Sheryl + Steve Married

The resort was alive with preparations for Sheryl and Steve’s wedding day. Guests were finishing up their morning coffees on the veranda, staff was preparing the venue, their wedding planner, Jenny, was setting out the beautiful florals. Together they were creating a gorgeous setting for what would be the most perfect day to celebrate S+S.

Sheryl finished off her final details with her sisters and nieces by her side. Steve waited for her on a quiet path, just down from the resort. Sheryl had really wanted to make the time to see Steve before the ceremony. She knew he was the only one who could bring her the calmness she was needing before the most special day of her life began.

When they found each other, she laid her hands in his, and took that quiet moment together…

Without too much time to spare, they headed off to their ceremony overlooking the incredible view at Predator Ridge. They said their ‘I do’s’, and followed it up with a champagne toast with all their family and friends.

Celebrations lasted well into the evening, and ended with a magical sparkler send-off for the newlyweds.

Thank you two so much for inviting me to be a part of your day. I loved every moment, and I think it’s easy to see within these photos how much love you share. I wish you all the joy in the world as you begin this new chapter as husband and wife. xo

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Sheryl made sure to take a quiet moment to open her gift from her groom. The words Steve chose to write to Sheryl brought tears to her eyes and a warmth in her heart that overflowed… It was the perfect final moment as she left to meet him for their first look together.

SS-Wedding-JanellePhotography-23_ST SS-Wedding-JanellePhotography-28_ST SS-Wedding-JanellePhotography-33_STSS-Wedding-JanellePhotography-30_ST SS-Wedding-JanellePhotography-32_ST SS-Wedding-JanellePhotography-34_ST SS-Wedding-JanellePhotography-35_ST SS-Wedding-JanellePhotography-40_ST


SS-Wedding-JanellePhotography-39_STSS-Wedding-JanellePhotography-41_ST SS-Wedding-JanellePhotography-45_ST SS-Wedding-JanellePhotography-46_ST SS-Wedding-JanellePhotography-47_ST SS-Wedding-JanellePhotography-48_ST SS-Wedding-JanellePhotography-51_ST SS-Wedding-JanellePhotography-52_STSS-Wedding-JanellePhotography-44_ST SS-Wedding-JanellePhotography-53_ST SS-Wedding-JanellePhotography-55_ST SS-Wedding-JanellePhotography-57_ST SS-Wedding-JanellePhotography-58_ST SS-Wedding-JanellePhotography-60_ST


SS-Wedding-JanellePhotography-63_ST SS-Wedding-JanellePhotography-64_ST SS-Wedding-JanellePhotography-66_ST SS-Wedding-JanellePhotography-68_ST SS-Wedding-JanellePhotography-71_ST SS-Wedding-JanellePhotography-74_ST SS-Wedding-JanellePhotography-75_ST SS-Wedding-JanellePhotography-78_STSS-Wedding-JanellePhotography-85_ST SS-Wedding-JanellePhotography-79_ST SS-Wedding-JanellePhotography-82_ST SS-Wedding-JanellePhotography-87_ST SS-Wedding-JanellePhotography-89_ST


SS-Wedding-JanellePhotography-90_ST SS-Wedding-JanellePhotography-93_ST SS-Wedding-JanellePhotography-96_ST


SS-Wedding-JanellePhotography-98_ST SS-Wedding-JanellePhotography-99_ST

The lovely vendors that made up the day:

Venue and catering: Predator Ridge

Wedding coordination: Jenny McAlpine Weddings

DJ: B Mack

Hair and Make-up: Jenna Jones

Dress: Tara Keely by Lazaro

Commissioner: Barb Samuel

Chair Rentals: Perspective Event Rental

Florals: Stage Right

Videographer: Full Circle Productions

Limo: Okanagan Limo

Assistant Photographer: Mandy Glinsbockel

Niki + Chase Married

They stood overlooking Okanagan Lake, promising to spend the rest of their years together. It felt just about perfect watching Niki + Chase say ‘I do’, surrounded by the beauty of their hometown, supported by the love of their family and friends.

The day could not have been any sweeter. As we left the open field of their ceremony, we headed to Intrigue Winery to celebrate with a bottle of bubbly and a few photos overlooking the valley and the vines. And to finally kick the celebration into high gear, we made our way to Lone Pine Ranch. The barn doors were opened, the cowboy boots came out from underneath the tables, and the party went into the wee hours of the night.

The beautiful details, the funny, sweet speeches, the first dance under the lights of the chandelier, and the love and joy of their family made for one fabulous celebration.

Thank you two for entrusting me to document this day for you. It was my honour to be there, and I wish you so much love for what I know will be a beautiful life.




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Leboe-28 Leboe-32Leboe-34 Leboe-29Leboe-31 Leboe-36Leboe-42 Leboe-41 Leboe-redo-1Leboe-49Leboe-53 Leboe-61 Leboe-59 Leboe-58 Leboe-55 Leboe-54Leboe-65

Leboe-69Leboe-67Leboe-72 Leboe-45 Leboe-43 Leboe-78 Leboe-77 Leboe-76Leboe-81Leboe-82

The amazing vendors that made up the day,

Reception venue: Lone Pine Ranch Event Centre

Catering: Country Manor Catering and food services

Florals: Adrienne Klettke

Hair: Mod Salon

Make-up: Krista Kemp-Allan

Dress and Bridal Hairpiece: Bliss Bridal

Cake: Country Bakery

Winery: Intrigue

Ceremony musician: Joshua Smith




Nikki + Greg married

Being a part of this very intimate, very special marriage was an absolute priviledge. I met Nikki and Greg last year for their engagement session, and it was here that I got to see how comfortable and how in love they are together. On the wedding day, it was no different. As Nikki prepared for the day, she had a very calm disposition, which comes when you know you are marrying the right man. Her flowing dress was amazing, and Melissa Craven did wonders to enhance this already stunning woman with her make-up artistry and hair design. She was ready to meet her groom.

