stormee + ron married

I am a complete softy when it comes to romance. So, when I met Stormee and Ron for their engagement session this past year, I knew their wedding was going to be so beautiful and completely full of love.

The morning had come, and I met up with the girls as they finished getting ready. They had the amazing help of Jenny McKinney on make-up and Sabrina Nunes on hair styling. Stormee, her best friend, and her mother looked amazing and ready to go for the day ahead.

Stormee and Ron chose to do a first look, which was such a special and intimate moment. They met under the trees of Gellatly Nut Farm and enjoyed a few minutes to themselves leading up to becoming husband and wife. We walked thru the farm, and then we parted and headed for the ceremony at Sanctuary Gardens.

As we overlooked Okanagan Lake from underneath the rooftop at Sanctuary, Stormee began the walk towards Ron. They said their I do’s and shared that very special first kiss as husband and wife. They had their most important family and friends with them, and they took the time to stay and thank all of them for coming. We then headed to Quail’s Gate Winery for an h’orderve reception, again with an exceptional view overlooking the vines and the lake. The evening was filled with great wine, laughter, emotional speeches, reminiscing of great memories, and the making of some new ones.

Thank you two for inviting me to be a part of your day. It is easy to see your marriage is one based on respect and love, and this day was the perfect way to celebrate.

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The amazing vendors from the day,

Ceremony: Sanctuary Gardens

Reception and Catering: Quail’s Gate Winery

Make-up Artistry: Jenny McKinney

Hair Styling: Sabrina Nunes

Floral Crown: Mission Park Flowers

Cupcakes: Sugar Sweet Cake Company

And my amazing Second Shooter: Michele from White Linen

janelle + mark married

Tea in one hand and pen in the other, as Janelle was getting her hair done, she took time to write a special note to the man she would marry later that day. At The Delta Grand Hotel in Kelowna, J and her bridesmaids readied for the day with a sense of calm but excited energy. Melissa Craven working as their amazing hair and make-up pro, the ladies looked beautiful and were ready for the day.

The morning of, Mark was busy putting the final touches on the day with the help of their lovely wedding coordinator, Madison of Be Marry Events. With friends and family members helping, everything came together, which left Mark to go and get dressed for the day. Fixing ties and straightening suits, the boys sorted each other out, then headed to The Gellatly Nut Farm, patiently waiting for the arrival of Janelle.

As she walked down the aisle, it was all Mark could do to keep himself together. He took her hand and led her under the trees to where they would be married. They were lucky to have their close friend, Doug, be able to perform the ceremony for them. He did an amazing job, and made that part of the day so very special. They signed, they kissed, and they walked down the aisle again, but this time together as man and wife.

And if there wasn’t enough love in the air already, when we arrived to the reception at The Laurel Packinghouse, it got even bigger and better. A room filled with all the people in the world they love most. The details that Janelle and Mark put together were beautiful, from the home-made jams, to the vintage vases and the family wedding photos from years past. There was a lot of laughter, a few tears (of happiness), and a lot of cheers.

The biggest congratulations to my big brother, Mark and his beautiful new wife, Janelle. I love you two more than I can say, and thank you for allowing me to do this for you.

A big thank you to Amy Kaye, who took over for me as we arrived at the reception. I was able to sit back and relax, and enjoy the festivities with my family, as I knew we were in good ‘photo’ hands.

MJ-10 mj-1MJ-7MJ-13MJ-12  MJ-15 MJ-19 MJ-21 MJ-90MJ--1MJ-28MJ-2  MJ-33MJ-39 MJ-41 MJ-42 MJ-46 MJ-47 MJ-48 MJ-54 MJ-57Best bridal party ever… MJ-58 MJ-65 MJ-67 MJ-69Janelle… so beautiful MJ-72 MJ-77 MJ-79 MJ-83 MJ-88All of the photos below are the amazing handiwork of Amy Kaye. You amaze me, lady! In this following image, you can also see the lovely work of Christina of Paperclip Creative on their beautiful invitation, hanging behind the vintage vases. MJ-A-1 MJ-A-3The sweetheart cake and delicious homemade treats, courtesy of Mark’s (and my) mom. MJ-A-6 MJ-A-5 MJ-A-8 MJ-A-11 MJ-A-18 MJ-A-21 MJ-A-23To see more, please watch the slideshow below:

Mark + Janelle from Janelle Morcombe on Vimeo.

The lovely vendors:

 Preparation location: The Delta Grand

Ceremony: The Gellatly Nut Farm

Reception: The Laurel Packinghouse

Wedding Coordinator: Madison of Be Marry Events

Stationary: Paperclip Creative

Catering: Foodlums – gourmet mac n cheese…mmmm

Cake and Desserts + wedding favors: Homemade goodness

Flowers: DIY bride and bridesmaids

Hair + Make-up: Melissa Craven

DJ: Jordy Starling (friend of the grooms)

Day Photographer: Janelle Photography

Reception Photographer: Amy Kaye