Christina + Mike + baby

2 weeks from today is the due date. The due date for my very first niece or nephew to arrive into this world!

There aren’t words to describe how excited I am for my big sister to become a mother. She has been an inspiration to me, she is my best friend, my confidant, my kindred spirit. And to be there to support her through her pregnancy, and now through the final stages as she brings this little one into the world… truly, no words.

I was lucky enough to steal an evening to capture her beautiful self and her amazing husband, Mike. Thank you two for letting me be the one to capture these images for you. It is my honour, and I cannot wait to meet the little bean!

2 weeks and counting!


Neault-13 Neault-15 Neault-17 Neault-21 Neault-25 Neault-32 Neault-42 Neault-49 Neault-52 Neault-58 Neault-60 Neault-66 Neault-71 Neault-74
Neault-113 Neault-117 Neault-118 Neault-105Neault-109
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Neault-165 Neault-160
Neault-174 Neault-191 Neault-196 Neault-199



A big thank you to Nicole Sweezey for an amazing job on Christina’s make-up. She is the absolute best on bring out all that natural beauty in her clients.

Peach Dress: The Wardrobe

Blue Dress: Pretty Little Things





claire + brad engaged

I think each of our lives is a big never-ending puzzle. The moment you think you’ve found the last piece, magically a new hole appears that needs to be filled. Claire’s life pre-Brad was pretty beautiful. A puzzle made up of so many accomplishments, the love of amazing friends, travel, an incredible and challenging career that she’s passionate about, and so many other things that make Claire who she is.

Then along came Brad. And he somehow magically fit into her puzzle. And she into his. This is what I love about the journey of finding that person to share your life with. You never know when it will happen, you never know what it’s going to look like, you never know how it will feel.  And then you just know.

Thank you two for inviting me into this time of your lives. I can see how much you love each other and how much you respect each other, and I believe that is what is going to let you last a lifetime.

Cran-E-8 Cran-E-21 Cran-E-23 Cran-E-28 Cran-E-31 Cran-E-34 Cran-E-36 Cran-E-37 Cran-E-46 Cran-E-56Cran-E-67Cran-E-72 Cran-E-82 Cran-E-86 Cran-E-88 Cran-E-92 Cran-E-97

deb + mark engaged

It’s a special treat when I come to an engagement shoot, and I’m greeted by not just the couple, but their kids! And in this case, their babies had lots of fur and 3 sets of paws. Deb and Mark traveled to the Penticton from Alberta for the weekend, and in tow they had their three pups that were completely adorable. They were perfect little camera-hogs, and I loved it. Eventually, we had to give the reigns over to my wonderful assistant, Nadine, and they watched their mom and dad from a distance.

Right from the beginning of our shoot, it was easy to see the special connection between M+D. No encouragement necessary for cuddling with these two. There was a lot of laughter, a lot of whimpering from the sidelines, and all in all, a really wonderful afternoon.

Thank you two so much for taking time to come and meet me. I am already looking forward to your wedding!

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Neil + hannah engaged

These two lovelies have a very special place in my heart… when I heard they were engaged, I was immediately hoping upon hope I would be seeing them soon, so I could steal them away for a few moments with my camera. But I knew it was a long shot. Neil had asked Hannah to marry him under the ocean, while scuba diving in Fiji. They’ve been living in Australia for the past year, and are actually from the UK. Hence, the ‘long shot’.

But they are obviously world-travellers, so when I heard they were doing a whirl-wind tour through the states and Canada, I was so excited! I met up with them in Vancouver, and I couldn’t wait to give them both a big hug. The photo session was lovely… We headed to the beach in Kitsilano and took advantage of the warm temperatures.

Hannah, you are stunning, hilarious, and I love how ‘real’ you are with each other. You two have so much fun together and are completely yourselves. Thank you for giving me your time so that I could photograph those smiles.

When wedding-time comes, I can’t wait to come find you and help you celebrate, wherever that may be. xo


stormee + ron engaged

Meeting up with Stormee and Ron for their engagement session turned out to be one of my fave’s of the year. We had a really nice time traipsing through the fields, but I just really enjoyed my time getting to know these two. Ron has a very sweet, very soft demeanor about him. And Stormee is this absolutely adorable person with such a big heart. S+R are getting married this coming fall, and I know it is going to be a very special day.

SR-engaged-1 SR-engaged-2 SR-engaged-4 SR-engaged-6 SR-engaged-7 SR-engaged-8 SR-engaged-10 SR-engaged-11 SR-engaged-12 SR-engaged-13 SR-engaged-15 SR-engaged-18 SR-engaged-19 SR-engaged-21 SR-engaged-22 SR-engaged-25 SR-engaged-26 SR-engaged-28 SR-engaged-29 SR-engaged-31 SR-engaged-32 SR-engaged-33 SR-engaged-34 SR-engaged-36 SR-engaged-38 SR-engaged-39 SR-engaged-40 SR-engaged-42


And then there were 4

To see this little family welcome Baby Levi into their lives, it is no secret they are absolutely in love. With a big sister and two amazing parents, this little boy will be snuggled and cherished more ways than I can count. Just 10 days old in these photos, he is an absolutely perfect little baby with perfect little toes and a perfect little nose.

