Brianna + Nathan Engaged

From high school sweethearts, to fiance, and soon-to-be husband and wife. Brianna and Nathan are one of the sweetest, loveliest couples I’ve had the pleasure to photograph. There was a lot of giggling throughout the entire session (which you can definitely see throughout the photos…lots and lots and lots of laughter), along with so much love and beauty. Bree is this stunning young woman who has found a man who adores every bit about her. And Bree is clearly head over heels for Nathan. With so much of life ahead of them, I can’t wait to see where they carve out their path together. Step one, wedding in September! xo

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I was going through the images from an amazing shoot I did this past spring, and I realized that I never shared some of my very favourite images with you! I am fairly in love with all things ‘baby’, and the photos of these baby chicks just melted my heart…

We were lucky enough to have this shoot featured on the 100 Layer Cake blog a few months ago, but the baby chicks didn’t make the cut. So here I am, wanting to post MY personal favourite shots from this gorgeous elopement in the woods.

When something starts off with flowers this pretty, it has to be good…

JPhotography-26Crepe-cake? Yes please! JPhotography-3 JPhotography-5JPhotography-19

All the gorgeous little details was the magic of Madison from Be Marry Events.JPhotography-14 JPhotography-27 JPhotography-41 JPhotography-49 JPhotography-70 JPhotography-76
JPhotography-87 JPhotography-88JPhotography-94 JPhotography-90 JPhotography-97 JPhotography-107 JPhotography-109 JPhotography-113 JPhotography-116

The baby chicks. LOVE.JPhotography-120 JPhotography-122

And the most beautifully in-love couple celebrating their 1 year anniversary… so sweet.
JPhotography-126 JPhotography-128 JPhotography-130

The magical moments that make up love is something that will never cease to take my breath away. And this was one of those moments…JPhotography-133

Venue: Caldwell Heritage Farms, Kelowna, BC

Styling: Be Marry Events

Make-up Artistry: Jenny McKinney

Hair Styling: Sabrina Nunes

Dress: Bliss Bridal

Florals: Crocus Floral Design

Cake: Sugar Sweet Cake Company

Missy + BJ married

He said, “We’re all a little weird. And life is a little weird. And when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall into mutually satisfying weirdness and call it love,  true love.” – Robert Fulghum.

This was the quote of Missy and BJ’s reception at their beautiful park wedding in Oyama, BC.  It is easy to see that Missy + BJ share the kind of love that is honest, respectful, loving and obviously a lot of fun. Their day was filled with so much laughter and joy, between each other as well as all their family and friends. Their guests joined them in a beautiful park full of willow trees and sunshine, copped a squat on a blanket and watched as they said their I do’s. I had so much fun stealing them away for a short time to do their portraits. Missy is a complete joy of a person and BJ loves her to pieces… their connection is amazing and I am just so thankful that I was there to witness this day.

I have actually known BJ for most of my life. As kids, my big brother was one of BJ’s good friends, and BJ’s little sister was one of my best friends. I spent many a moon over at the Grenda’s house. His mom was my fabulous soccer coach and his father was this amazing man who was my school councillor (aka – the teacher I knew I could always turn to for help at school, no matter the situation). To say this family is special to me is putting it lightly. So, thank you two for asking me to be a part of your wedding. I hope that you feel these photos reflect how beautiful your day was, and they will always help bring back the memories for the rest of your lives.


Last minute man-time prior to the bride arriving at the ceremony.Grenda-6They had some of the cutest weddings guests I have ever seen!
Grenda-4 Grenda-9Grenda-8 Grenda-10 Grenda-11Grenda-85 Grenda-88Grenda-12 Grenda-14

They danced their way out of the park. Such a fun-loving couple!Grenda-16

The groom and his beautiful little flower-girl nieces.Grenda-19 Grenda-22 Grenda-25 Grenda-27 Grenda-28 Grenda-29 Grenda-30 Grenda-31 Grenda-32 Grenda-34 Grenda-35 Grenda-37 Grenda-38 Grenda-40

Such love…Grenda-41 Grenda-42 Grenda-44 Grenda-45 Grenda-47 Grenda-49 Grenda-50 Grenda-51 Grenda-52 Grenda-54 Grenda-60Grenda-67Grenda-71Grenda-72

I absolutely loved the energy between Missy+BJ. They were always laughing and loving on each other. So good!

Grenda-68 Grenda-61

Talk about heart-breaker!

Grenda-73 Grenda-76
Grenda-80 Grenda-79




claire + brad married

Claire and Brad were married standing on a moss-covered hillside in the beautiful forests of Victoria, BC.

