bare foot in the summer running around the backyard. I remember playing Clue around the kitchen table and eating homemade cookies, all the while our mom’s watching over us as we grew.

Now, it is Larissa’s time to be that mother. And it is plain to see that her new babe, Simon, has completely stolen her heart. When I see the way Larissa looks down at her little one… and the way that he simply stares back into her eyes, it will melt your heart. It melted mine.

This was my first time meeting Darnell, and it is easy to see he has fallen right into step with being a new dad. His genuine care, love and concern for his little Simon is so evident in the way he holds his new son.

24 days new, little Simon came to the studio for his photo session, and he did such a good job! Even though he didn’t sleep a wink, he rocked his poses and enjoyed all the snuggles from mom and dad. And even though this session was to celebrate the new beginning that is wrapped up in their little bambino, Larissa and Darnell are also preparing to get married this next year. So, we made sure to sneak a few moments at the end to celebrate their relationship and the importance of the love between the two of them.

Thank you two for letting me photograph such a special moment in your lives.

Tress-2Tress-45  Tress-81 Tress-227 Tress-211Tress-205

Tress-116Tress-295    Tress-442 Tress-461Tress-472Tress-407 Tress-340 Tress-337 Tress-322 Tress-305Tress-532 Tress-546  Tress-648 Tress-613 Tress-597 Tress-585  Tress-721


family of 4

With the newest addition already 6 months old, it was time for a visit with Leah, Adam and their beautiful babies.

I have known Leah since kindergarten, and Adam just a few years after that. We were all school friends, and it wasn’t until after graduation, where these two started to be more than ‘just friends’. They were married over 3 years ago, and had their first adorable daughter the next year. I managed to sneak in a mini-maternity session with them while they were pregnant with Lucy, AND we did their first family photo session once Lucy was about 4 months…

Now Lucy is 2, baby Georgia is 6 months, and I can tell that life is a little crazy, but in such a wonderful way. Thank you two for having me along to photograph these special moments in your life. I adore spending each moment with your girls (and with you too, of course), and I hope you enjoy these photos. xo

ps. happy birthday to my beautiful friend, Leah. I hope you have such a special day with your family. Sending lots of hugs your way…

Weber-1 Weber-2 Weber-3 Weber-4 Weber-6  Weber-8 Weber-9 Weber-10

Cutest face EVER!Weber-11 Weber-12 Weber-13 Weber-14 Weber-16 Weber-17 Weber-18 Weber-20

Lucy giving mom a kiss for her ‘owie’. So precious…Weber-21 Weber-22 Weber-23 Weber-25

sweet family

It was important for Allison to have her new little babe meet her great-grandmother. Just 2 months old, they made the trek from out east to the Okanagan Valley to have time for a few snuggles.

I had the absolute pleasure to photographing Allison + Mark’s intimate wedding at Sparkling Hill last year, and I was so honored when she asked me to photograph a special session with her family this summer.

Thank you two for inviting me into your lives, and I hope you enjoy your photos.

Hall-1 Hall-2 Hall-4 Hall-6 Hall-7 Hall-9 Hall-10 Hall-12 Hall-13 Hall-14 Hall-15 Hall-16 Hall-17 Hall-18 Hall-22 Hall-23 Hall-24 Hall-25 Hall-26 Hall-27