A month ago, we went out and braved the cold for their maternity session, but this time, we kept inside the warm walls of the studio. Thank you two for asking me to do these photographs for you. It was so wonderful to meet Levi and to witness this new family bond that will only grow stronger and more beautiful each and every day. xo

 Blaskovitz-3 Blaskovitz-1Blaskovitz-4 Blaskovitz-5 Blaskovitz-6 Blaskovitz-8 Blaskovitz-9 Blaskovitz-11 Blaskovitz-12 Blaskovitz-13 Blaskovitz-14 Blaskovitz-16 Blaskovitz-18 Blaskovitz-20 Blaskovitz-21 Blaskovitz-22

Kristen + Darren Engaged

He popped the question 2 years ago, and she answered with YES. With Kristen still in school, they decided to wait until she was finished, but that day has almost come, and now the official 6 month countdown to the wedding day can begin.

Kristen is training to be a nurse, and after spending a little time with her, it is easy to see that she will shine within her profession. She has such a nurturing, thoughtful spirit about her. And Darren is this laid back, really sweet guy who makes Kristen very, very happy.

Since their wedding will be in the beautiful summertime, we decided to brace ourselves for some off-season portraits for their engagement. We were lucky to get a little sunshine that helped keep us warm, but after a little while in that Penticton-wind, we ended up inside warming up with hot chocolates and blankets. Thank you two for a great afternoon, and I am really looking forward to the wedding day!


KD-engaged-1 KD-engaged-3 KD-engaged-4 KD-engaged-5 KD-engaged-7 KD-engaged-8 KD-engaged-10 KD-engaged-11 KD-engaged-12 KD-engaged-13 KD-engaged-15 KD-engaged-17 KD-engaged-18 KD-engaged-19 KD-engaged-20 KD-engaged-21 KD-engaged-22 KD-engaged-23 KD-engaged-24 KD-engaged-26 KD-engaged-27 KD-engaged-28 KD-engaged-30 KD-engaged-31 KD-engaged-32 KD-engaged-33 KD-engaged-34 KD-engaged-35 KD-engaged-37

Brian + Salish engaged

After three years of getting to know one another, Brian got down on one knee this this summer and proposed to Salish…

Brian is an Albertan boy who managed to get this lovely BC girl to come live with him in Edmonton. After a while of long-distance dating, she finally was able to make the big move to the snowy city and make this thing official. They’ve been together in Edmonton for over a year now, and now with a beautiful engagement ring on her finger, they are getting ready to marry this coming summer.

S+B came to Penticton this Christmas to spend time with Salish’s family, and I managed to steal them for an hour to do a little winter engagement session. We headed to Okanagan Lake and went for a stroll along the shore. I am absolutely in awe of the joy that they have together. It is no secret they respect each other so much, have so much fun together, are ridiculous and aren’t afraid to show it! The cold temperatures encouraged lots of hugs, which wouldn’t have been a problem anyways, but they definitely kept each other bundled when possible.

Thank you two for inviting me to be a part of your upcoming wedding. I know it is going to be an amazing day full of love.

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End of the year + engagement celebrations

The last day of 2013, and I feel lucky to have had 2013, and feel even more excited for what is to come in 2014.

In my business, I have never felt more blessed to have the clients that I have and thankful for their support. To that, I wanted to share a little run-down of a few of my favorite images from all the amazing engagement sessions from this past year. Some of these couples I had the absolute pleasure of photographing their wedding this past summer, and a few have their wedding coming up for summer 2014.

If you missed it, you can also check out my Favorite Wedding Images of this past year HERE. xocook-41

And I wanted to end this New Years Eve post with a few sneak peek images from an engagement session we did just a couple days ago on the winter-y beaches of Penticton. Another amazing couple that I am so looking forward to working with this coming summer… more of this amazingness to come in the New Year! Kong-Eng-339 Kong-Eng-504

Family of 3

Just six weeks new, this little family of three is now complete. I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Andrea and Ken 1.5 years ago when I photographed their wedding on a beautiful spring day in Kelowna.

This time round, it was so special to see them as brand new parents. With this ‘melt-your-heart’ little bundle of a boy, they seemed so happy, a little tired but completely in love.

One of my favorite parts of the day was actually before we even started photographing. I can only imagine how challenging it must be to be a new parent. Especially when your new little babe is upset and you can’t seem to figure out what is wrong… So, this was happening, and instead of getting frustrated or upset themselves, Andrea + Ken simply worked together to resolve little K’s upset cries. They went down the list of ‘potential’ issues, and eventually got it solved. And now, it was time for some snuggles and lovin’ in the studio.

Thank you Andrea + Ken for inviting me back into your lives to capture another milestone moment for you. I can see the love and the patience you have for your new family, and it is something very special…


Hutchinson-7 Hutchinson-1Hutchinson-5Hutchinson-4Hutchinson-8  Hutchinson-10 Hutchinson-9Hutchinson-12 Hutchinson-13 Hutchinson-14 Hutchinson-15 Hutchinson-17 Hutchinson-19 Hutchinson-20