With their most dear family and friends surrounding them, they promised their love to each other. The rain had subsided, the air had calmed, and they shared a moment that they will remember forever.

Claire was the most stunning bride, in her custom-made Kathryn Bass dress, standing alongside the beautiful women that made up her bridal party. She was ready to marry Brad, and the time had come.

They celebrated with a toast, and began an evening of dancing, laughter, good food and wine that lasted late into the evening. Their wedding planner, Franziska, had done an incredible job fulfilling their dreams of creating an enchanted evening, full of love and warmth. With chandelier’s hanging from the trees and beautiful florals draped over hand-made benches and stumps.  The amount of love that went into this wedding –  the hand-made chairs from Claire’s father + Brad’s daughter for each of the flower-girls + ring-bearer, to the poem, written and shared by one of Brad’s colleagues. It was a magical night that I will not soon forget.

Thank you two for inviting me to be a part of this day. I hope these photos will act as the avenue to bring back all the beautiful memories from that day, and perhaps even provide to you a glimpse into the moments that you were not witness to. I am so lucky and thankful to call you friends, and I send you all the love in the world.


Cran-18 Cran-19Cran-30Cran-34Cran-25 Cran-28 Cran-29 Cran-15

Cran-3Cran-flowers-1Cran-sign-1Cran-6Cran-44 Cran-45 Cran-64

Cran-70Cran-77Cran-81Cran-46 Cran-49Cran-82Cran-52
Cran-1Cran-63Cran-54 Cran-57
Cran-66 Cran-67
Cran-84 Cran-85 Cran-89 Cran-92 Cran-93Cran-3



Cran-11Cran-104 Cran-106 Cran-108Cran-12Cran-13Cran-112 Cran-115 Cran-116 Cran-117 Cran-121 Cran-125 Cran-127 Cran-129 Cran-132 Cran-135Cran-138 Cran-139 Cran-141 Cran-143

Venue: Private Victoria Residence

Preparation location: Brentwood Bay Resort

Wedding Stylist/ Planner: Charming Decor Event Design

Dress Designer: Kathryn Bass Bridal

Jewellery: Elsa Corsi

Make-up: Raquel Loglisci

Hair: Christie Giroux – Topknot Hair

Bride Shoes: Capritouch (bride-designed, custom made at NYC Bloomingdales)

Bridesmaid Dresses: J Crew

Cocktail hour live music – Mark Lazeski of Last Night Soundrack

Grooms vest: James Custom Tailors

Second Photographer: Amber Leigh Photography

Eva + Rob Engaged

This session really reminded me why I love to do engagement sessions.

What I love love love about engagement sessions, is it gives each couple the chance to just ‘be’ for a while. Once we work out the initial jitters of getting their photo taken, of course! I love it when I can see the moment when a couple stops worrying about the camera and just starts enjoying each other. They take a breath, look at each other, and melt a little softer into each other.

In their own ‘normal’ clothes (not a wedding dress and suit, which is not regular attire for most of us), in a location that fits who they are, and spending some time focusing on each other.

As a photographer, this is my opportunity to get a feel for who my clients are. Come wedding day, I already know them and they know me.

Eva and Rob were absolute perfection this day! They are obviously an amazing couple, and they have such chemistry together. Both so thoughtful and so lovely. I loved every minute of this session between the orchards and the river.

Thank you two for having me as your photographer. I hope you enjoy your photographs and I cannot wait for your wedding in just a few weeks!


ER-10ER-16ER-31 ER-73 ER-75 ER-77 ER-84 ER-90 ER-105 ER-106 ER-110



Alexa + Rick Married

The day was a celebration of a beautiful love. The beginning of something special… a journey together as husband and wife.

Alexa and Rick met as teenagers and worked their way through high school as friends. But it wasn’t until a couple years after graduation where they began to see each other differently. Summer 2012 brought a new light over each other that soon turned to love. They were engaged early this summer, and within 4 months planned a beautiful wedding in their hometown of Princeton.

Beautiful details made up the day with their family’s support and love. They were married overlooking the valley, and even though the rainclouds followed us around, it made the snuggles a little bigger and let them enjoy each others’ arms a little more.