Greg stood at the alter, and you could see it on his face the anticipation to see Nikki. As their family looked on, N+G shared beautiful, personally written vows and a few tears, making them officially husband and wife. Their reception was held at The Harvest Golf Club, where they had a beautiful table set up for their guests. The night finished with a romantic first dance lit by the natural night flowing in the windows.

Thank you two for inviting me along to capture your day, and I send you lots of love as you begin this next part of your journey as husband and wife. xoStumpf-blog-1 Stumpf-blog-5 Stumpf-blog-7 Stumpf-blog-8 Stumpf-blog-9



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The amazing vendors that made up the day,

Ceremony Location: Elysium Gardens

Reception Location: The Harvest Golf Club

Videographer: Whitewood Studios

Assistant Photographer: Jessica Balfour

Make-up Artistry and Hair Design: Melissa Craven

Wooden Bouquet and boutenierre: Etsy

Wedding Cake: Sweet on you Cakes

lauren + rob engaged

Engaged and almost married! Lauren and Rob’s wedding is tomorrow, and I was so excited to fit in this last minute engagement session with them before the big day. As we drove out to our location of choice, it looked like we were driving into the ‘belly of the beast’! The storm clouds were on the horizon, and the closer we got to our spot, the darker the clouds became… BUT, it held out for us, and we took advantage of the gorgeous colors of the sky against the open fields.

Thank you two for inviting me to be a part of your wedding, and I can’t wait for tomorrow!


DSC_9286-Edit DSC_9308 DSC_9339 DSC_9344 DSC_9370 DSC_9412 DSC_9414 DSC_9423 DSC_9472 DSC_9491 DSC_9510 DSC_9516 DSC_9553 DSC_9560 DSC_9578 DSC_9588 DSC_9625

diane + brent renewed

We all go through life and whether we like it or not, life changes. It changes every day, every hour, every minute. Sometimes, I almost feel a little out of control with all the changes that happen around me. And I think I’m not the only one…

Diane + Brent were married 5 years ago, and since then their lives have undergone many changes big and small, good and challenging. They’ve moved, they’ve had a beautiful baby girl, they’ve had some important new additions to their friend and family life, they had a baby boy, they bought a house, new passions, new jobs, new, new, new.

I think Diane was feeling wrapped up in all of this ‘movement’, and was searching for a way to calm the seas. So, she reached for the single thing in her life that she knows is always there. Her husband. Her support. And I think for the two of them, renewing their vows they made 5 years ago, was a way to remind each other that in an ever-changing world, the two of them are there to ground each other. To be the balance in life.

To see more, watch the slideshow below!

allison + mark married

They flew all the way to our little valley from the big city of Toronto. They organized their closest family and dearest friends to join them at the beautiful resort of Sparkling Hill. Allison had the most perfect of dress with shoes to die for. She held the most perfect of bouquets made by the talented Christina of Classic Creations. Mark donned a handsome navy blue suit and fabulous striped socks.

It may not have been the most traditional wedding, but it sits among my favorite weddings that I’ve had the honor to be a part of. They may not call themselves romantics, but I know different.

Romance is not always about the big gestures or the extravagant choices. Romance sits in the moments when you know you are marrying a man who will care for you for a lifetime, whether you need him to or not. Romance is the simple holding of a hand, or a hand lightly on the back. Romance is making sure that you will be each other’s best friend until the end. And from what I could see on that special day on the hill, I think they’ve got all that and much more.

To see more, please watch the SLIDESHOW below:


corrie + don married

Walking into the room, the hustle and bustle of six women all prepping for the big day was in full swing. Shoes were strewn across the bed, mirror space was being coveted, and the excitement of Corrie’s day had arrived.

As the girls finished prepping the bride-to-be for her first look with Don, we knew he would be waiting for her on the bridge.

Corrie walked up to Don, and with just a few tears shed(happy tears), the day had begun. We started at The Eldorado in Kelowna, but made our way up to the beautiful Summerhill Winery for the ceremony and celebration. So many of their family and friends had come down from their hometown of Prince George, you could feel the love and appreciation in the air. There was a lot of laughter, jokes (that I dare not repeat), a few tears and just a whole lot of fun.

To see more, watch the slideshow below:
  Florals and Event Design by TTM Events

DJ and Limo Services: OK Express Entertainment

natalie + bishop married

Small town kids at heart, natalie + bishop decided to celebrate their marriage at a ranch in the middle of somewhere beautiful… somewhere peaceful… somewhere very special in their hearts.

Bishop’s aunt and uncle’s ranch in southern BC is this vast property surrounded with hay fields, old barns, beautiful horses and a peaceful serenity. That is, until all their family and friends pull up in their campers and tents ready to celebrate in style!

As we drove into the ranch property, I looked over and said to Ry, “we must be here”… the once-empty fields looked like a mini camper-city from the road. We pulled in, and the hustle and bustle of preparation was in full force. Food was being made, decor was being finalized, and the bride and groom were preparing for their big day.

Natalie is this confident, beautiful woman who brought her Vancouver style to this little ranch. Bishop is not too shabby himself, looking dapper in his grey suit and his great smile. With the help of their family, they transformed the ranch into a fabulous wedding venue. With lights hung, candles lit and flowers arranged, it was time.

Thank you two for inviting me to be a part of your day. It is no secret how much you two love each other. As I look back at these images, I can see the unspoken words in your eyes. We wish you all the love in the world,

To see more, watch the slideshow below… so, so lovely.