3 plus 1

Windy, cold, but oh, so beautiful. I had the pleasure of photographing Kate + Jeremy this weekend with their adorable daughter Maddy, and their little soon-to-be bundle.

I’ve known K+J since we were kids, growing up together in the Okanagan. I had the honor of photographing their wedding almost 5 years ago, and now seeing them grow into this family of 4 is so special. Maddy is almost 3 and is such a beautiful little girl, full of lots of energy and is excited about the idea of a little baby brother or sister. It is easy to see that K+J are amazing parents to Maddy and are ready to have another babe in their lives.

Thank you two for having me photograph this time of your lives, and I can’t wait to meet the new little one! xo

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Family of 3

Just six weeks new, this little family of three is now complete. I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Andrea and Ken 1.5 years ago when I photographed their wedding on a beautiful spring day in Kelowna.

This time round, it was so special to see them as brand new parents. With this ‘melt-your-heart’ little bundle of a boy, they seemed so happy, a little tired but completely in love.

One of my favorite parts of the day was actually before we even started photographing. I can only imagine how challenging it must be to be a new parent. Especially when your new little babe is upset and you can’t seem to figure out what is wrong… So, this was happening, and instead of getting frustrated or upset themselves, Andrea + Ken simply worked together to resolve little K’s upset cries. They went down the list of ‘potential’ issues, and eventually got it solved. And now, it was time for some snuggles and lovin’ in the studio.

Thank you Andrea + Ken for inviting me back into your lives to capture another milestone moment for you. I can see the love and the patience you have for your new family, and it is something very special…


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sweet family

It was important for Allison to have her new little babe meet her great-grandmother. Just 2 months old, they made the trek from out east to the Okanagan Valley to have time for a few snuggles.

I had the absolute pleasure to photographing Allison + Mark’s intimate wedding at Sparkling Hill last year, and I was so honored when she asked me to photograph a special session with her family this summer.

Thank you two for inviting me into your lives, and I hope you enjoy your photos.

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happy day

Today is a big day for my little photography business. It’s the first official day of Janelle Photography.
I know, I know… you are all wondering, ‘but where is Paperclip Collective going’?
Well, no worries, because WE are going nowhere. Christina + I have realized, that as both of our businesses grow and change, we both needed our own unique websites that better showcase our own personalities and strengths. But we are still under the ever-fabulous umbrella of Paperclip Collective. One day soon, you will see Paperclip come back to play with some new and exciting changes. But one step at a time! So, today is about introducing you to my new photography website and brand, Janelle Photography.
Of course, the brand, the website, the blog, THE EVERYTHING is the work of Christina, who has become a guru in business branding and website design. If you haven’t come across it yet, Christina has a gorgeous design website at Paperclip Creative, and is working on creating a special addition for her wedding work. That will also be coming down the pipeline in the near future, so keep your eyes and ears to the ground!

For now, please take a moment to cruise my new site! Watch the little video, check out the new galleries and feel free to leave me some feedback on what you think!

Janelle Photography - J Morcombe (1)

stew + kirsty

I remember the e-mail popping up in my inbox as I was finishing up my morning e-mailing… and I thought, “is that ‘Kirsty’ Kirsty?!”

Yes it was. Her and Stew were getting hitched, and I was so excited! I have known Kirsty for many moons. We first met when working together at the Kelowna Lululemon store when it first opened. That was seriously an amazing experience. We truly were a team, and the women that I met during that time still mean the world to me. Kirsty is still rockin’ out at Lulu, being the Western Canadian Rep for the stores. She is amazing. She is this incredible business woman, she’s bendy because of all the yoga, she’s so fun, so sweet, and a serious catch.

And then there’s Stew. Stew and Kirsty also met while working at a restaurant many years ago! Stew managed to ‘woo’ Kirsty into a few dates, which has grown into this great relationship. The two of them are both so ambitious and are always chasing their dreams. They have built a life together in the big city of Calgary, and are always out and about, whether its with work, with family or with friends. They are cherished by the people that know them, because that is also how they treat the people in their life. How they treat each other…

Don’t get me wrong, these kids can be crazy and ridiculous, but always with big hearts.

S+K, I am so excited for your wedding this coming summer. Not only is it going to be a rockin’ party, but it is going to be a celebration of a beautiful love. Thank you for inviting us to be a part of it!

Raw Beauty

Beautiful. Unique.

More often than not, women struggle to believe that we are beautiful and unique. We are trained to want to look like the models in the magazine. We are trained to buy things to help us look like the models in the magazine. We beat ourselves up because in reality, we will never look like the models in the magazine.

Most important, is we need to realize this is a good thing! Each and every person in this entire world is different. So why do we try so hard to be the same? And don’t get me wrong, I am a lover of fashion and clothing and make-up and hairstyles. I love to flip through a good magazine and see what is new in the world of fashion. I am a girl, no doubt. But as time has passed, I’ve stopped just ‘copying’ to try to fit in, but I pick what I truly love and what I feel really fits ME. What is going to express exactly who I am. The beautiful-ness and unique-ness that is me.

These sessions; these Raw Beauty sessions are designed to be just that. Not a time to be someone else. Not a time to put on a mask, but let go of our masks. Let go of our hiding spots, and find the most beautiful side of ourselves. And have some fun while we’re at it!

I am offering my very first day of sessions on Saturday, November 3rd! With just 2 spots left, if you are interested, send me a message and we’ll start planning your session.



gabi + james married

As Gabi walked down the aisle with her mom and dad at her side, it was written on James’ face how happy he truly was. As James read his vows to Gabi, the tears that welled up in her eyes told us the story of her love for him. It was a beautiful ceremony, followed by a kickin’ reception on the shores of Okanagan Lake. With a canoe filled with beer, a 4 piece band, beautiful details and the love of friends and family, I knew they were in for a great night.

The wedding was held at Gabi’s parents home in Kelowna. They incorporated local wines from the surrounding wineries, Cabana catering used local ingredients for a fresh, locally inspired meal, and Gabi’s earrings were designed by a jeweller at the farmer’s market. I admire their passion for the environment, their love for mother nature and the way they put those details into their day was very special. And to top it off, Gabi snuck James’ tie before their wedding day and hand-stitched her own label of love on the back. Congratulations you two, and we thank you for having us along on your day.

Loved the Toms shoes that Gabi wore throughout the day. Comfy and cute!  We made our way to St. Hubertus winery for a little wine tasting and a final few photos of J+G.Probably one of my faves from the day, simply because it was so funny. The dress was not cooperating, but Gabi is such a trooper, she made it happen!Beautiful details of fresh flowers and lavendar with wood and stone accents.To see more, watch the slideshow below.