V-Day Photo Lesson

Ry and I decided to go on a mini-vacation for Valentine’s this year in downtown Vancouver. We enjoyed some amazing food and drink at Hapa Izakaya, enjoyed our outdoor, city-scape hot tub, and went for walks along the sea.

During our walk, Ry decided to pick up my camera and see if he could craft a couple images! Over coffee we talked about the f-stop differences and shutter speed options. And then Ry found me a few places to sit so he could try out his eye! And I think I may have found a natural. Ry’s framing was artistic, different, and he was loving it!

Here’s a few pics of yours truly that he snapped! These first few are with a 50mm 1.4 lens. I love the way he used lines to draw the eye towards the subject…aka. me!

And this last one was his look using a 17 mm lens. Wide angle funkiness!

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