We ended our afternoon at the airfield, where Rick just finished his pilot’s license this summer. An important accomplishment before he and Alexa move forward into their life together…

Congratulations A+R on a beautiful wedding and what will be a beautiful marriage.  Nicholls-8 Nicholls-14 Nicholls-1Nicholls-21 Nicholls-5Nicholls-24 Nicholls-26 Nicholls-27 Nicholls-34 Nicholls-38 Nicholls-39 Nicholls-42 Nicholls-45 Nicholls-49 Nicholls-52 Nicholls-57 Nicholls-58 Nicholls-60 Nicholls-63 Nicholls-67 Nicholls-69

If you’d like to see more, please watch the slideshow below:

Rick and Alexa from Janelle Morcombe on Vimeo.



Andrea + Shaun Married

As the girls readied at The Lakeside Resort, you could feel the anticipation in the room. The make-up was complete, the hair was done, the dress is on, and with the help of 3 bridesmaids, the shoes were finally done up.

They walked out of the elevator, into the limo, and headed on their way to Shaun + Andrea’s first look.

He was waiting under the tree, and as she walked up behind him, he was excited and nervous all at the same time. But you could see on his face how proud he was to have this beauty as his bride…

They said their ‘I do’s’ at Linden Gardens and celebrated with a fabulous garden party with their family and friends. They partied the night away and enjoyed every minute of that beautiful day.

Andrea and Shaun, thank you for having me along, and I hope you enjoy these photos as they bring back the special memories of the day.

Lenz 54547 Lenz 54606 Lenz 54623  Lenz 54708 Lenz 54772 Lenz 54798 Lenz 54866 Lenz 54988 Lenz 54995 Lenz 55014 Lenz 55097  Lenz 55188 Lenz 55226 Lenz 55242 Lenz 55258 Lenz 55370 Lenz 55656  Lenz 56324Lenz 56166  Lenz 56479

To see more, please watch the slideshow below:

Andrea+Shaun from Janelle Morcombe on Vimeo.

Fabulous vendors that made up this day:

Ceremony + Reception Location: Linden Gardens

Caterer: Catering Done Right

Cupcakes: Cupcasions

Florals: Edgy Petals

Hair: Tie the Knot Hair Design

Make-up: Bri Stein Artistry

DJ: DJ Haymaker

danielle + mike married

The few days leading up to the wedding, the weather had us worried. But on the day of, the sun was shining and the rain held off. Danielle + Mike said their vows on the beaches of Lake Okanagan Resort, and it couldn’t have been a more beautiful day. With an intimate group of family and friends, D+M enjoyed the day to its fullest.

Mike and Danielle met four years ago, and when Mike asked D to marry him on Christmas Day in front of their family, she of course said yes! These two compliment each other so well, and I truly loved spending time getting to know this pair. They are Albertans, they love their family, they are ridiculous and thoughtful and I feel lucky to have been a small part of this wedding.

SYZ 3 SYZ 4 SYZ 9 SYZ 13Syzmanski-Ryan 48587 - Version 2  SYZ 19 SYZ 25 SYZ 26 SYZ 29 SYZ 33 SYZ 36 SYZ 38 SYZ 41 SYZ 43 SYZ 46 SYZ 51 SYZ 54 Syzmanski 51102 - Version 2 Syzmanski 51135SYZ 57 SYZ 61 SYZ 65

To see more, please watch the slideshow below:

Danielle + Mike from Janelle Morcombe on Vimeo.

Kaitlyn and her team from Lake Okanagan Resort, you did an amazing job on making the day run smoothly. I know the bride and groom could not say enough lovely things about the experience…


Location  –  Lake Okanagan Resort
Commissioner  –  James Harnden
Make-up  –  Sublime Makeup Artistry
Hair Stylist  –  Odette Ryder
Wedding Cake – Cupcasions
DJ – John Byrne

christina + greg engaged pt two

As we were talking on the phone about what the plans were for their engagement session, we talked about the outfits, the locations, the time of day… and all of a sudden, she asks, “what about silly string? Is it okay if we bring silly string?” – this was the moment I knew this was going to be a fun day.

As much as Christina + Greg are this incredible, in love couple (which you can see HERE in their first blog post), they are goofy, fun and love to play little jokes on each other. So, we decided to end their beautiful Naramata winery photo shoot with a graffiti wall, silly-string stand off!

terence + jen married

They were married on a beautiful sunny March afternoon in their hometown of Princeton, BC, and the day could not have been more perfect. As the bride finished off her final preparations, she was nervous and excited to see her groom.

I could tell by the smile that was permanently etched on Terence’s face, how happy he was. How lucky he felt to have the love of his life, his highschool sweetheart, marrying him today.

Jen + Terence, I wish you all the love in the world as you begin your marriage together. Thank you for having me be a part of your day,

To see more, watch the slideshow video below…